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The Big6 for older students The Super3 for younger students Presenting these models to your students.

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1 The Big6 for older students The Super3 for younger students Presenting these models to your students

2 Presentation Ideas Super3 Dinosaurs index.php Big6 Song song-of-research-turning-the-big6-into-a- tune/ song-of-research-turning-the-big6-into-a- tune/ Super3 Song song-of-research-turning-the-big6-into-a- tune/

3 Super3 Dinosaurs Planasaurus What am I supposed to do? Where should I look for information? What does a good job look like?

4 Super3 Dinosaurs Doasaurus Are my notes accurate and complete? Have I written a good paragraph? Does my project have the information it needs?

5 Super3 Dinosaurs Reviewasaurus What new skill did I learn that I can use again? What did I enjoy or hate about this assignment? What grade would I give myself and why?

6 Big6 Task Definition Information Seeking Strategies Location and Access Use of Information SynthesisEvaluation

7 Task Definition html

8 Information Seeking Strategies html

9 Location and Access html

10 Use of Information html

11 Synthesis html

12 Evaluation html

13 Questions One Might Have How can I integrate Big6 or Super3 into my lesson without losing time? Who can help me? Is it a leaner-centered tool? What makes Big6 or Super3 so great? Where can I go to learn more about this information literacy research tool?

14 Integration and Who Can Help Integration comes easy because of the structure and flexibility in this research tool. To integrate into your plans you can collaborate with your teacher-librarian to teach skills why you are both teaching content. You will be amazed at how fast your students learn a new skill while learning in your direct content area.

15 Learner-Centered Big6 and Super3 is all about being leaner- centered in the way it requires students young and old to use information and technology effectively and focus on the process as well as the content. Students will become life-long learners and independent thinkers. This type of tool really allows us to prepare our students for the 21 st century.

16 Why Big6 and Super3 are so Great The process is integrated with the curriculum they are already going to learn. It allows them to learn at a deeper level about the topic. There are many skills being developed throughout the process (research, writing, reading, evaluating, problem solving, cooperative learning).

17 Learn More! To learn about Big6 and Super3 go to: To learn how important information literacy is today and in the future with a student discussion: Testimonials for K-12 schools after implementing Big6 A sample lesson from a 4 th grade class in HISD: building-learning-with-big6-grade-4/

18 Big6 Song Written by Enid Davis To the tune of This Old Man, He Played One Written by Enid Davis To the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down Songs Lyrics at: research-turning-the-big6-into-a-tune/ Help students remember by teaching them the research process using songs:

19 Big6 in Action Location and Access in Youtube a/1/-0NjVdBkXvE a/1/-0NjVdBkXvE Breaking down your assignment a/u/2/l5x7pdsjgmY a/u/2/l5x7pdsjgmY

20 Cartoon for Big6

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