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EXIT. Bringing the Spa to You Galvanic Spa ™ Facial Gels.

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2 Bringing the Spa to You

3 Galvanic Spa ™ Facial Gels

4 Course Objectives After reviewing this course, you should have an understanding of the following:  The role of the Galvanic Spa in facilitating Pre-Treat Gel and Treatment Gel.  The key benefits of these products.  The key ingredients in these Galvanic Spa compatible products.  Be able to perform a galvanic facial on yourself.  Be able to conduct a galvanic half-face demonstration.

5 Curriculum Review Essential Needs of the Skin

6 Essential Needs of the Skin The skin has up to 10 essential needs for optimal health and beauty. Determining and meeting your skin’s essential needs with a comprehensive skin care regimen is critical to maintaining the healthy function and beautiful appearance of the skin.

7 Synergistic Approach to Skin Care The best skin care products are designed to work synergistically to meet the essential needs of the skin. As they do this, they maintain and enhance the health and natural beauty of the skin.

8 Advanced Needs Nourish Treat Refinish Exfoliate Mask Revitalize Basic Needs Cleanse Tone Protect a.m. Hydrate p.m. Essential Needs of the Skin The skin’s 10 essential skin care needs can be divided into two categories:  Basic needs —the minimum, daily needs or regimen steps all skin types require.  Advanced needs —met by incorporating additional regimen steps, as needed, to address specific concerns. Starting in our late 20s, our advanced needs steadily increase. Together, basic needs and advanced needs form the essential needs of the skin. EssentialNeeds

9 Advanced Needs When specific skin concerns exist, such as discoloration, free radical damage, and aging, addressing these concerns is critical for skin health and beauty. Incorporating regimen steps to target the skin’s advanced needs gives your skin the needed advantage of advanced skin care.

10 Advanced Need: Revitalize Fatigue and stress can make the skin appear dull and lifeless. The essential step revitalize helps restore vibrancy by increasing circulation to the skin. The advanced need, revitalize, should be met two to three times per week. Galvanic Spa treatments are one way to help revitalize the skin.

11 Spa Results at Home Clients who have a professional galvanic treatment may spend from to $90 to $200 per treatment. These treatments may be done once or twice a month, making it a very expensive, infrequent, and inconvenient way to get the benefits of galvanic treatment.

12 Introducing Nu Skin ® Galvanic Spa ™ II System The exclusive Galvanic Spa System II from Nu Skin is a programmable device with patented self- adjusting galvanic current and interchangeable heads for the face, scalp, and body. The Galvanic Spa works synergistically with specially formulated products to facilitate transport of key ingredients—delivering revitalizing, restorative, and rejuvenating benefits. Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System brings all of the benefits of a spa galvanic treatment into the ease and comfort of your own home.

13 History of Galvanic Current

14 The History of Galvanic Currents In 1791, Luigi Galvani was the first to use electric currents for health benefits. The galvanic current, used today for cosmetic purposes to facilitate delivery of beneficial ingredients to the skin, is named after the Italian scientist.

15 What Is a Galvanic Treatment? For the past several decades, spa and salon professionals have used gentle galvanic currents in customized treatments to refresh and energize the skin. These treatments, through a gentle massaging action, help to focus cellular energy and enhance circulation.

16 How Does a Galvanic Treatment Work? Like charges repel each other and opposites attract. By formulating products to contain a specific charge and using currents of the same charge, the currents are able to “push” the product into the skin, which facilitates the delivery of key ingredients. With the careful application of positive and negative galvanic currents to the face, an aesthetician is able to perform a variety of skin treatments. + + ++

17 Nu Skin ® Galvanic Spa ™ II System Benefits Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II System was developed to provide: a) Self-adjusting currents. b) Interchangeable heads. c) Flexible timing. d) User selectable polarity. e) An affordable option to spa treatments. f) Convenience. g) Enhanced delivery of key ingredients.

