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1 Jane Charlton, Rosemary Hurtley CRANLEIGH INTERGENERATIONAL PROJECT 2010

2 How it started Cranleigh Initiative & Healthcheck Concerns about public behaviour and link with perceptions of safety and wellbeing Lack of understanding - culture of anxiety and rapid change - fear of crime, breakdown of communication Health agenda - preparing the community for an increasing ageing population and increase in the ‘old- old’ in rural areas

3 Problems identified Large groups/rowdy behaviour Inconsiderate/antisocial behaviour; e.g. on some bus routes (53), drinking in public areas, vandalism Lack of consideration/awareness of behaviour on others Ageing population Intergenerational misunderstanding Young people not feeling respected Older people not feeling respected

4 A Framework Putting consideration and civility into public life across the generations through improved communication and mutual understanding – The Intergenerational Project with Jane Charlton Helping to improve the experience of public places in the village, engendering feelings of safety and wellbeing at all times, day and night, by all Cranleigh residents – making for a stronger community

5 Cranleigh Market town Population 12,000 Technically the largest village in England, but with the size and facilities of a town

6 Recommendations Whole community involvement – age friendly community positive citizenship project Cranleigh code - for personal adoption, similar to the highway/country code Address aspects that restrict quality of life Increase links between community and schools Link older and younger residents in a variety of ways; e.g. history, citizenship, learning, community work, visits emphasising intergenerational communication

7 Intergenerational project aims To develop greater intergenerational respect and dignity (so the young and old respect each other) To advance young people’s life skills and capacities (via recreational and leisure time activities and with some links to school work to promote intergenerational relationships) To help older people and those with frailty have contact with young people, thereby improving their wellbeing and overall quality of life

8 Tapestry of Activity Communication/reminiscence & learning Examples: Local Primary School/Senior Link – annual event Memory book – Nursing Home and Catholic Primary School Birthday cards, World Cup memories, place mats- Cranleigh C of E Primary and Day Centre Remembrance Day Oral History Project with Arts Centre and Yr 8/9 pupils

9 Tapestry of Activity Relationship building: various ‘contact’ events; e.g. Cranleigh Youth Group and U3A with Arts Centre events - Wii bowling and reciprocal meals, visits to care centres, volunteering Music events and contact: Park Mead, Cranleigh School, (Glebelands) concerts Schools resource pack: information on ageing, reminiscence and disability/sensory awareness activities

10 Tapestry of Activity - Ideas Joint living history - care home and school – World War II projects involving series of workshops and arts events with school and artists: Poetry and speech and drama activity linked to curriculum – celebrating local culture, intergenerational interaction, creativity ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ 15 minute ‘show cases’ Object handling - ‘transitional objects’ of public and personal significance Care home and local Alzheimer’s project remembrance programme, exhibition


12 ‘I really enjoy their sense of humour’ ‘I really enjoyed talking with the older people’

13 ‘I like to help the older people when playing curling’

14 Benefits for young people Communication skills - ability to engage empathetically with a frail older person Learning different perspectives Being respected and valued Confidence building Other, e.g. opportunities for young people to report stories for the local press, positive profiles of young people, volunteering skills Reminiscence sessions - hearing about the past (perhaps linked to history/citizenship/Focus Days)

15 Benefits for older people Communication with young people Learning perspectives of young people Being listened to and sharing past histories Being respected and valued Diversion from the ‘normal routine’ - reduced possible isolation Research reveals that misconceptions about age, ageing and stereotypes are developed before the age of 8 years

16 Benefits to all Improved intergenerational awareness and respect Improved contact between young and old for a stronger community fabric Building social capital Improved relationships and mutual understanding

17 Benefits to all (continued) Shared learning addresses stereotyping Younger people learning about change, ageing and disability New skills in communication (young and old) Stronger community across generations Less isolation Exploring new skills and celebrating achievement Seeing older people as a community resource Seeing younger people as a community resource Fun

18 Those involved so far…. Local schools: Park Mead, Cranleigh C of E Primary, St. Cuthbert Mayne, Glebelands, Cranleigh School and Farlington School, Cranfold Confederation Wider Community: Cranleigh Youth Club and SCC youth workers, Cranleigh Arts Centre, U3A, Rowleys Day Centre, Knowle Park Nursing Home, Cedar Court, Birtley House, Cranleigh Baptist Church, Age Concern and Cranleigh Initiative and contact with many others..

19 What you need to do it Cause Connections Creativity Character – make a difference Catalyst Collaboration

20 Funding Surrey County Council (£1,000) Lions (£900) Rotary Club (£500) Cedar Court, Care Home (£250) Parish Council Cranleigh Youth Centre ‘Enabler’ (pivotal role) Hold funding (£2,900)

21 Where next? Consolidate projects – internal leaders/co- ordinators to enable success Project coordination - volunteers and project co- ordinators and competition judges welcome Maintain momentum after September Legacy - ongoing stronger community

22 Thank you Our funders Our enabler (Cranleigh Youth Centre) Our supporters (schools and care homes) Our older and our younger participants For more information: or

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