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 NYS Education Department Data Model for 2011-12 What’s New?

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1  NYS Education Department Data Model for 2011-12 What’s New?

2 WHAT’S NEW?  District Code of Residence field in Student Lite is now a required field  Marking Period and Term can now be defined by location  Student Grade template replaced by Student Class Grade Detail template; used to collect grades and credits only  New Staff-Student-Course template; used for roster reporting and for collecting data related to teacher evaluation  New Staff Evaluation Rating template used to collect the scores resulting from a teacher’s evaluation  Reporting by BOCES is now optional for 2011-12

3 District of Residence  Field 41 (District Code of Residence) of the Student Lite template is now required  If the student changes his/her District of Residence AFTER BEDS day, this data element DOES NOT change  If the student is a resident of a state other than New York, use district code “75000066”  If the student was not enrolled in this LEA on BEDS day, use the DoR information gathered when the student registered in the district.

4 Marking Period and Term  New Location Marking Period template, along with dimension values defined in the Marking Period Code template, allow management of both Marking Period and Term by location.

5 Student Grade Detail Template  Replaces Student Grade template  Used to collect Student Grades and Credits awarded  For 2011-12, only Numeric Final grades associated with Regents exams are required; all other grades are optional  Includes an indicator distinguishing a Final Grade that was computed using a Regents score versus those that were not  Includes a new P/F flag defining the reported Numeric score as a Passing or Failing score  Includes new fields for reporting Credits Attempted and Credits Earned

6 STAFF-STUDENT-COURSE  This is a new template used for dual purposes:  It will be used to collect the underlying data needed for teacher evaluation  It will also be used to collect information that can be used to generate class rosters

7 STAFF-STUDENT-COURSE  You will note that the template includes a “Reporting Date”.  This date is an important differentiator regarding the purpose of the data being reported.  If the data are being reported for roster purposes, the reporting date is June 30, 2012 regardless of the actual date the course ended.  If the data are being reported for teacher evaluation purposes, the reporting date is defined as the first date of the state assessment period associated with that course.

8 STAFF-STUDENT-COURSE  The remaining fields in this template define the metrics for determining the amount of time an individual student was engaged in instruction by an individual teacher  You will note that this metric accounts for student attendance, but not teacher attendance  We will discuss these concepts in detail when reviewing the templates

9 STAFF EVALUATION RATING  Legislation requires that assessments be used in the teacher evaluation process  Teachers will be evaluated on the following basis:  20% of evaluation based on state assessments  20% based on local assessments  60% based on local observation and evaluation techniques  These three scores will result in an overall evaluation rating on a scale of 1-4.  This new template is designed to collect the component scores as well as the final overall evaluation rating.

10 BOCES REPORTING  Initially, BOCES was scheduled to start reporting data in the 2011-12 school year  The Regents recently voted to make this reporting optional.  BOCES intending to participate in the 2011-12 data collection should inform their Level 1 provider immediately

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