18 Lasting Benefits Nu Skin’s patent pending discovery, based on carefully controlled research, reveals that treatment durations of five minutes with a galvanic instrument may enhance the delivery of key ingredients for up to 24 hours. This includes active ingredients contained in subsequently applied treatment products. * The results show the impact of using quality skin care products in combination with the galvanic currents. Research studies conducted at the University of Oklahoma, 2006, using a laboratory galvanic instrument. Your results with the Galvanic Spa II System may vary.

19 Galvanic Spa ™ Facial Gels

20 Have You Ever Wondered Why Some People Look Younger Than They Really Are? Nu Skin’s ageLOC ™ Technology Has the Answer

21 The ageLOC ™ Discovery New research at has recently revealed a major, previously hidden source of aging within each of us: an internal free radical generator in the epidermis. Present on the surface of our cells, this invisible enemy is capable of generating skin damaging free radicals around the clock; increasing as we age. Unlike other free radicals that come from exposure to the sun or pollutants, our genes control its activity.

22 This internal free radical generator can produce free radicals so quickly that even antioxidants need some additional help in slowing it down. The unique solution: slow the production of these skin damaging free radicals at their source, and stop the visible signs of aging before they start. The ageLOC ™ Discovery

23 In an additional breakthrough, Nu Skin scientists have recently identified an exclusive blend of ingredients that slow production of free radicals in the epidermis. Introducing ageLOC—technology designed to reduce the visible signs of aging by targeting an invisible sourc e of your aging appearance. The ageLOC ™ Discovery

24 Nu Skin ® Galvanic Spa ™ Face Gels with NEW ageLOC ™ Technology Restores and Protects Skin’s Youthful Radiance Galvanic Pre-Treat Gel and Treatment Gel remove impurities while reviving and invigorating your skin. Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Facial Gels now feature new ageLOC technology—a proprietary blend of ingredients that help slow the signs of aging at their source.

25 Step 1 Galvanic Pre-Treat Gel

26 Step 1: Pre-Treat Gel Product Benefits a)Removes impurities, allowing pores to breathe. b)Soothes and conditions the skin. Pre-Treat Gel

27 Key Ingredients  Marigold extract—comforts and soothes the skin.  Sea kelp—moisturizes and conditions the skin.  Vanilla extract—conditions skin.

28 Galvanic Conductor Contact Galvanic Gel Epidermis Dermis Dirt Pre-Treat Gel Step 1: Pre-Treat Phase The Galvanic Spa uses a negative charge with the Pre-Treat Gel. As like charges repel each other, the delivery of the negatively charged Pre-Treat Gel is facilitated by the galvanic current. As the purifying ingredients move into the pores, they adhere to impurities such as excess oil and pollutants.

29 Step 1: Purifying Pre-Treat Usage Affix the Face Conductor to the instrument. After cleansing and toning, apply the entire contents of the clear Pre-Treat capsule to clean face and neck. Select the “one fountain” and “two minute” settings, moisten your hand, then place the device against the skin. Wait for the unit to beep as it adjusts the current to your skin (You may hear one, two, or three beeps). Once it beeps, begin working the gel into the skin in a gentle movement that follows the contours of the face and neck, avoiding the eye, eyelid, and lip areas.

30 Step 1: Purifying Pre-Treat Usage Remember, during each step a moist hand must remain on the chrome panel for conduction, and the head must stay in contact with the skin at all times for the current to persist. Every 20 seconds the Galvanic Spa will offer a single beep indicating that the current is in contact with the skin. When you hear a double beep, your treatment is complete. Wipe the excess gel from your face

31 Step 1: Pre-Treat Description of Benefits a)Removes impurities, allowing pores to breathe. A negative galvanic current softens and relaxes pores and dissolves and liquefies sebum to open pores. TEA cocoyl glutamate, a cleansing agent, purifies the skin. b)Soothes and conditions the skin. Marigold is used to soothe and nurture irritated and inflamed skin. Vanilla is reported to soothe the skin. Sea kelp is known for being rich in skin nourishing and conditioning compounds. The skin conditioning effects of these natural ingredients soothe the skin, leaving it feeling supple and refreshed.

