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Business Case for Workers 50+ Perspectives and Strategies.

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1 Business Case for Workers 50+ Perspectives and Strategies

2 Perspectives Always danger in generalizing because mature workers are a diverse lot But generally, they: Need to be recognized as having something to offer Want to use skills but may no longer need to use all of their skills Are usually used to looking at things from a company perspective Expect to give a good day’s work for a good day’s pay Want to learn new things – including technology

3 Most mature job seekers want A job – even if its not a perfect fit A chance to prove themselves A fair wage but most have come to realize they may not be able to match past earnings Some flexibility in scheduling – but this is high on the priority list of other age groups too – so should be a win-win for all

4 Our clients Like the study indicates, most want to work for multiple reasons though need is a pressing reason Most are financially unprepared for retirement Most are frustrated by the current labor market they are facing

5 Because of today’s environment, mature job seekers Feel vulnerable Believe that most employers want younger employees Some give up the fight and, as this report notes, we cannot afford to lose qualified workers who really want to work!

6 Suggestions for Human Resource Professionals Consider that the overqualified candidate may not be a problem but…. an opportunity to get more bang from your buck Help employees – your own or candidates from outside – see ways that their skills can be transferable Recognize that the candidate you are interviewing may not have interviewed in 10 or more years so may seem a little unprepared for meeting with an interview team or for behavioral interviewing questions – the candidate who interviews best is not necessarily the best candidate

7 Tips for Trainers Include mature workers in the opportunity for training Consider that older learners may approach learning a little differently than younger employees Need time to practice a new skill Will learn quicker if can relate new skill to previous learning May be more comfortable if they are not the only mature worker in the training session Integrate generational diversity training into your programming

8 Suggestions for Supervisors Engage your mature worker in discussions of how they feel they can best contribute Help your mature staff assess their learning needs Recognize that the first time a mature worker has a younger boss, it may not feel right initially – give the relationship time and understanding Build age diverse work teams – on purpose & talk about why

9 Suggestions for young workers Be willing to share with and learn from your mature co-workers Look ahead a few years (or a few decades) and consider what you will want from your younger co-workers

10 Questions for those of us who are mature workers How well do we represent the strengths of our generation……. Are we open to developing our replacements? – that is the job of our generation What have we learned lately from a younger boss or a younger co-worker? What have we taught lately to a younger colleague? How engaged are we with our employer? Do we give as much respect to others as we expect to receive?

11 My general impression from this report is That the theme of our organization – Ability is Ageless - is very timely. The workplace needs us all – young, old and in between.

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