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IPads in the K-6 Math Classroom Matisha Stanton Math/Technology Education Consultant SWPRSC “Helping Districts Improve Student Learning”

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1 iPads in the K-6 Math Classroom Matisha Stanton Math/Technology Education Consultant SWPRSC “Helping Districts Improve Student Learning”

2 College Credit??? College Credit – Complete online during breaks…..New College Credit regulations!!!

3 Socrative Teacher and Student  Student – log into  Join Room Number 782941  Then answer the questions!  Find the App – Socrative “Student” in App Store – install if you want  Find the App – Socrative “Teacher” in App Store – install if you want

4 Learning with the iPad… watch?feature=player_emb edded&v=24R1QJAXL4s watch?feature=player_emb edded&v=24R1QJAXL4sVideo

5 Getting Started Guide c/54455120/iPads-for- Learning-Getting-Started c/54455120/iPads-for- Learning-Getting-Started

6 The Ultimate Guide to Using iPads in the Classroom al/2011/4/24/the-ultimate- guide-to-using-ipads-in- the-classroom.html al/2011/4/24/the-ultimate- guide-to-using-ipads-in- the-classroom.html

7 Help! I’m New to Using an Ipad! help-im-new-to-using-an- ipad/ help-im-new-to-using-an- ipad/

8 50 Really useful iPad Tips and Tricks news/computing/apple/50 -really-useful-ipad-tips- and-tricks-688556 news/computing/apple/50 -really-useful-ipad-tips- and-tricks-688556

9 10 Benefits of Using iPads on the Classroom log/using-ipads-in- schools.php log/using-ipads-in- schools.php

10 One iPad Classroom? d/page/view.php?id=281 d/page/view.php?id=281

11 10 Steps to a Successful School iPad Program http://ipadeducators.ning. com/profiles/blogs/10- steps http://ipadeducators.ning. com/profiles/blogs/10- steps

12 Tips for the One iPad Classroom, and a Free iPad Rules Download! ipad-classroom-and- free.html ipad-classroom-and- free.html

13 Let’s Partner Up! ShellTerrell/pair-activities- with-the-ipad ShellTerrell/pair-activities- with-the-ipad

14 15 iPad Skills Every Student and Teacher Should Have http://www.educatorstech ipad-skills-students-must- have.html http://www.educatorstech ipad-skills-students-must- have.html

15 Apps for Every Classroom ! ebpages/kogen/files/apps %20for%20every%20class room.swf ebpages/kogen/files/apps %20for%20every%20class room.swf

16 5 Ways to Show Your iPad on a Projection Screen /blog/5-ways-to-show- your-ipad-on-a-projector- screen.html /blog/5-ways-to-show- your-ipad-on-a-projector- screen.html

17 Projecting Your iPad Wirelessly - Without an Apple TV http://ipadeducators.ning. com/profiles/blogs/projec ting-your-ipad-wirelessly- without-an-apple-tv http://ipadeducators.ning. com/profiles/blogs/projec ting-your-ipad-wirelessly- without-an-apple-tv

18 Other Stuff…. Connecting an iPad to a Smartboard http://www.teachthought.c om/technology/how-to- connect-an-ipad-to-a- smartboard/ http://www.teachthought.c om/technology/how-to- connect-an-ipad-to-a- smartboard/

19 Presenting – PowerPoints m/default.aspx m/default.aspx

20 Other Stuff….. http://www.the-teachers- timesavers-for-teacher/ http://www.the-teachers- timesavers-for-teacher/ Stick Pick Smart Seat $3.99 ulating-the-yelling/ ulating-the-yelling/

21 5 Innovative iPad Apps That Will Evolve Your Classroom http://www.k12mobilelear innovative-ipad-apps-that- will-evolve-your- classroom/ http://www.k12mobilelear innovative-ipad-apps-that- will-evolve-your- classroom/

22 Ask3…. 2013/01/ask3-app-for- ipad/ 2013/01/ask3-app-for- ipad/

23 Other Stuff……….. Use iPads to save information and classroom work by emailing it directly to your email account or using such apps as Instapaper or Read It Later Instapaper Read It Later

24 Digital Books Teachers can put ditigal books into the iPad to share with students. iBook Author allows users to easily create ebooks and share them with others. Read this guide to learn how to create yours. this guide

25 Taking Notes…… iPad can also be used in the classroom for taking notes and there are some great apps to help students do so namely : Simplenote, Plaintext, Bamboo and Evernote.Simplenote PlaintextBamboo Evernote

26   Bamboo Paper- Wacom Notes for Stylus (Free!): This app is a great way for students and teachers to use graphic organizers, and take notes. It offers free hand writing and drawing, and can be used with the screen shot function to present information in PowerPoint, Key Note, or other graphic presentation programs. Students can do regrouping in subtraction easily on the free-hand format application. It's great for teaching and learning too.

