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The Rising Generation Alma and the Sons of Mosiah.

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1 The Rising Generation Alma and the Sons of Mosiah

2 President Heber J. Grant It is stated that men do not amount to much after they pass fifty, and that when they are sixty you ought to get some kind of drug and put them to sleep, and that when they are seventy they are simply useless. But Lorenzo Snow came to the Presidency of the Church when he was eighty-five years of age, and what he accomplished during the next three years of his life is simply marvelous to contemplate.

3 Any society’s greatest challenge: Transferring values and believes to the next generation

4 The Zarahemla Stake Conference King Mosiah calls Great Conference Nephites Descendants of Zarahemla (Mulekites) People of Limhi People of Alma Organized into 7 wards (churches) with Alma as Prophet

5 King Mosiah’s “Rising Generation” Mosiah 26:1,2 Now it came to pass that there were many of the rising generation that could not understand the words of king Benjamin, being little children at the time he spake unto his people; and they did not believe the tradition of their fathers. They did not believe what had been said concerning the resurrection of the dead, neither did they believe concerning the coming of Christ.

6 Why? Why didn’t they believe? They could be taught his words, but they didn’t feel his words…

7 They did not believe … the resurrection of the dead, neither the… coming of Christ. The “Rising Generation” (Mosiah 26:2,3) …because of their unbelief, they could not understand the word of God

8 Belief vs Understanding Do we sometimes try to force understanding or knowledge of the Gospel on those who do not yet believe in (or feel of) Christ?

9 They did not believe … the resurrection of the dead, neither … coming of Christ. The “Rising Generation” (Mosiah 26:2-5) …because of their unbelief they could not understand the word of God and their hearts were hardened. And they would not be baptized Dissentions among the brethren

10 Alma and Mosiah’s Heartache Now the sons of Mosiah were numbered among the unbelievers; and also one of the sons of Alma was numbered among them, he being called Alma, after his father (Mosiah 27:8) (Lord’s guidelines) Now I say unto you, Go; and whosoever will not repent of his sins the same shall not be numbered among my people; (Mosiah 26:32)

11 Alma/Sons of Mosiah’s Sins? (Alma) was: a very wicked and an idolatrous man. (vilest of sinners) man of many words, and did speak much flattery he led many…people to do after…his iniquities. stealing away the hearts of the people; causing much dissension among the people; going about to destroy the church of God, (Mosiah 26)

12 Elder Bruce Hafen I once had a sad and tender conversation with a stake president whose entire life represented a pattern of stalwart obedience. But he and his equally stalwart wife were carrying the burden of feeling total responsibility for the rebellion of their wayward son. He told me about their boy's very serious mischief and their inability to contain him, despite continual and fervent effort. Then he said, "You know, we always tell our members that no other success can compensate for failure in the home. And the scriptures say that if a man doesn't know how to manage his own house, how shall he take care of the Church?" … Because of what he saw as his failure in the home, this man asked if he should request a release from his Church position.

13 Why? The Lord sent an angel to Alma and the sons of Mosiah- and it worked- Why doesn’t He send an angel to visit my son/daughter/sister/brother/friend/parents? Is it my faith? Or are they too far gone?

14 Bruce R. McConkie A person may get converted in a moment, miraculously... But that is not the way it happens to most people. With most people, conversion [and the accompanying remission of sins] is a process; and it goes step by step, degree by degree, level by level, from a lower state to a higher, from grace to grace, until the time that the individual is wholly turned to the cause of righteousness.

15 Conversion How do we help others believe?

16 Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone A young man was converted to the Church. His father died when this young man was but a boy. Before he died, the father gave his only possession of any value to his wife to give to his son when he grew up— a ring with a beautiful stone in it. The mother kept the ring until the boy was in high school; then she gave it to him. When he graduated from high school, his mother bought him a fine watch. It was all this woman could afford.

17 When her son joined the Church, she was offended and became critical. Their relationship became greatly strained. The young man's bishop interviewed him, and shortly thereafter he was called on a mission. When he told his mother, she was irate. She said she would not give him one penny of support. When he left home to travel to Manila to the Missionary Training Center, he had no money. He took a taxi from the airport to the MTC. He had no money to pay. He offered his watch as payment, and the driver gladly took it. Because he knew he had no money to cover costs at the MTC, he went to a pawnshop, pawned his ring, and then reported at the MTC.

18 At a zone conference some months later, this wonderful young elder recounted how he had financed his way to the MTC. Then he said with great emotion, "I don't have my graduation watch my mother gave me, and I sold the ring my dad gave me, but I am serving my Savior on a mission, and it is worth it."

19 Our Challenge Are the people we are teaching- -family/friends/class/quorum- being taught? or being converted by the spirit??

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