32 Step 2 Treatment Gel with ageLOC ™

33 Step 2: Treatment Gel with ageLOC ™ Product Benefits  Formulated with ageLOC technology—a patent-pending, exclusive anti-aging ingredient blend.  Facilitates recovery from stress; promotes cellular energy.  Enhances skin hydration and leaves skin feeling incredibly soft, clean, and refreshed. Treatment Gel w/ ageLOC

34 Treatment Gel with ageLOC ™ Key Ingredients  Proprietary ageLOC blend—helps slow free radical production at its source and inhibits the visible signs of aging.  Arginine—an amino acid which helps the skin to recover from stress.  Magnesium—a necessary component that promotes cellular energy.

35 Step 2: Treatment Phase Galvanic Conductor Contact Treatment Gel The positive charge of the current repels the positively charged ingredients in the Treatment Gel and facilitates their delivery into the skin. The positive charge of the current attracts the negatively charged ingredients that were in the Pre- Treat Gel and pulls these ingredients, along with the impurities that are attached, out of the skin.

36 Step 2: Energizing Treatment Usage Apply the entire contents of the Treatment Gel with ageLOC (blue capsule) to face and neck. Select the “two fountain” and ‘three minute” settings. Moisten hand and touch it to the chrome panel on the unit, then touch the conductor head to the skin. As in Step 1, you will hear the unit beep one, two, or three times, which indicates you may begin the treatment. Again, work the gel into the skin gently, always keeping the unit in contact with the skin..

37 When you hear the double beep, the treatment is complete. Go ahead and rinse the excess gel from the face and neck and apply Nu Skin ® skin prep (toner) if needed from your core daily regimen and/or treatment products followed by a moisturizer of your choice. Now enjoy your purified, energized, and revitalized skin! Step 2: Energizing Treatment Usage

38 Step 2: Treatment Gel with ageLOC ™ Description of Benefits ageLOC ingredients have been shown to prevent the expression of free radicals associated with the arNOX enzyme. This prevention may help slow the signs of aging that may be caused by accelerated free radical production. a)Formulated with ageLOC technology—a revolutionary anti- aging ingredient blend. arNOX ACTIVITY measured in vitro through FERRICYTOCHROME C REDUCTION, nmoles/min/1.5 mg epidermis

39 Step 2: Treatment Gel with ageLOC ™ Description of Benefits A recent study by Stanford University has shown that individuals with low arNOX levels are clinically graded to look an average of seven years younger than their actual chronological age. Individuals with high levels of arNOX appear to be an average of seven years older than their actual age. Low arNOX = Average years younger High arNOX = Average years older 7 +18 +16 +14 +12 +10 +8 +6 +4 +2 Actual Age -2 -4 -6 -8 -10 -12 -14 -16 High arNOX = Average years older 7 a) Formulated with ageLOC technology—a revolutionary anti- aging ingredient blend.

40 b)Facilitates recovery from stress; promotes cellular energy. Arginine is an amino acid involved in the relaxation of small blood vessels, leading to increased circulation. Arginine facilitates recovery from stress— caused by free radicals, lack of nutrients, build up of toxins, etc.—and injury. Magnesium is an essential mineral and key compound of mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are the organelles of tiny organs within skin cells that produce cellular energy. c)Enhances skin hydration and leaves skin feeling incredibly soft, clean, and refreshed. Formulated with gentle humectants for skin hydration, while rose, sandalwood, and jasmine extracts revive the skin and leave it feeling refreshed. Step 2: Treatment Gel with ageLOC ™ Description of Benefits

41 Demonstration

42 Half-Face Demonstration To show the immediate benefits of the Galvanic Spa, guide volunteers through a facial on one side of their face. Before they begin, have them cleanse and tone with the Nu Skin ® products of choice. Ask them to apply a full vial of gel to only half of their face and neck. Be sure they keep a moist hand in constant contact with the chrome plate. Ask them to work through the Galvanic facial following the motions suggested on only one side of the face. The pre-treat step should be done for no more than two minutes and the treatment step for no more than three minutes. If any irritation or discomfort results, discontinue use.

