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Social Savvy and Sensitivity Some thoughts and suggestions.

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2 Social Savvy and Sensitivity Some thoughts and suggestions

3 Showing Respect When someone of either sex comes into the office, you should rise and properly greet that person (this does not apply to messengers or a colleague down the hall) When an older, more senior member of management walks into the office of a junior executive, the latter should rise and greet. Always acknowledge their presence.

4 Seatsmanship-Know where and when to sit Younger managers should not come barging into a room and take a seat of her/his choice Younger people are not to take their seats until their seniors have either signaled them where they should sit or until their seniors have taken their own seats-Thank them The host should indicate where people are to sit. This is common courtesy.

5 Elevator Etiquette If you are at the front of a crowded elevator, you should automatically get off when the doors open (even if it is not your floor) This will permit people in the back an easy exit Traditionally, men would make every effort to let women exit first-today whoever is at the front should exit first

6 More Elevator Etiquette If you accidentally push against someone, you should tell them you are sorry or excuse yourself NO smoking Do not stare

7 When You Have to Keep Someone Waiting Make time to go to the waiting room and greet them and explain why you are late. Let them know how much longer it will be If you can’t go out and talk to the person, have your secretary or receptionist do it If the wait is longer than 30 minutes, give them the option to reschedule Be gracious and apologetic

8 Going Through Doors Our grandparents were taught that ladies should always walk through the door first-not so in today’s workplace Whoever arrives at the door first, should open it for the other person However, younger executives should defer to older, senior executives and get to the door first to hold it open

9 When Jr. and Sr. Executives Travel Together Younger executive should take care of details of trip (room reservations, transportation, tips, etc.) In the limo, the younger executive should take the uncomfortable jump seats if necessary If a person has extremely long legs, they should ride in the front seat

10 More Travel Tips When riding in a company car, the junior executive should ask “Where would you like me to sit?” When traveling on a corporate jet, always be early-As a guest, wait until the host has boarded-Take only what refreshments are offered-Don’t use the jet for personal use (transporting X-mas packages, etc.!)-Write a thank you note to the host

11 The Art of Introducing People Make sure you do it even if you forget names, get confused, etc. Introduce a younger person to an older person Introduce a peer in your company to a peer in another company Introduce a nonofficial person to an official person

12 More Introductions Introduce a junior executive to a senior executive Introduce a fellow executive to a client Explain who people are when you introduce them- “Mr. Smith, I would like to present my daughter Cindy. Cindy this is Mr. Smith, the president of our company.” Always stand when being introduced

13 More Examples of Introductions “Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, I would like to introduce to you a fellow executive from Salisbury University, John J. Seagull. John, this is Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, good friends of my parents.” When introducing a stranger to your group, you should interrupt the group and welcome the new member

14 Oh No! More Introductions! When introducing people of equal standing-no titles are required unless the person is older, a professional or someone with official rank (Example “Harry I would like to introduce a young new executive from our company, June Jordan. June, this is Dr. Harry Smith.” Try to remember names as given to you- don’t be shy to ask for the name again

15 Names? If you can not remember a name, admit your lapse of memory If you can remember other aspects about the person, talk about those first then tell about your lack of name identification If other people have forgotten your name, don’t make them suffer. Let them know your name

16 More Names! If you have to stop and think if you should use a person’s first name-you should not Younger person should wait for the ok from an older person to use a first name Younger executive should wait for the ok from a senior executive to use a first name Do not use nicknames in the workplace

17 The Handshake Firm but don’t crush anyone’s bones Hold for 3-4 seconds

18 Odds and Ends A handwritten note is appropriate for all thank you correspondence Black tie: Men-dark suit, white shirt and tie or tuxedo. Women-short cocktail dress or evening pantsuit. Make yourself familiar with your corporate policy and gift budget before you give gifts If your name is mispronounced, repeat your name when acknowledging those you are introduced to.

19 Cell Phone Etiquette Use common sense Respect those who share the space around you Many establishments are now setting rules Use the vibrate option when in close setting Be discreet and consider time as a factor-don’t draw out a conversation when talking to someone else Turn it off in class!!! They are not status symbols

20 Now You Are That True Social Butterfly Be confident reassured Relax and have fun

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