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2 EARLY LIFE Born to Lucius Caecilius and Plinia of Como, Northern Italy as Gaius Caecilius Secundus Shortly after Lucius dies, Pliny is adopted by his uncle Gaius Plinius Secundus, aka Pliny the Elder Pliny was brought up in the homes of his uncle in Rome and Como

3 PLINY THE ELDER Had been a cavalry officer in the Rhine army Had literary pretentions, was inclined to write Published 2 books on military matters and one of the first Latin biographies He started a career as a scholar upon returning to Italy and began preparing “Problems in Grammar”

4 POLITICAL SITUATION There was a deteriorating political situation under Nero Nero committed suicide after the senate decalred him an enemy of the state Proceeded by Servius Sulpicius Galba But this marked the beginning of a civil war Galba was later lynched by soldiers of the imperial guard and proceeded by Marcus Salvius Otho as emperor Otho was then defeated by the army of Vitellius Vitellius was then defeated by Vespasian

5 PLINY’S YOUTH When Vespasian came into power, Pliny the elder was made procurator and sent to Gallia, Narbonensis, Africa, Hispania Terraconensis and Gallia Belgae He returned in 76 While away, Pliny the younger was elected a guardian to watch over him: Verginius Rufus His teachers where: - Greek and Rhetoric = Nicetes of Smyrna - Latin = Quintillian

6 PLINY’S YOUTH On August 25 th 79, Pliny the Elder dies when mount Vesuvius erupted. At the age of 18 Pliny the younger inherited his uncles possessions including country houses and money that belonged to his father. Now that he was considered rich he had to take on responsibilities and start a career. In 80 he spoke as a lawyer at the centumviral court, and ended uo winning the case which got him recognition In 81 he was elected as a board member of the Centumviral court with the influences of some friends From here he followed the career structure of most wealthy men which is Cursus Honorum

7 CAREER STEPS In 82 Pliny took his tour of duty Served as a military tribune which gave him an administrative function Part of Legion III Gallica stationed in Syria On his way back he got stuck on the island of Icaria in the Aegean sea and wrote some poetry that was island and sea themed He then became commissioner of the roman knights In 90 at the age of 28 he became quaestor which was a position of the senate which dealt with finances Next he became a tribune In between each position it is required that a statuary years interval take place, so it is assumed that he took on cases during these years as he was still a lawyer In 92 Pliny suspended his practice to devote all his time to being a tribune This greatly impressed Domitian who allowed him to become praetor without the years interval.

8 DOMITIAN Younger brother of Titus and took power in 81 Wanted to be called “Dominus et deus” or lord and god This autocratic behavior reminded the people of old days with Caesar, Caligula, and Nero And so senators began turning away from him. 96 he was killed and succeeded by Nerva

9 COURTS 97 Pliny attacked Publicius Certus who had prosecuted Helvidius Priscus, a good friend of Pliny’s, that led to his execution under Domitian He won the case, and was told he would make himself “a marked man in the eyes of future emperors” Several days later Publicius was found dead and Nerva appointed Pliny to fill his position as treasury of Saturn which was responsible for a large part of the empires finances Published In vindication of Helvidius after the cases, which is a collection of his speeches Trajan then succeeds Nerva and allows Pliny to remain in his position, and promised to make him consul at the end of his term

10 LATER LIFE September of 100 Pliny became consul At the age 0f 38 he had become the highest position in the Roman empire This was impressive because he was not born to a senator After his consulate he used his remaining years to write Eulogy on the reign of Trajan (the Panegyricus ) A collection of poetry in 103 he published 3 books containing letters Pliny's letters can be regarded as a collection of models, and has indeed been used for educational purposes well into the eighteenth century. After the first three Pliny published an additional 6 volumes Married the love of his life, Calpurnia at the age of 40. she was 14 He published love letters about her Died 115, around the age of 50



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