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Council Bluffs Industrial Park Levee Accreditation Value Engineering Workshop Kyle Tonjes, P.E. Jared Olson, P.E.

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1 Council Bluffs Industrial Park Levee Accreditation Value Engineering Workshop Kyle Tonjes, P.E. Jared Olson, P.E.

2 Industrial Park Levee (IPL) Background Information and 2011 Flood Fight

3 Industrial Park Levee (IPL) A A B B C C D D

4 Inland Flooding Between IPL and Federal Levee

5 IPL at Ameristar

6 IPL at Warren and Cargill

7 Levee Segment A Re-align levee for flood fight access Armor riverward levee slope Remove concrete barriers Increase levee height (station ) Improve interior drainage and replace drainage pipes through levee Original Study Recommendations: New Levee Alignment

8 Levee Segment B Remove concrete retaining wall and metal bin wall Extend levee top landward Raise earth embankment Improve interior drainage and replace drainage pipe through levee Original Study Recommendations:

9 Levee Segment C Embankment protection – Sheet pile wall – Regrade levee slope to 3:1 – Riprap to normal high river level – Gravel above normal high river level Original Study Recommendations:

10 Levee Segment D New levee alignment Fill boat slip or construct floodwall on west side of boat slip Original Study Recommendations: New levee alignment

11 Value Engineering of Original Study

12 Proposed VE Work Plan PRE-WORKSHOP Preparation Phase Orientation Memo Team Member Homework Research Cost Estimating VE WORKSHOP Information Phase Function Analysis Phase Creative Phase Evaluation Phase Development Phase Presentation Phase TASK 1 TASK 2 Deliverables: Detailed VE Workshop Agenda Homework Assignments Deliverables: Preliminary VE Report Oral debriefing to owner and designer POST-WORKSHOP Owner/Designer Review of VE Comments Implementation Meeting Preparation of Final Report TASK 3 Deliverables: Help owner/designer decide on VE Proposals’ disposition Final VE Report

13 VE Team

14 Workshop: Information Phase Activities – Presentation of original study background and findings by the City – Q & A discussion between workshop participants, City, and levee sponsors – Site tour with levee sponsors Outcomes – Design Criteria: FEMA 44 CFR accreditation adequate vs. USACE ETL and inclusion in PL program – List of goals and expectations for the levee program – List of major issues as viewed by the sponsors Task 2 VE Workshop

15 Workshop: Function Phase Activities – Break down the project into basic functional Outcomes – Five basic functions were identified for the levee project  Stabilize Embankment  Protect Embankment  Increase Freeboard  Prevent Backflow  Drain Stormwater Task 2 VE Workshop

16 Workshop: Creative Phase Activities – Brainstorming of ideas for each function group – Judgment of ideas is discouraged at this point, a wide range of ideas is sought – Not judging ideas immediately is difficult, but doing so keeps the creative process flowing Outcomes – Development of a long list of ideas for each function group aimed at enhancing the original study proposals  At this point the list of ideas is raw, some items may be duplicated under multiple function groups, etc. Task 2 VE Workshop

17 Workshop: Judging Phase Activities – Develop screening criteria  Increase level of protection  Potential to minimize cost  Strong technical solution  Potentially acceptable to levee Sponsors and does not impact operations  Enhances O&M – Each VE Team member evaluates each idea based on screening criteria and votes for ideas that should be further considered – Members may also reject ideas that are not believed to satisfy a majority of the screening criteria – The facilitator then leads a discussion to resolve conflicts Task 2 VE Workshop

18 Workshop: Judging Phase (Cont) Outcomes – List of ideas that will be carried forward for further development and cost estimating  Ideas can be grouped and combined  Rejected items are dropped  Some items are judged to be equivalent to the original design (report) – Some ideas are classified as future design suggestions  Ideas that would normally be incorporated into or considered during a levee design  Ideas that had minor cost implications would be better known during detailed design  Cost implications were minor but have potential to affect O&M positively or negatively. Task 2 VE Workshop

19 Workshop: Development Phase Activities – Develop the concept for each chosen idea into a complete VE Proposal  Develop full proposal description and advantages and disadvantages  Estimate quantities  Estimate cost and compare to original study  Prepare sketches or other backup information to document the proposal  Group compatible proposals Outcomes – List of fully developed VE proposals and the cost implications of each – The proposals were presented to the levee Sponsors and the City at the end of the Workshop Task 2 VE Workshop

20 Major VE Proposals

21 High Ground Option Certify Ameristar Hotel area as high ground (LOMR-F) – All areas where structural fill was placed to required height above 100-year WSE – Levee ties in at south and east sides of high ground – Eliminates concerns about utility locations – Will require verification that basement meets “flood- proofing” requirements

22 Other Proposals Reconstruct drainage pipes through levee – This is consistent with original study Eliminate sheet pile toe wall along Ameristar in Segment C – Review of topographic survey and bathymetric survey shows 3:1 slope achievable without sheet pile Seed riverward slopes in Segments A & B instead of armoring with gravel/cobble – Velocities appear low enough above normal high bank to not require slope protection beyond seeding Do not move levee west in Segment A – Building clearances from levee toe adequate for 44 CFR 65-10

23 Discussion/Questions


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