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Council Bluffs Value Engineering Workshop

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1 Council Bluffs Value Engineering Workshop
Industrial Park Levee Accreditation Value Engineering Workshop Kyle Tonjes, P.E. Jared Olson, P.E.

2 Industrial Park Levee (IPL) Background Information and 2011 Flood Fight

3 Industrial Park Levee (IPL)
204+00 224+00 236+00 244+00 A B C D 253+00

4 Inland Flooding Between IPL and Federal Levee

5 IPL at Ameristar

6 IPL at Warren and Cargill

7 Levee Segment A Re-align levee for flood fight access
Original Study Recommendations: Re-align levee for flood fight access Armor riverward levee slope Remove concrete barriers Increase levee height (station ) Improve interior drainage and replace drainage pipes through levee New Levee Alignment

8 Levee Segment B Remove concrete retaining wall and metal bin wall
Original Study Recommendations: Remove concrete retaining wall and metal bin wall Extend levee top landward Raise earth embankment Improve interior drainage and replace drainage pipe through levee

9 Levee Segment C Embankment protection Sheet pile wall
Original Study Recommendations: Embankment protection Sheet pile wall Regrade levee slope to 3:1 Riprap to normal high river level Gravel above normal high

10 Levee Segment D New levee alignment
Original Study Recommendations: New levee alignment Fill boat slip or construct floodwall on west side of boat slip Blue line not animate. Check location of blue line. First build photos, fade out blue line

11 Value Engineering of Original Study

12 Proposed VE Work Plan TASK 1 TASK 2 TASK 3 PRE-WORKSHOP Deliverables:
Preparation Phase Orientation Memo Team Member Homework Research Cost Estimating Deliverables: Detailed VE Workshop Agenda Homework Assignments TASK 1 VE WORKSHOP Information Phase Function Analysis Phase Creative Phase Evaluation Phase Development Phase Presentation Phase Deliverables: Preliminary VE Report Oral debriefing to owner and designer TASK 2 Deliverables: Help owner/designer decide on VE Proposals’ disposition Final VE Report POST-WORKSHOP Owner/Designer Review of VE Comments Implementation Meeting Preparation of Final Report TASK 3

13 VE Team

14 Workshop: Information Phase
Activities Presentation of original study background and findings by the City Q & A discussion between workshop participants, City, and levee sponsors Site tour with levee sponsors Outcomes Design Criteria: FEMA 44 CFR accreditation adequate vs. USACE ETL and inclusion in PL program List of goals and expectations for the levee program List of major issues as viewed by the sponsors Task 2 VE Workshop

15 Workshop: Function Phase
Activities Break down the project into basic functional Outcomes Five basic functions were identified for the levee project Stabilize Embankment Protect Embankment Increase Freeboard Prevent Backflow Drain Stormwater Task 2 VE Workshop

16 Workshop: Creative Phase
Activities Brainstorming of ideas for each function group Judgment of ideas is discouraged at this point, a wide range of ideas is sought Not judging ideas immediately is difficult, but doing so keeps the creative process flowing Outcomes Development of a long list of ideas for each function group aimed at enhancing the original study proposals At this point the list of ideas is raw, some items may be duplicated under multiple function groups, etc. Task 2 VE Workshop

17 Workshop: Judging Phase
Activities Develop screening criteria Increase level of protection Potential to minimize cost Strong technical solution Potentially acceptable to levee Sponsors and does not impact operations Enhances O&M Each VE Team member evaluates each idea based on screening criteria and votes for ideas that should be further considered Members may also reject ideas that are not believed to satisfy a majority of the screening criteria The facilitator then leads a discussion to resolve conflicts Task 2 VE Workshop

18 Workshop: Judging Phase (Cont)
Outcomes List of ideas that will be carried forward for further development and cost estimating Ideas can be grouped and combined Rejected items are dropped Some items are judged to be equivalent to the original design (report) Some ideas are classified as future design suggestions Ideas that would normally be incorporated into or considered during a levee design Ideas that had minor cost implications would be better known during detailed design Cost implications were minor but have potential to affect O&M positively or negatively. Task 2 VE Workshop

19 Workshop: Development Phase
Activities Develop the concept for each chosen idea into a complete VE Proposal Develop full proposal description and advantages and disadvantages Estimate quantities Estimate cost and compare to original study Prepare sketches or other backup information to document the proposal Group compatible proposals Outcomes List of fully developed VE proposals and the cost implications of each The proposals were presented to the levee Sponsors and the City at the end of the Workshop Task 2 VE Workshop

20 Major VE Proposals

21 High Ground Option Certify Ameristar Hotel area as high ground (LOMR-F) All areas where structural fill was placed to required height above 100-year WSE Levee ties in at south and east sides of high ground Eliminates concerns about utility locations Will require verification that basement meets “flood-proofing” requirements

22 Other Proposals Reconstruct drainage pipes through levee
This is consistent with original study Eliminate sheet pile toe wall along Ameristar in Segment C Review of topographic survey and bathymetric survey shows 3:1 slope achievable without sheet pile Seed riverward slopes in Segments A & B instead of armoring with gravel/cobble Velocities appear low enough above normal high bank to not require slope protection beyond seeding Do not move levee west in Segment A Building clearances from levee toe adequate for 44 CFR 65-10

23 Discussion/Questions


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