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The Next Marketing Era: Marketing's Digital Command Center

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1 The Next Marketing Era: Marketing's Digital Command Center
Introducing Sitefinity Version 8.0 March 17th 2015 Welcome to the Next Marketing Era webcast Today we will be discussing how the web content management is in the process of expanding to become less about publishing content, and more about customer experiences and managing digital journeys across multiple channels. We are fortunate to have a great panel of speakers today NEXT SLIDE

2 Today’s Speakers Ted Schadler, VP and Principal Analyst
Forrester Research Ted serves Application Development & Delivery Professionals. He has 27 years of experience in the technology industry, focusing on the effects of disruptive technologies on people and on businesses. His current research agenda analyzes the expanding role of content and content delivery in a mobile-first, digital-always world, including the effects on web content management and digital experience delivery platforms. Tim Ahlenius, Director of Experience Marketing Tim couples practical, strategic thinking with years of real-world management and technical skills. For over 15 years, he has been involved in building, designing, and executing websites for high-profile customers such as Stuart Weitzman, Club 21 Global, Beretta, Erehwon Mountain Outfitters, and USTA. From marketing to design and user interface layouts, Tim has worked on numerous strategy projects, helping guide clients into the next steps for their website and online marketing needs with the support of valuable metrics, gleaned from analytics analysis, SEO analysis, competitive analysis, mobile and social engagement statistics. Martin Kirov, VP of Product Management and Marketing Sitefinity, Telerik, A Progress Company Martin has led the development and growth of this division, since inception and is the architect behind its multinational sales and marketing. Kirov established and continues to oversee the division’s rapid global growth including leading all Telerik Sitefinity business teams and is actively involved in tailoring the Sitefinity product and service offering to meet the evolving needs of the digital marketing marketplace. Leading our conversation is Ted Schadler, VP and Principle Analyst from Forrester Research. You might be familiar with Ted from his numerous speaking engagements or his work at Forrester on the Forrester Wave report for Web Content Management Systems. Tim Ahlenius joins us from a leading technology company located in Chicago. Tim’s focus at is on helping their clients with strategy for the next steps on the websites and online marketing needs. Martin Kirov is the VP of Product Marketing and Product Management for the Sitefinity product line from Telerik, A Progress Company and is the senior leader of the teams that scope and deliver a platform that powers over 11,000 websites across the globe. In addition, we will be joined by Svetla Yankova, Product Marketing Manager for the Sitefinity product. NEXT SLIDE

3 The Age of the Customer – Ted Schadler
Agenda The Age of the Customer – Ted Schadler The New CMS Requirements – Tim Ahlenius Introduction to Sitefinity V8 – Martin Kirov Demonstration – Svetla Yankova Our agenda for today’s session will start with Ted who will be supplying an overview of what he is seeing of the market, customer needs and how things are evolving. Tim will give us a look at what he is seeing from the trenches from his work performing 1-on-1 strategy sessions with his clients. Martin will provide an overview of the vision of the Sitefinity platform and the newest developments, and finally Svetla will be showing us exactly how that new technology addresses the challenges that organizations are facing today. We will be addressing questions at the end of the session, so please use the questions functionality and we’ll address as many as we can as time allows and then follow-up with any that we can’t answer by after the session. So, please welcome Ted Schadler of Forrester Research. Ted?

4 Master The Critical Role Of Context In Great Customer Experiences
Ted Schadler Coauthor of The Mobile Mind Shift @TedSchadler

5 We live in the age of the customer

6 74% of global business and technology decision-makers assert that improving customers’ experience is a critical or high business priority. 24% Rank it as the most important initiative in the next 12 months. Source: Forrester’s Business Technographics® Global Priorities And Journey Survey, 2014

7 And that means on every step of a customer’s journey
Source: April 14, 2014, “The Customer Life Cycle: A Blueprint For Customer-Obsessed Enterprises” Forrester report

8 High-scoring customer experience companies far outperform their peers
Leaders pulled ahead by 20% in 2013 alone. Source: Watermark Consulting (

9 What changes in the age of the customer?
Customer expectations change Mobile-first and multi-touchpoint Contextual to me and my situation Urgency changes Digital affects all channels Executives tune in and care Delivery changes Responsive based on context Consistent across the lifecycle Technology changes New digital experience delivery platforms New stakeholders and budgets

10 The demand for mobile apps and sites is generational
23% expect their experience to change based on location. Source: Business Technographics Global Telecom And Mobility Workforce Survey, 2015

11 The mobile mind shift is the expectation that I can get what I want in my immediate context and moments of need. Image source: Associated Press (, photo by Michael Sohn

12 Device Behavior Social profile History Context defined: the sum total of everything we know about a customer based on her behavior, history, and what she has shared Preferences Channel Location

13 Context in action Waze Newspaper Audi dashboard
…Here, we see the new Audi TT’s dashboard, which they just revealed at CES earlier this year. The whole thing is 12.3 inch digital LCD screen, and the display automatically and dynamically changes to the context of your driving situation – or based on your commands. All of your standard info is there, but look at the wealth of contextual information right in front of your eyes as you’re driving. GPS/nav reveals not just where you are and where you’re headed, but the nearest hospital, fuel stations, and other areas of business. Just imagine – my next car could automatically tell me where the nearest Starbucks is right here in my dash display, mercilessly enabling my caffeine dependency, no matter where I am. You see, our context is becoming embedded in everything we use – in the world around us…

14 Context is the new remit. But how do you take advantage of it?
You need rethink marketing. It needs to be based on deeper customer insights, derived from the interactions you have with them every single day. Much like the connected product interactions we’re having with our cars, our FitBits, or even our coffee…your customers will demand CONTEXT in every interaction they have with you.

