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© Softmark - 1 - VOS C o n s o l e.

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1 © Softmark VOS C o n s o l e

2 © Softmark What’s VOS Console? A set of practical monitoring tools A set of easy to follow web-graphs A secure Browser interface to VOS A LITE version of VOS-AlertManager A free no-obligation software

3 © Softmark Up in 10 minutes !

4 © Softmark Why use VOS Console? Secure read-only interface Uses standard VOS registration Does not allow Telnet or FTP access Audits users – session & activity reports Secure VOS-Explorer No learning curve; no overhead

5 © Softmark Graphs System Usage: CPU, p.f., I/O, paging, mem Disks: utilization, %busy Queues: utilization, msg processing (TPS) List-users: graphs by %CPU,I/O, %mem

6 © Softmark Reports Network Batch queues System devices System logs –Syserr_log –Hardware_log –Security_log

7 © Softmark VOS Explorer A secure read-only interface to VOS files Browser interface to any text files: r eports, logs, out-files Directory listings User-defined categories Standard options: –match, –tail, -print

8 © Softmark Installation Install the small (150 blocks) VC bundle in a new directory Execute Open

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