27 Note Taking As educators, we frequently stress to our students the importance of taking good notes, and there are often times when we need to take good notes as well. There are multiple apps for note taking starting with Evernote!” /2012/09/a-free-complete-guide- to-evernote.html?m=1 /2012/09/a-free-complete-guide- to-evernote.html?m=1 625 625 great uses 625

28 Educreations + Evernote = Digital Portfolios http://ipadedfirsties.weebl creations-evernote-digital- portfolios.html http://ipadedfirsties.weebl creations-evernote-digital- portfolios.html blog/2012/02/28/how-to- create-a-portfolio-with- evernote-education-series/ blog/2012/02/28/how-to- create-a-portfolio-with- evernote-education-series/

29 Annotation Apps guides/show/pdf- annotation guides/show/pdf- annotation

30   Videolicious (Free!): If you are a video and digital image educator you might rate this! This app allows you to create short narrated videos, using stills or other video within your video. It would be perfect for student created projects on topics from ELA, math, social science and science. The learning-based multi-media applications for this app are virtually limitless in the classroom.

31 Decide how students will share their creations with you DropBoxDropBox is a simple way to share content. Here's a tutorial for using DropBox on Kathleen Morris' Teaching Generation Now blog. Here's a tutorial for using DropBox and DropItToMe from the Edublogs Web Tools Teacher Challenge.tutorial for using DropBoxKathleen MorrisTeaching Generation NowDropBox and DropItToMe ShowMeShowMe and Educreations are apps that function as interactive whiteboards that record what you say as you write on the screen. Once logged into your teacher account from the iPad, content can be saved to your account, which can be retrieved online from your laptop. This is another easy way for students to share their creations with you.Educreations

32 Other Stuff….. print-wirelessly-from-your-iphone-ipad-or-ipod-touch/ print-wirelessly-from-your-iphone-ipad-or-ipod-touch/ Printing wirelessly from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch ocuments_your_ipad_or_iphone ocuments_your_ipad_or_iphone

33 5 Questions about Apps d/page/view.php?id=224 d/page/view.php?id=224 Steve Pillow from MNU has some great resources! d/page/view.php?id=224

34 Evaluating Apps http://www.educatorstech comprehensive-guide-to- ipad-apps.html http://www.educatorstech comprehensive-guide-to- ipad-apps.html

35 iPad Sharing Apps…. http://www.educatorstech ers-ipad-screen-sharing- apps.html?m=1 http://www.educatorstech ers-ipad-screen-sharing- apps.html?m=1

36 How to Create App Folders on the iPad

37 10 Great Apps for a Teacher’s New iPad m/2012/12/26/10-great- apps-for-a-teachers-new- ipad/ m/2012/12/26/10-great- apps-for-a-teachers-new- ipad/

38 The three iPad apps every elementary school should buy 2012/11/the-three-ipad- apps-every-elementary- school-should-buy/ 2012/11/the-three-ipad- apps-every-elementary- school-should-buy/

39 Making assessment meaningful http://ipadsatburley.blogs assessment- meaningful.html?m=1 http://ipadsatburley.blogs assessment- meaningful.html?m=1

40 Using Show Me to Create Lessons on iPads http://www.freetech4teach show-me-to-create- lessons-on.html?m=1 http://www.freetech4teach show-me-to-create- lessons-on.html?m=1 Use Show Me to assess your students rather than using a paper and pencil.

41 Apps to document learning……. http://appsineducation.blo apps-for-documenting- learning.html?m=1 http://appsineducation.blo apps-for-documenting- learning.html?m=1

42 10 iPad Apps To Record How Students Learn http://www.teachthought.c om/apps-2/10-ipad-apps- to-record-how-students- learn/ http://www.teachthought.c om/apps-2/10-ipad-apps- to-record-how-students- learn/

43 6 iPad apps that help you create interactive study guides /11/6-ipad-apps-that-help- you-create-interactive- study-guides/ /11/6-ipad-apps-that-help- you-create-interactive- study-guides/

44 The Answer Pad #learn #learn video #learn

45 Bubble Sheet 012/12/28/the-answer- pad-ipad-bubble- sheet/?blogsub=confirmin g#blog_subscription-2 012/12/28/the-answer- pad-ipad-bubble- sheet/?blogsub=confirmin g#blog_subscription-2

