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taller stronger cheaper faster cleaner longer.

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2 taller

3 stronger

4 cheaper

5 faster

6 cleaner

7 longer

8 Who is older? a) The woman is_________________ the girl. b) The girl is __________________ the baby. older than

9 Who is older and who is younger? Julia (12)Martin (11)Linda (13) a) Martin is _________________ Linda. b) Linda is _________________ Julia. c) Julia is __________________ Martin. d) Julia is ________________ Linda. older than younger than older than younger than

10 Lisa is taller than Carol.

11 Bob is fatter than Ben.

12 younger than older than taller than shorter than heavier than lighter than

13 The turtle is _____________ than the rabbit. The rabbit is ______________ than the turtle. (slow-fast) faster slower

14 Anne Mark 40 years 45 years He is ________________ than Anne. Anne is _______________ than Mark. older younger

15 Tom is taller than Sam.

16 Alaska is colder than Spain.

17 Steve is hungrier than Jane.

18 Washington is smaller than New York.

19 Mary is happier than Mike.

20 I am younger than my brother. My brother is older than me.

21 Peter is friendlier than Chris.

22 Phil is younger than John. John is older than Phil. PHIL JOHN (OLD/YOUNG)

23 JIM AND THE BABY DAN Jim and the baby are sadder than Dan. Dan is happier than Jim and the baby. (SAD/HAPPY)

24 SUE AND ALEX Alex is taller than Sue. Sue is shorter than Alex. (TALL/SHORT)

25 Look at the pictures and write the comparative bigger slower more expensive higher more dangerous


27 smaller

28 taller

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