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Dr Trudy Corrigan Dr Cathy Fowley Carmel and students I ntergenerational L earning P rogramme.

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1 Dr Trudy Corrigan Dr Cathy Fowley Carmel and students I ntergenerational L earning P rogramme

2 Foundation of ILP Started in 2008 in School of Education, DCU Need for programme to engage ageing population of Ireland to keep their mind and body active Engage older people in teaching, learning and research opportunities on campus and online First intergenerational learning programme in Ireland to facilitate older and younger people learning together on a third level campus Lifelong learning programmes, social and cultural activities Recognises positive dimensions of ageing Reciprocal benefits of shared knowledge between older and younger generations Make third level more accessible for older learners

3 Four Step Process to Develop ILP Four steps process to developing an Intergenerational Learning Programme in DCU. Desk Research Consult stakeholders Begin Implementation Developing programme

4 Vision of ILP To create a community of learning on campus in both formal and informal learning opportunities where both older and younger people can meet and learn together. The programme promotes: Peer Learning Social Learning Transformational Learning Mentoring Volunteering One-on-one Tutoring Formal and Informal Learning Critical Thinking and Reflection Service Learning Team Learning

5 Community of Learning in HE Sharing of Knowledge Cognitive Presence Cultural Social Engagement Teaching Learning Research ILP

6 DCU Innovation Economic Impact Societal Impact Engagement with Enterprise DCU Strategic Themes and ILP Age Friendly Campus Promotes positive ageing Connects old and young Creating new opportunities

7 Benefits of Intergenerational Learning for All ILP Older People StudentsStaff Higher Education SocietyInternational

8 Development of ILP Over 1500 people aged from 55+ participants Over 800 DCU student volunteers DCU students are provided with Personal Opportunity for Development Credits (PODS) Introductory modules offered in all Faculties Modules include science, psychology, law and government, contemporary culture and society, media studies, life writing, genealogy, health and well-being Modules are usually in the format of lecture presentation followed by questions, discussion and conversation

9 Flagship Module In 2008 the information communication modules on offer were initially to engage older people in using the internet and in basic introduction to the technology Funded by the Department of Communications Energy and Natural Resources Today the modules on offer include beginners to advanced users use of mobile technology including iphones and ipads Digital literacy skills including multi-media skills and digital photography Access to social media is also a very successful part of our programme including Skype, Twitter, Facebook Relationship Tool between older and younger people Digital Literacy Programme developed because of Ebenefit Funding from the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.

10 Research Began as part of a doctoral thesis study Research papers have been presented to the Educations Studies Association Ireland Conference Paper presented to the American Educational Research Association Conference, New Orleans Presented papers at the ED Tech Conferences DCUILP is a member of the European Network for Intergenerational Learning (ENIL) DCUILP is also a member of Irish Network for Digital Inclusion and Engagement (INDIE ) which has informed the National Strategy for Digital Inclusion and Engagement Presented paper as part of the 21 st Century Academic Forum, Harvard University

11 Research Projects and Achievements 2014 Nominated as a partner in a Cost Action Programme in partnership with Porto University Portugal and with the Life Course Centre NUI Galway 2014 Awarded SFI funding in partnership with Japan. This is to develop and research the benefits of intergenerational programmes in both Ireland and Japan 2014 Awarded an Erasmus Project in partnership with Erlangen University and the University of Helsinki to develop the potential of older people across Europe availing of learning opportunities online 2013/2014 Awarded an EU Grundtvig Project on healthy eating and activity between generations. 2013 Ashoka U Photowings Competition 2010 Shortlisted for the Irish Times Living Dublin Awards 2010 Awarded the overall Age Action Silver Surfer Awards for DCU student volunteers

12 Plans for the future To develop as a programme which can be replicated in other Higher Education Institutes ie through the Ebenefit initiative To further widen links with the growing numbers of universities both nationally and internationally who are currently associated with our programme To develop suite of programmes into full credit modules for older people who wish to progress to other levels To further develop the intergenerational aspects of the programme across all faculties and disciplines on campus

13 Plans for the future To further develop links with schools and colleges in the community To develop the DCUILP as a model of innovation which emerged from DCU but which has the potential to be replicated in other third level colleges both nationally and internationally To develop the research agenda of the DCUILP To promote capacity building so that the DCUILP reaches a greater cohort of older people

14 Testimonials This course and others like it are crucial to teach the older population to remain connected and give them skills to take control of their day-to-day lives. This course is unique, integrative and proactive and we need more initiatives of its kind. As populations continue to age, teaching older people to be independent will be of huge importance. Lorna Masters Student DCU

15 DXCU "I signed up help coordinate a module and deliver the module content to a class of learners as part of my masters course in business management in DCU. By doing so not only was I given an opportunity to enhance and develop practical skills, but it also was an opportunity to step back from an often hectic schedule and enjoy a rewarding couple of hours over the weekend. For me the most pleasing aspect of volunteering my time with the ILP was seeing the progress that many of the learners made from the beginning of the programme to the end. This along with the gratitude expressed by all the learners to the DCU student volunteers certainly made the whole experience extremely worthwhile. " Sean DCU Masters student

16 Testimonials An excellent course. Excellent tutors and a great mingling of people of all ages and good coffee mornings with interaction with older students Paddy 65-74 I have found the course extremely helpful. I am now far more confident when using the ipad - not afraid to experiment. I have found my mentor Fatima most helpful and very patient. Owen our instructor was very pleasant and clear in his instructions. Its been a great experience Louise 55-64 Excellent - Now have a complete new attitude to computers. Excellent for banking, shopping, holidays etc. Joe 75-84

17 Quote Seamus Heaney ‘We are not simply a credit rating or an economy, but a history and a culture, a human population rather than a statistical phenomenon….Ireland is not a country but a manuscript.’ National Museum 2012.

18 Interview with Maura ‘When I came to DCU to learn about technology I learned not only about the technology but about the shared bond between the younger students and the older students. Through this engagement, both Mark and I discovered that we work on a voluntary basis with homeless people in different groups; he works with a university group and I work with another group. This presented us with an opportunity to discuss this work together and to try to see how through our own work we could do something small for homeless people and at the same time try to provide possible solutions to this problem for so many people. It was so interesting getting his perspective on this important issue and it was also a revelation that the two of us were involved in similar volunteering initiatives. We would have never discovered this if it were not for the fact that I wanted to expand my knowledge of the technology. We are still in contact online and I am now using twitter!!! ‘

19 ILP Staff Dr Trudy Corrigan –Director DCUILP –Lecturer/Researcher School of Education Studies Dr Cathy Fowley –Coordinator of DCUILP Facebook/Website –Researcher with Elevator Dementia Programme School of Nursing –Researcher DCU Intergenerational Learning Programme –Carmel Conroy –Coordinator of eBenefit Programme –Tutor/Administrator DCUILP

20 Funders to date: DCU Funding (LIU/TEU and QUID) Age and Opportunity Photowings Department of Communications Energy and Natural Resources Bank of Ireland Erasmus and Grundtvig Funding

21 More Information DCU Intergenerational Website: ILP Facebook:

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