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哥 gē an elder brother. 哥哥 大哥 an elder brother the eldest brother 二哥 the 2 nd older brother.

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Presentation on theme: "哥 gē an elder brother. 哥哥 大哥 an elder brother the eldest brother 二哥 the 2 nd older brother."— Presentation transcript:

1 哥 gē an elder brother

2 哥哥 大哥 an elder brother the eldest brother 二哥 the 2 nd older brother

3 三哥三哥 四哥 the 3rd older brother the 4th older brother 小哥 the youngest older brother

4 八哥 bā gē 1.the 8 th older brother 2.myna bird


6 好 hăo 1. good; nice; fine 2. very; much 3. pleasing (look, taste..) 好吃;好看

7 好大好大 好小 very big very small 你好 How are you?


9 問 wèn ask inquire; to question

10 問好問好 wèn hăo to send one’s regards to; to say hello to

11 你好 ! 你好嗎 ? How are you! more like to say hello to someone How are you? more like ask people how they are doing?

12 早 zăo 1.early 2.morning

13 早上 早上好 morning good morning


15 女 roof top ( home; house ) female ( mom ) ( under )

16 安 ān 1.set (sb’s mind ) at ease 2.peaceful; safe; secure good health in suitable position


18 午 wŭ noon; afternoon

19 上午 中午 morning; forenoon (before noon ) at noon mid day 下午 afternoon ( after noon )


21 日 exempt; without sun 免

22 晚 wăn evening; night

23 早安早安 午安 good morning good afternoon 晚安 good evening good night

24 早安 晚安 午安 晚上好 中午好 早上好 Taiwan Mainland China

25 見 jiàn to see; to meet to look

26 就 jiù then; right away

27 就問好 jiù wèn hăo to greet right away

28 就不見 jiù bù jiàn to disappear right away

29 妹 mèi younger sister

30 妹妹 大妹 younger sister 1 st younger sister 二妹 2 nd younger sister

31 三妹 四妹 小妹 youngest sister 4 th younger sister 3 rd younger sister


33 說 shuō to speak; to talk; to say


35 不 bù bú no; not; negative 不

36 不好 不是 not good; not right not 不大 not big


38 亭 human pavilion; kiosk 人

39 停 tíng stop; stop over pause


41 不停 bù tíng non-stop; not stopping

42 說不停 吃不停 non-stop talking non-stop eating

43 真 zhēn true; truly real; really 真

44 真的 真好 true; truly really truly good really good

45 禮 lǐ 1. ceremony 2. manners 3. gift; present

46 多禮多禮 duō lǐ excessive politeness

47 又 yòu 1.again; moreover 2. but; on the other hand 3. both A and B

48 又說 又是 to say again 又來 come again (disapprovingly )


50 再 zài 1.again; once more 2.come back; return 3.and then a higher degree

51 再見 再說 see (you) again good-bye! to say or discuss furthermore 再來 come again


53 又 and 再 are indeed very similar, but with one small distinction: 又 is used for "actual" repetition while 再 is used for "projected" repetition. You'll most likely see 又 in the past or present tense, and 再 in the future tense if the action is considered part of a predetermined course of action.

54 又說又說 再說 said again; (past/ present tense) to talk/discuss again ( in the future )

55 又來又來 再來 come again (past/ present tense) also more disapprovingly come again; ( future tense ) also more welcome

56 又見又見 再見 see again (past/ present tense) see again ( future tense )

57 哥哥見人就問好 。 gē ge jiàn rén jiù wèn hăo 。

58 早安。午安。晚安。 zăo ān 。 wŭ ān 。 wăn ān 。

59 妹妹說 ﹕ mèi mei shuō :

60 說個不停真多禮 ! shuō ge bù tíng zhēn duō lǐ !

61 哥哥又說﹕﹕ gē ge yòu shuō :

62 再見 ! zài jiàn ! zài jiàn !

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