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Sri Ramacharan Charitable Trust Asha SF Kriti Modi Oct 8, 2009.

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1 Sri Ramacharan Charitable Trust Asha SF Kriti Modi Oct 8, 2009

2 Overview of the organization Sriramacharan Charitable Trust was established on Oct 10, 1999 by a group of socially conscious women with several years of experience in social work. These women are also office bearers of Monday Charity Club that successfully carries on several projects focusing on destitute women, school-going children, college students, and the sick and the infirm. Aim: to concentrate on providing basic education to children, instill a desire for learning, encourage them to attend schools. There are six volunteer trustees and all the donations received are directly used for charitable purposes.

3 Overview Trust introduced Montessori style instruction or activity- based learning in Chennai corporation schools, starting in 2005. Subsequently introduced this in Luz Balwadi since August 2007. The work has expanded from working in two KG classrooms to working in 14 KG classrooms and 7 balwadi centers. Trust’s activities have received a lot of attention in the press, and has been praised by various sources.

4 Education Related Activities Working in following corporation schools and Balwadi centers in Chennai: 1.Corporation Primary School, V.P. Koil St., Mylapore (2 classrooms) 2.Corporation Primary School, Jones Rd, Saidapet (12 classrooms) 3.Balwadi at Luz Avenue, Mylapore (2 centers) (Requesting funds for) 4.Balwadi at Thiruvanmiyur (1 center) 5.Balwadi at Saidapet (4 centers)

5 Funds requested for teaching staff and support staff at Balwadi at Luz Avenue. Until now, funds for Luz Balwadi came from private donations, but due to recession funds have dried up. Child Vikas International, CA, supports a lot of other projects, but their support has also shrunk. Children belong to the lowest socio-economic stratum, typically coming from families of street vendors, housemaids, electricians, plumbers and drivers. Most of them come from broken homes, or are children of widows or deserted women. Balwadis run inside corporation buildings, and the schools have given the premises to run balwadis. Trust pays only salaries, no rents etc.

6 Luz Blawadi has 2 sections: section for 2-3 yr olds, and another for 3-4.5 yr olds. Each classroom has one trained teacher and one assistant who is experienced in teaching, though not trained. Children do not pay any fees. Younger section: The younger children are initiated into the montessori system. There are only preliminary materials. There are play equipment like indoor slide, seesaw etc and toys. There are also outdoor play equipments. Children may play or work as they like. There is also an ayah to care of younger children. Older section: They are encouraged to learn through various activities and work with materials. Children also recite prayers and slokas. Hygiene, cleanliness, good habits are also stressed.

7 Details of Projected Budget YearRecurring costsFixed costs 2008-091,20,000+48,000+6,000 (teachers’ salaries+assistants’ salaries+misc) none 2009-20101,32,000+60,000+6,000 2010-20111,40,000+66,000+6,000

8 Funds requested Salaries of 2 teachers : Rs 1,20,000 annually Salaries for 2 assistants : Rs 48,000 annually Miscellaneous : 6,000 annually. Total: Rs 1,74,000 Clarification: Earlier they had 2 trained teachers, two untrained, but experienced teachers and an ayah for the balwadi. Now they are planning to have two trained teachers, one assistant teacher and an ayah.

9 Two site visits (Oct 2008 and Dec 2008) have been done. Reports have been favorable. Teachers well-trained in montessori method of teaching Buildings organized, neat and clean. Balwadis done up in bright colors and all required infrastructure provided. Classrooms furnished with many play items.

10 Schools run in the morning from 9-2pm On average, there are 45-50 children of ages 1.5 to 4.5 yrs everyday. Kids are not part of the corporation school, but come from nearby slums Balwadis encourage them to continue education and go to regular schools after leaving balwadis Children often come back to the trust for additional tuitions once they start attending regular schools.

11 Picture from Luz Balwadi, report in Times of India, July 2008



14 Revised Budget for 2010 Salary for Jayashree (montessori teacher): Rs 6000/mo Salary for Assistant (Usha-trained on line): Rs 3000/mo Salary for assistant (additional): Rs 2500/mo Salary for Ayah: Rs 1500/mo Misc: Rs500/mo Total: Rs13,500/mo, Rs 162,000/annum Reasons for the revised budget: (Please note that the initial budget they requested from Asha SF is different from what they are now requesting) Earlier had requested funding for 2 teachers. However, one teacher has left, and the salary has since gone up to Rs 6000/mo for one teacher. Earlier had requested funding for 2 assistant teachers at Rs 2000/mo. Salaries have since increased, to a total of Rs 5,500/mo for two teachers. To be divided according to their levels of experience. Ayah’s salary has gone up from Rs1300/mo to Rs 1500/mo Misc expenses have gone up from Rs400/mo to Rs500/mo Juniper Foundation has approved a budget of Rs138,000 (USD 2875); funds sent to Asha SF

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