46 Quizzes Create quizzes and other interactive tools. Use quiz tools online too! Take Quizzes on iPad – Google - Socrative – 80209 2012/09/empowered-ipads- socrative-formative-assessment/ 2012/09/empowered-ipads- socrative-formative-assessment/

47 Quizzes

48 Photography

49 Math

50 Math apps………. Basic MathBasic Math - This app offers basic operations of math with choices. It allows teachers to see student’s score and email results to parents. Mad Math LiteMad Math Lite - If your classroom has limited iPads, this app allows you to have more than one user. In addition, it enables you to set the student’s setting depending what operation they are working on. This app records a report card on the student’s progress. Coins GeniusCoins Genius - This app is a good introduction to coins. It is limited in the free version, but it does give you a chance to see if this would be a good tool for your class. Calculator Pro Calculator Pro - A standard calculator in vertical mode and a scientific calculator in landscape mode. EaselAlgebra iliteEaselAlgebra ilite - Easel combines interactive, hands-on algebra workbooks with instant "ShowMe" lessons. If you get stuck on a problem, just tap "ShowMe" and see a step-by-step animation of how to solve the problem. HMH-Fuse GeometryHMH-Fuse Geometry - A completely self- contained, interactive curriculum on the iPad.

51 QR Codes……. 4 4 ges/kogen/files/qr%20codes% 20in%20the%20classroom.swf ges/kogen/files/qr%20codes% 20in%20the%20classroom.swf http://yourgreenclassroom.blo and-bottle-cap-fun.htmlhttp://yourgreenclassroom.blo and-bottle-cap-fun.html Bottle Caps http://yourgreenclassroom.blo and-bottle-cap-fun.html http://flapjackeducationalresou code-math-freebies.html?m=1 http://flapjackeducationalresou code-math-freebies.html?m=1 Tons of QR Code Freebies! http://flapjackeducationalresou code-math-freebies.html?m=1

52 Common Core Math http://mathcommoncorere ad+Math+Apps http://mathcommoncorere ad+Math+Apps

53 Rocket Math (two versions $0.99, or Free Lite): This game based math learning app is high-interest and skills based learning. Students love it and learn rapidly. I use this great math app in my classroom. It has scaffolding and rigor that is helpful in facts practice, buttressed with the high-interest game and money earning format, it allows for increased student learning and increased test scores through skill mastery. This app serves many of the K-6 Common Core State Standards, but here is one primary 3rd grade focus: Common Core Content Standards Connection: Operations and Algebraic Thinking 3.OA Represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division. 1. Interpret products of whole numbers, e.g., interpret 5 × 7 as the total number of objects in 5 groups of 7 objects each, or 7 groups of 5 objects each. For example, describe a context in which a total number of objects can be expressed as 5 × 7.

54 Multiplication Genius Lite (Free Lite): This multiplication flash-card based math app is high-interest and skills based learning. Students enjoy the positive reinforcement based format and learn rapidly. I use it in my classroom because it can be custom tailored to focus on specific multiplication facts. This app serves many of the K-6 Common Core State Standards, but here is one primary 3rd grade focus: Common Core Content Standards Connection: Operations and Algebraic Thinking 3.OA Represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division. 1. Interpret products of whole numbers, e.g., interpret 5 × 7 as the total number of objects in 5 groups of 7 objects each, or 7 groups of 5 objects each. For example, describe a context in which a total number of objects can be expressed as 5 × 7.

55 Math App – Factor Man m/blog/2012/11/factorma n-champion-shares- strategies/ m/blog/2012/11/factorma n-champion-shares- strategies/

56 Some Great Math Apps http://www.educatorstechnology.c om/2012/10/math-apps-for- ipad.html http://www.educatorstechnology.c om/2012/10/math-apps-for- ipad.html

57 Some Great Math Apps /2011/11/ipads-in-classroom-app- recommendations.html?m=1 /2011/11/ipads-in-classroom-app- recommendations.html?m=1

58 Some Great Math Apps http://teachwithyouripad. ps http://teachwithyouripad. ps

59 Mohterload! Math in Categories

60 STEM /2012/05/40-stem-ipad- apps-for-kids-science- technology-engineering- math/ /2012/05/40-stem-ipad- apps-for-kids-science- technology-engineering- math/ /2012/09/favorite-math- ipad-apps-for-kids/ /2012/09/favorite-math- ipad-apps-for-kids/

61 5 Dice – Math File Folder Games http://www.mathfilefolderg apps/5-dice-order-of- operations-game-app/ http://www.mathfilefolderg apps/5-dice-order-of- operations-game-app/ Middle School