43 Half-Face Demonstration While performing the demonstration, ask users to follow the contours of the face and use a gentle upward motion. Ask them to avoid the eye, eyelid, and lip areas of the face. While doing the half-face facial, talk through what is happening in each step. Let the individual or group know what current is being used, the charge of the product being used, and the key ingredients and their benefits to the skin. At the end, point out the differences between the treated side and the untreated side. The side that has been treated will appear fresher, lifted, and more vibrant. Follow with other Nu Skin ® skin care products like Tru Face ® Essence Ultra or Tru Face ® Line Corrector.

44 Suggested Movements for Half-Face Demo

45 1. Eye Area Half-Face Demonstration Follow the natural contours around the eye, starting under the eye and moving up around the eye gently working the gel into the skin. Repeat this motion several times. You always want to move upward and outward with gentle pressure and back down with light pressure, making sure that you never pull on the skin. Also, when you’re working around the eye area, avoid getting too close to the eye itself. Avoid the eyelid as well. Simply follow the bone structure around the eye.

46 2. Mouth Area Half-Face Demonstration Start with the Galvanic above your lips just under the nose. Move the unit up and out to the smile line then move upward and outward toward the temple. Gently glide the instrument back above the center of the lips. Try to avoid the lip tissue itself. Repeat this movement several times.

47 3. Jowl Area Half-Face Demonstration Now we’ll move to the jowls. Start in the middle of the chin just under the lips. Move up to those jowl lines and hold for a few seconds. Then continue in an upward outward motion until you reach the ear. (Don’t actually go over the ear, stop just before the ear.) Slowly follow the same pattern back down to your starting point, and repeat several times.

48 4. Forehead Half-Face Demonstration Start with the Galvanic on the bridge of your nose. Move the instrument above the eyebrows and then continue up until you reach the hairline. Repeat several times.

49 5. Nose Area Half-Face Demonstration Turn the Galvanic sideways and place it on the side of the nose. Work the gel gently out to the middle of the cheekbone and back. Repeat several times.

50 6. Neck Area Half-Face Demonstration Start at the base of the neck and move the Galvanic up until you reach the jaw line, then gently glide the unit back down to the base of the neck. Continue until you have treated your entire neck.

51  Once the half-face treatment is complete, have the users wipe the excess gel from their faces with a wet towel.  Have them apply any follow-up products that would help support the Galvanic treatment like Tru Face ® Essence Ultra or Tru Face ® Line Corrector.  Have the users look in a mirror and have them point out the specific differences they see on the treated side of their face.  Point out any changes to any other participants in the room. Half-Face Demonstration

52 Companion Products  Tru Face ® Essence Ultra —a facial contouring serum that contains the patented anti-aging ingredient Ethocyn ®, which helps restore definition and firmness to the skin, and an antioxidant network to protect skin proteins.  Tru Face ® Line Corrector —features a revolutionary pro-collagen peptide that helps soften moderate to deep lines around the mouth, eyes, and forehead. Use with the Galvanic Spa for enhanced benefits.  Nu Skin 180° ® Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System —designed to reverse the appearance of a full range of aging effects, each product in this system plays an integral role in delivering anti-aging benefits and works synergistically to enhance results.

53 Review The galvanic current is used today for cosmetic purposes to facilitate delivery of beneficial ingredients to the skin. Galvanic Spa Pre-Treat Gel and Treatment Gel work to restore the skin’s natural vibrancy by removing impurities and promoting cellular energy while inhibiting skin aging free radical production. Product Benefits: helps remove impurities so your pores can breathe, revives and invigorates your skin, and provides ageLOC ingredients to target free radical production at its source. Key Ingredients: marigold extract, sea kelp, vanilla extract, arginine, magnesium, and proprietary ageLOC blend.

54 Bringing the Spa to You

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