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IS1001-MTS Reader Platform: Into the River

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1 IS1001-MTS Reader Platform: Into the River
Steve Anglea, Alex Artyukhov, Anthony Carson, and Quentin Watson Biomark, Inc PIT Tag Workshop 28 January 2015 Many years in the making and finally into the river.

2 Tuning a MUX Time consuming and a bit frustrating

3 FS1001M Specifications Introduced in 2004 as interim reader ISO FDX-B
~5,350 tag codes Single receive circuitry 6 antennas Exciter voltage potentiometer RS232 maintenance port

4 IS1001-MTS Terminology IS1001-Multiplexing Transceiver System
IS1001-Master Controller (MC) IS1001 Reader

5 IS1001-Master Controller Provides power and communication to IS1001
Control up to 12 IS1001s Synchronize with additional IS1001-MCs USB Port CAN Bus I Port Ethernet Port CAN Bus II Port Fiber Optic Tx Port Fiber Optic Rx Port Auxiliary Port USB Storage Port Sync In Port Sync Out Port

6 IS1001 Reader Basic functionality
ISO FDX-B, ISO HDX, FDX-B Fastag™ (non-ISO) Communication: Fiber Optic, LAN, USB 12V and 24V (5 power levels) Auto-tuning Configurable diagnostic reports 11A current limiting Accessory boards

7 IS1001 Accessory Boards LED Data Logger Remote Comm.

8 IS1001-MTS Power Specs 12 and 24V DC configurations IS1001: 1A
Use 28V DC for Level 5 IS1001: 1A IS1001-MC and 6-IS1001: 2.3A IS1001-MC and 12-IS1001: 3.5A IS1001-MC and 12-IS1001 w/sync: 4.3A

9 FS1001M vs. IS1001 Performance Antenna FS1001M (100 ft cable) IS1001
22” 36” 20 ft 16” 32”

10 IS1001-MTS Configurations

11 IS1001-MTS Configurations
Network (star)

12 IS1001 Stand-alone Stand-alone Synchronized

13 IS1001 Terrestrial Enclosures

14 IS1001 Submersible Node

15 IS1001 Submersible Node BIO LITE BIO STOUT


17 Floating Antennas

18 Thin-Wall Antennas IHR Adult Trap RIA Right-Bank

19 “Bird Feeder Antenna” Single antenna 5” Circular

20 Flat-plate antennas (bird islands)
Multiple antennas

21 Lo-Profile Antennas 24”x24” 10” Circular

22 Cord Antenna Enclosure, jbox, cord

23 Data Collection: BioTerm & BioStat

24 Data Collection Application

25 Data Collection Application – Database

26 Data Collection Application – Queriable Database

27 IS1001-MC & IS1001 Summary Improved performance: cable, current, circuitry Scalable and flexible configurations Variety of antenna designs User friendly

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