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Presented by Chuck Corbishley. Exploring religion and physical activity in Beeston. Do the Sikhs, Christians and Muslims want to engage with 'Leeds Lets.

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Presentation on theme: "Presented by Chuck Corbishley. Exploring religion and physical activity in Beeston. Do the Sikhs, Christians and Muslims want to engage with 'Leeds Lets."— Presentation transcript:

1 Presented by Chuck Corbishley

2 Exploring religion and physical activity in Beeston. Do the Sikhs, Christians and Muslims want to engage with 'Leeds Lets Get Active'?

3 This presentation will explore… Attitudes towards physical activity. Current level of physical & sporting activity. Willingness to associate with LLGA. Suggestions for future.

4 Our findings….

5 Anglican Church *St Luke's Church, Holbeck Support the idea of healthy living. Some members of the congregation use gym and swimming facilities at John Charles Sports Centre. Have football team for older teenagers and adults. Don't run any other physical activity groups. Main problem is raising sufficient funds for travelling to football matches and supporting activity sessions. Nothing for older generation and women. Already promote LLGA. Want to engage with LLGA.

6 Seventh-day Adventist Church *Seventh-day Adventist Church on Meanwood Road  Highly motivated by healthy living.  Direct translation of Biblical texts on dietary laws.  Promote vegetarian and Loma Linda foods (Land, 2005).  Run children's activity programmes called 'Adventurers'.  Also have football teams which play on the weekend.  Don't provide any other sporting activities.  Need for older generation to increase the level of exercise.  Had no previous knowledge of LLGA.  Welcome the idea of free physical activity sessions.


8 Mr Will Keith Kellogg was a Seventh-day Adventist!

9 Muslims *Artists impression of new mosque on Hardy Street Maintaining physical health is imperative. Every action is the will of Allah (Waines, 2003). Some members of younger generation take part in physical activity, but by themselves. Currently very few activities available. Barriers found: confidence, clothing and social stereotypes. Need for safe, local facilities and activities for women. Had little knowledge of LLGA. Methods for future promotion: Friday prayer and personal interaction.

10 Asha & Hamara Centres Located on Tempest Road.Located on Stratford Street. These two religiously unaffiliated centres provide support for people of all races and religions. They reaffirmed the views of the Islamic and Sikh communities.

11 Sikhs  Exercise and staying fit is important.  Tradition: archery, sword fighting and riding (McLeod, 2002).  Majority use the Ramgarhia Sports & Community Centre.  Diverse range of sporting activities for younger and older generations.  Struggle with funding and adequate level of coaching.  Barriers: the 5 K's and social stereotypes (Penny, 1999).  Rather use their own facilities.  No prior knowledge of LLGA.  Happy to work with them. * Ramgarhia Sports Centre on Chapeltown Road

12 Willing to engage with LLGA? All religious groups appeared eager to work with them. All asked to receive more information about the organisation. Free gym and swimming sessions greatly appealed. All were happy to promote LLGA during meetings. However, some signs of reluctance from Muslim community.

13 Suggestions for LLGA Building on current work Increase awareness of religious traditions and clothing amongst current staff. Gender specific time allocation for swimming and gym (Leeds City Council, 2013). Create walking groups specifically for religious communities. Could promote Seventh-day Adventist's 'adventurers' programme. Supply coaches and activities leaders for the religious groups. Must establish trusting relationship with each faith, especially the Muslims and Sikhs. New ideas from research

14 Aims achieved? Interviewed an adequate number of representatives. Successfully learned if religious communities were willing to associate with LLGA. Provided useful feedback and suggestions to LLGA. Represented the university and LLGA with professionalism. Conducted sufficient research for our final reports.

15 Next time?  Larger time period in which to conduct for study.  Meet with more Muslims and Christian representatives.  Use existing Muslim contacts to communicate with others.

16 Future research?  Further research by Theology & Religious Studies students.  Aid from university – offering placements to students.  Small representation of religious community.  Meet with representatives from other religions not encountered.  Similar studies in other parts of the city.

17 References Land, Gary. (2005). Historical Dictionary of Seventh-day Adventists, p176. Oxford: Scarecrow Press. Leeds City Council. (2013). Leeds Let's Get Active (online). Available at: (Accessed 1 April 2014). McLeod, W. H. (2002). Who is Sikh? The Problem of Sikh Identity. London, OUP. Penny, Sue. (1999). Sikhism. Oxford: Heinemann Educational Publishers. Prideaux, Melanie Jane. (2008). Faiths together? Muslim-Christian co-working on a publicly funded project in Beeston Hill, South Leeds. PhD thesis, University of Leeds. Waines, David. (2003). An Introduction to Islam, p63. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

18 Any questions?

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