15 Plot context on every step of the lifecycle
Customer reviews and stories Customer communications Social media interactions Loyalty application Marketing content User-generated content Search engine optimization Microsites and landing pages Digital marketing: , mobile, social Key: WCM-hosted WCM-supported Educational content Service request forms Self-service portals Employee portals Live chat Communities Product content Video content Ratings and reviews Targeting Faceted search Product configurators Shopping tools Recommendation engine These capabilities support every step: Content authoring and management Mobile web and mobile apps Digital asset management Analytics Customer data and segmentation How to guides How to videos Customer portals Partner portals Transaction integration Inventory integration Live chat Loyalty application

16 Implement a digital experience delivery platform

17 Tap into marketing and business budgets
“What percentage of the technology and services budget for customer-facing web and mobile initiatives do these groups own?” Base: 135 digital customer experience decision-makers Source: Forrester Research, Digital Experience Delivery Online Survey, 2015

18 Master contextual experience delivery
Determine your brand’s North star. Identify your unique interaction cycle in support of that. Define your strategy 1 Reconceive the role of content to provide utility. Embrace iterative and agile approaches. Reorganize your processes 2 Take inventory of your existing technology assets. Identify technologies needed to build the experiences. Assemble your digital experience technology 3 Use big data technologies to get predictive. Compress the insights-to-execution process. Accelerate innovation with analytics 4 This whole thing begins with finding the soul of your brand. Find your our North star - the guiding principle that shapes your brand’s identity in people’s lives…whether it’s fast driving, living healthier lives, or enjoying flavorful foods. Only after you’ve determined that, can you identify your opportunity to create a unique interaction cycle that supports your brand promise. Next, you need to attack your process. If the purpose of your campaigns change, so too must the process of developing and executing your programs. Focus on the utility of your content, and on speed, iteration, and agility in your execution. Get smart about your technology assets now. Look at what you’re using and how it affects customers. You’ll inevitably uncover gaps in your current capabilities that will lead you to seek new technology. Just don’t do that in a vacuum. Engage your technology management colleagues, agencies, and other partners in the quest. Finally, think of analytics as a source of innovation. While you may be getting tired of the hype around big data (or not), it will play a critical role in your contextual marketing engine. Whatever you choose to use here, strive to compress the data-to-insight process.

19 Ted Schadler @tedschadler

20 The New CMS Requirements
Tim Ahlenius, Director of Experience Marketing

21 Challenges for Digital Marketers
Marketers need to create a unique personalized digital experiences requiring a responsive CMS Big data cannot mean big effort Organizations need advanced digital marketing features, but they are often the hardest to use Technology has to continually learn and recommend options

22 Real Word Examples of the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud
The Publisher Focused on segmentation and personalized content to drive unique experiences for schools, library and individuals Increased optimizations for subscription sign-ups and initial leads More effective targeting of their vast amount of reference material The Association Target content to both their members and general public Understand content consumption per segment

23 Introducing Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud
Martin Kirov VP Product Management & Product Marketing

24 Who owns the entire Customer journey?
Organizational Silos Social Media Team Twitter followers, retweets etc. Demand Generation Team Inquiries, Whitepaper downloads Who owns the entire Customer journey? Sales Team Calls, Meetings Content Marketing Team Blog visits, comments etc.

25 Digital Marketing Today The Future of Digital Marketing
Functional Challenges Digital Marketing Today The Future of Digital Marketing Customer Engagement data stored in various disconnected systems Aggregate - customer engagement data from all channels and all systems is stored in one central place A lot of customer data is hard or impossible/too time consuming to analyze Analyze – apply machine learning to identify behavior patters and provide data-driven insights and recommendations Adapting the experience to customer behavior is challenging Engage – optimize the experience of each customer across channels Predicting marketing results and proving the effectiveness of campaigns is hard and inaccurate Measure - ROI from marketing campaigns can be proven.

26 Introducing Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud
The Digital Marketing Cloud Platform for tracking analyzing and shaping every step of the customer journey

27 Digital Experience Cloud
CRM Salesforce MS Dynamics Other Website Sitefinity Non-Sitefinity Websites Digital Experience Cloud Data Upload in Standard Format Measurement Conversion Tracking Campaign Tracking Marketing Attribution Social Media Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Marketing Automation Marketo Eloqua HubSpot Customer Journey Analysis 360° Degrees Contact Profiling Predictive Analytics Prescriptive Analytics Persona Profiling and Lead Scoring Customer Journey Optimization Real-time Personalization Marketing Calls, etc. Mobile Apps Mobile SDK for custom data Custom Relational Databases Excel

28 Digital Experience Cloud Experience Delivery Platform
Sitefinity V8.0 Digital Experience Cloud Experience Delivery Platform Understand and Optimize the Customer Journey Customer Journey Analysis Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Measurement and Optimization Deliver Guided Customer Journey Across Channels Web Mobile Ecommerce Marketing Social Media Analyze Act

29 Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud Demo
Digital Command Center for Marketers

30 Questions?

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