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Rev. John Guthrie, NOCERCC CONVENTION PASADENA, CA JANUARY 29, 2013 Report from the Secretariat of Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations.

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1 Rev. John Guthrie, NOCERCC CONVENTION PASADENA, CA JANUARY 29, 2013 Report from the Secretariat of Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations

2 INFORMATION Power Point Available On-Line:

3 OUTLINE  USCCB 2013-16 Strategic Plan  New CCLV Study  Key Concerns/Opportunities for USCCB  Hispanic Vocations  Demographics of Priesthood and Religious in the United States  Internationalization of Priesthood and Religious Life  Preaching Document

4 USCCB 2013-16 Strategic Plan New Evangelization  Faith  Worship  Witness

5 Implications for Continuing Education  2013: Implementation of the Preaching Document  2014-15: Annual Themes for Ongoing Formation

6 New CCLV Study Consideration of a Vocation to Priesthood and Religious Life among Never-married U.S. Catholics --CARA Survey Report

7 No Shortage of Interest

8 Key subgroups: most likely to have considered a vocation Most important:  Those who attended Catholic educational institutions at any level  Those who were encouraged to consider a vocation by any type of person  Those who personally know priests and men and women religious  Those involved in parish youth and young adult groups

9 Other Subgroups Also Important: Weekly Mass attenders (now and in high school) Those who lived in households where parents talked to them about religion at least once a week Participants in prayer and devotional activities, groups, or programs (e.g., Bible study, Eucharistic adoration, retreats, and prayer groups) Those belonging to a group that encourages devotion to Mary Those who regularly read the Bible or pray with Scripture Participants in World Youth Day or a National Catholic Youth Conference

10 Key Concerns/Opportunities for USCCB  Hispanic Vocations  Key Demographics  Internationalization of the Priesthood and Religious Life


12 Percentage of Hispanics by Generation

13 Annual Surveys of New Priests and Religious (2012) Priests Rel. Catholics  Caucasian / White 71% 69%58%  Hispanic / Latino(a) 15% 8%34%  Asian / Pacific Islander 9% 15% 4%  African / African American 3% 2% 3%

14 Country of Birth of Ordinands United States 71% Vietnam 5% Columbia 5% Mexico 4% Poland 3% Philippines 2% El Salvador 1% Other 9% Total Hispanics / Latinos:15% U.S. Born Hispanics/ Latinos:<5%

15 Key Demographic: 70% of Hispanics in the United States are non- immigrant

16 Subgroup: Catholic Education


18 Subgroup: Encouragement (male)

19 Subgroup: encouragement (female)


21 Priesthood Demographics There are about 40,000 diocesan and religious-order priests in the United States Diocesan: 27,125 diocesan priests  About 20,000 are active  30% are retired, sick, inactive  Average age: 62 years old Religious: 12,593 religious-order priests (Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans, etc.)  Average age: 66 years old

22 Priesthood Demographics  Looking back, there has been a 31% drop in the number of priests in the last 35 years  Looking ahead, there will be about 12,520 diocesan priests in active ministry by the year 2035, more than a third less than the numbers who were in active ministry in the year 2010

23 Retired Priests Many more priests are now in retirement:  In 1970 only 3% of responding priests were in retirement; in 2009, 22% are either retired or semi-retired  In 1970 less than 10% of priests were over the age of 65; now it is more than 40%

24 Collaboration in Pastoral Ministry

25 Actuarial Projections for the National Religious Retirement Office Report available at:

26 Women Religious

27 Demographics for Religious WOMEN

28 Men Religious

29 Demographics for Religious MEN

30 Combined Religious

31 Demographics for Religious COMBINED


33 Internationalization of Priesthood Because of dropping numbers, Bishops are relying more and more on priests who are from outside the country Percentages:  In 1985: 93% born in US; 6% born in Europe or Canada; 1% international  In 2009: 89% born in US; 6 % born in Europe or Canada; 5% international

34 Internationalization of Priesthood International priests tend to be younger so the trend will continue:  51% of all international priests were ordained in 1992 or after (compared to 15% of those from the US)  98% of all international priests are in active ministry (compared to 77% of US-born priests)

35 Internationalization of Priesthood In addition:  25% of all seminarians studying in US are foreign-born and  29% of newly ordained are born outside the US

36 Internationalization of Priesthood

37 USCCB Goal:  Revise Guidelines for the Reception of International Pastoral Ministers  CCLV presenting plan for document in March  Completion by September 2014

38 Key Workshops  Seminar for Writing Policy April 24-26Sacred Heart Institute, Huntington, NY  Seminar on Assessing and Welcoming International Clergy June 10St. John Vianney Center & CCLV, San Diego, CA


40 Preaching Document PDF available at:

41 Available in English

42 Available also in Spanish

43 Preaching Document  30 years since Fulfilled in Your Hearing  Goal: Improve the Quality of Preaching at Sunday Mass  Biblical, Liturgical & Catechetical  Apprenticing to Jesus, the Master Preacher  Spirituality of the Preacher  An opportunity for NOCERCC

44 Preaching the Mystery of Faith: A USCCB Conference for Teachers of Homiletics  June 24-25, University of Notre Dame  Registration available through CCLV  Limited Space Available for  Seminary Homiletics Professors  Diaconate Formation Teachers  Continuing Education Presenters

45 Secretariat of Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations email:

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