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ESR300H. Extending your Wireless Range, Extending your Internet Protection.

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1 ESR300H

2 Extending your Wireless Range, Extending your Internet Protection


4 Category: XTRA RANGE Long Range & High Power Internet Guardian Network Map VPN-Lite INTERMIDIATE NETWORK

5 - Category: XTRA RANGE - Model: ESR150H / 300H - Marketing Name: 11n Wireless Router - Key Words: 802.11b/g/n, Long Range, 150Mbps/300Mbps, Parental Control, VPN-Lite -Product Introduction: ESR150H/300H are home guardian router which allow you to share the Internet among family members. It offers extensive coverage (X-TRA RANGE) and dead-spot free user experience. This router features Parental Control which allows parents to control Internet Access schedule and to monitor web page access. Built-in Lite-weight VPN server allows advance user to establish Client-to-Site L2TP or PPTP VPN connections (5 concurrent tunnels). INTERMIDIATE NETWORK

6 ESR300H 2T2R, 802.11b/g/n 300Mbps 10/100 Fast Ethernet Up to 23dbm High Power Internet Guardian VPN-Lite INTERMIDIATE NETWORK

7 -Segmentation: 1.Retail market for Home User -Targeting: 1.Range craved users (High Power) 2.Thick Wall villas or partitioned appartments 3.Parent users (Internet Guardian) 4.SOHO users -Positioning: 1.This is a Internet Guardian solution router 2.This is a X-TRA RANGE (long range) router

8 Detachable 2dBi Antenna Input: 100~240VAC Output: 12VDC / 1A Bulit-in 4 x 10/100Mbps LAN WAN port KNOWING THE PARTS

9 Up to 300Mbps Wireless Speed Fast and Easy Steps Installation Connects Smart TV, STB and gaming console Guaranteed Wireless Performace Than any other brand. Parental Control

10 Extended Coverage High power (maximum 23dBm) extends coverage, avoids dead spots. Strong Penetration Penetrate 3 floors with high Speed data rate. SELLING POINTS

11 Internet Guardian (Parental Control) Internet Scheduling Web Monitor SELLING POINTS

12 Internet is just another world that anybody can do anything as wide as they could imagine. How can we protect our love-ones from accessing website which are restricted from their age? PARENTAL CONTROL

13 We can’t always stay at the back of our child to make sure they are accessing the right web.

14 PARENTAL CONTROL Even how many time we educate our child NOT to open anything malicious in the web… People in the Internet has work-around on how to show their “work-of-art”

15 PARENTAL CONTROL In this situation, we need “something” to rely-on to protect our kids of un-authorize access.

16 PARENTAL CONTROL We can easily put a dot on this incidents!!! ESR300H Can do the job of securing our love ones from the Internet!

17 PARENTAL CONTROL ESR300H Easy to use and easy to setup!!!

18 PARENTAL CONTROL Real time Internet protection brought to you by ESR300H

19 PARENTAL CONTROL Avoid these explicit websites with your finger tips! Over 18 websites Social Networks Video or movies

20 PARENTAL CONTROL IP TV, Laptops, Desktops, Smart Phones and Gaming consoles are being monitored too!

21 PARENTAL CONTROL Stop the worries! Act now and let EnGenius ESR300H do it for you!

22 PARENTAL CONTROL ESR300H Stop the worries! Act now and let EnGenius ESR300H do it for you!

23 PARENTAL CONTROL Set the time where they could surf the Internet. You could open the website you want them to access

24 PARENTAL CONTROL Set the time where they could surf the Internet. Enjoy the time with your family.

25 PARENTAL CONTROL When the security time is over, all the listed websites and computers will be blocked from the Internet again.

26 PARENTAL CONTROL We can start our work peacefully While our kids will have more time to study.

27 PARENTAL CONTROL In some cases that we are out-of-town for meetings, seminars, trainings or others… And we need to adjust the parental control settings.

28 PARENTAL CONTROL We could do the settings in our smart phones provided that we are hooked in the internet

29 PARENTAL CONTROL And we could make our love-ones access the website being requested.

30 Install Wizard SELLING POINTS

31 Internet Scheduling SELLING POINTS

32 eDM’s



35 END

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