62 App-tivities http://funintegratingtechnolo tivities-for- iclassroom.html?m=0 http://funintegratingtechnolo tivities-for- iclassroom.html?m=0 FYa8mdmZfUlV5TXA3Rnc/ed it FYa8mdmZfUlV5TXA3Rnc/ed it - Systems of Linear Equation Scavenger Hunt FYa8mdmZfUlV5TXA3Rnc/ed it FYa8mZkw3Z19iZmtOS1U/ed it FYa8mZkw3Z19iZmtOS1U/ed it QR Code Cards FYa8mZkw3Z19iZmtOS1U/ed it

63 More App-tivities! http://funintegratingtechno page.html?m=0 http://funintegratingtechno page.html?m=0 / DRJpFYa8mMFl2RUxRWDN YVms/edit / DRJpFYa8mMFl2RUxRWDN YVms/edit Create and Play Bingo / DRJpFYa8mMFl2RUxRWDN YVms/edit ew/3 ew/3 Let’s Play Bingo! ew/3

64 7 Excellent iPad Games to Develop Kids Critical Thinking http://www.educatorstech excellent-ipad-games-to- develop-kids.html?m=1 http://www.educatorstech excellent-ipad-games-to- develop-kids.html?m=1

65 Fund ps.html?app_subject=36 ps.html?app_subject=36

66 Hands on Math….. dition-with-an-ipad/ dition-with-an-ipad/Kindergarten

67 Bloom’s Taxonomy blooms-taxonomy-and-ipad-apps/

68 K-5 iPad Apps According to Bloom's Taxonomy pad-apps-elementary- blooms-taxomony-diane- darrow pad-apps-elementary- blooms-taxomony-diane- darrow

69 New Version of Bloom’s for the iPad http://www.educatorstech version-of-blooms- taxonomy-for-ipad.html http://www.educatorstech version-of-blooms- taxonomy-for-ipad.html

70 Other Grade Span Apps! echristo/ echristo/

71 Other online Sites….. pp.php?ID=29 pp.php?ID=29 Common Core!

72 DreamBox Learning

73 Other Stuff….. http://www.educatorstech free-resources-on-use-of- ipad-in.html http://www.educatorstech free-resources-on-use-of- ipad-in.html 8 Free Resources for Teachers

74 Vocabulary Videos http://www.technologytailgate. com/2012/07/vocabulary- videos.html?m=1 http://www.technologytailgate. com/2012/07/vocabulary- videos.html?m=1Video Planning sheets SEVTSjcxT0tVUEk/edit SEVTSjcxT0tVUEk/edit

75 50 resources for iPad use in the classroom g/igeneration/50- resources-for-ipad-use-in- the-classroom/16126 g/igeneration/50- resources-for-ipad-use-in- the-classroom/16126

76 A list of all the best Apps! http://www.educatorstech of-all-best-ipad-apps- teachers.html http://www.educatorstech of-all-best-ipad-apps- teachers.html

77 30 Of The Best Elementary Education Games For iPad http://www.teachthought.c om/apps-2/30-of-the-best- education-games-for-ipad/ http://www.teachthought.c om/apps-2/30-of-the-best- education-games-for-ipad/

78 107 Favorite iPad Apps for K-8 http://askatechteacher.wor 7-favorite-ipad-apps-for-k- 8/?gname=interactive- whiteboards-in-the- classroom http://askatechteacher.wor 7-favorite-ipad-apps-for-k- 8/?gname=interactive- whiteboards-in-the- classroom

79 iPad Educational Apps ter%20iPad%20List%20Wi nter%202012%20Naomi% 20Harm.pdf ter%20iPad%20List%20Wi nter%202012%20Naomi% 20Harm.pdf

80 Must-have iPad Apps For Teachers http://www.olecommunity. com/must-have-ipad-apps- for-teachers/ http://www.olecommunity. com/must-have-ipad-apps- for-teachers/

81 10 Easy Back-To- School Uses for your iPad http://www.olecommunity. com/10-easy-back-to- school-uses-for-your-ipad/ http://www.olecommunity. com/10-easy-back-to- school-uses-for-your-ipad/

82 39 Sites For Using iPads in the Classroom http://mediaspecialistsgui -sites-on-using-ipads-in- classroom.html?m=1 http://mediaspecialistsgui -sites-on-using-ipads-in- classroom.html?m=1

83 10 Awesome iPad Accessories for Teachers http://www.educatorstech awesome-ipad- accessories-for- teachers.html?m=1 http://www.educatorstech awesome-ipad- accessories-for- teachers.html?m=1

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