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DIET Is a Four Letter Word! Instructions For A Less Stressful and Healthy Lifestyle At Home And The Office Presenter: Casey Wallen.

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1 DIET Is a Four Letter Word! Instructions For A Less Stressful and Healthy Lifestyle At Home And The Office Presenter: Casey Wallen

2  The Three Phases of a Healthy Lifestyle:  Healthy Eating  Cardio Exercise  Weight Resistance Training  Tips To Stay Healthy and Reduce Stress At The Office Topics For a Healthy Lifestyle At Home And At The Office

3  First, check with your doctor!!!!!  Before beginning any diet, cardiovascular, weight resistance training, or any exercise plan consult your physician. There are many physical types and diseases like high-blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, joint problems, and others that need to be discussed with your doctor before this or any meal and/or exercise plan is begun. DISCLOSURE

4  Diets are temporary. Their results are temporary. If you want to lose weight and keep it off you must change your lifestyle. You can do this by adding exercise to your lifestyle, and changing your eating and diet habits. You must change your lifestyle to a “Healthy Eating Lifestyle”!  If you want to change any health condition (obesity, high blood-pressure, diabetes, heart illness, back problems, etc.) you need to make a lifestyle change. DIET IS A FOUR A LETTER WORD!

5  Obesity  Heart Disease (HBP, Cholesterol, Heart Rate, etc.)  Asthma  Diabetes  Headaches  Emotional - Depression/Anxiety  Gastrointestinal Problems  Alzheimer's Disease  Accelerated Aging 9 Health Problems Related to Stress

6  Massage  Meditation  Get enough sleep  Less alcohol/No smoking  Exercise/Diet  Get Moving!!  Eat the foods that keep you going instead of those that make you lethargic. Stress Reliefs

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13 My Recent Story

14  Eat more to lose weight!  You should be eating five to six small meals a day. Five to six small meals day will have more benefits to your weight loss than eating three big meals a day.  Portion Size!! Approximately six ounce portions. Rule of thumb is each portion should fit in the palm of your hand or be as big as your fist.  Will keep your body’s metabolism and energy levels even throughout the day, which will burn more calories during the day and even while you sleep.  Will prevent you from getting that “full” feeling and hunger feeling as during the day after a big meal wear off.  Never eat after 8 or 9 pm. Healthy Eating (You will never hear me say the word “Diet”)

15  The six meals you will be having are:  breakfast  mid-morning meal/snack  lunch  mid-afternoon meal/snack  dinner  evening meal/snack (Not after 9pm, if possible)  If you choose to do five small meals a day instead of six, I would remove the mid-morning or mid-afternoon meal/snack. It is hard to eliminate the evening meal/snack since it is a longer time between your dinner and breakfast meals. Healthy Eating Cont.

16  Each meal and snack should consist of:  one low-fat/lean protein food  one good carbohydrate.  A green vegetable should be included in at least the lunch and dinner meal, but can be included in more during the day. Healthy Eating Cont.

17  Drink your WATER!!  You should be getting ZERO calories and ZERO sugar from your main beverage! You should never drink your calories!!! Beverage calories and sugar do not get absorbed by the body easily and get turned into fat. They are empty calories.  If you have to have that morning cup of coffee, make sure you add fat-free cream and/or a sugar substitute. (10 pounds a year)  If you have to have a glass of iced tea at dinner, make sure it is unsweetened tea and then add a sugar substitute.  If you absolutely have to have a soft drink, drink a diet soda instead of regular. Healthy Eating - Beverages

18  Chrystal Lite individual mix – 15 calories  Sugar-Free Juices  Lite Orange Juice (1/2 the calories and sugar)  Skim Milk (at the maximum 1%)  Fat Free or Low-Fat Smoothies, etc Other Beverage Options

19  Believe it or not, it is good to have one free day during the week when you can eat what and how much you want. (Try not to make it too, too much though.) By having a “free day”, you are actually helping your body loose weight.  By having a “Free Day” to eat what you want and how much you want, you will actually cause your body’s metabolism to increase, thus increasing weight loss.  It is also a psychological benefit in addition to physiological. “Free Day”

20  NO FRIED FOODS!!!!!  Broiled  Baked  Boiled  Steamed  Grilled How To Cook Your Meals

21 PROTEINSCARBSVEGGIES Chicken BreastBaked and Sweet Potatoes All Green and Leafy Veggies Turkey BreastWhole Wheat BreadCarrots Most Seafood & Shell Fish (*Highest Protein/Lowest Calorie/Fat intake listed below.)Brown and Wild RiceMushrooms *TunaWheat PastaPeas *SalmonOatmealZucchini *Flounder Fruit (apples, oranges, berries, melons, peaches, pears, etc.)Cucumbers (Pickles) *ShrimpTomatoesOnions *LobsterYams *CrabSquash *TroutBeans (Protein & Carbs) *White FishFat-Free Yogurt SNACKS *OystersHigh-Fiber/Whole Grain CerealFat-Free Yogurt Lean Sirloin SteakWhole Wheat TortillasFat-Free Pudding Lean Ground BeefSkim Milk (also protein) One Handful of Low Salted Peanuts Venison One Tablespoon of Natural Peanut Butter Lean Ham Salsa Low-Fat/Fat-Free Sandwich Meats COOKING OILS Whole Wheat Tortilla Chips Turkey BaconOlive OilHandful of Pretzels Egg WhitesCanola OilSherbet Egg SubstitutesSunflower Oil No Sugar Added Fudgesicles Low-Fat Cottage CheeseFlax Seed Oil A Little Dark Chocolate Handful of Nuts (Almonds, Light Salt Peanuts, Pistachios, Walnuts)Peanut Oil (Moderation) Non/Low Fat Desserts/Snacks Beans (Protein & Carbs) Natural or Sugar Free Peanut Butter Your Healthy Eating Food Chart

22 "NO!" FoodsSubstitute Sugar Sugar Substitutes (ex. Splenda®, Sweet n Low, etc.) High Fructose Corn SyrupNone - read your labels Fast FoodSalads, Grilled Chicken, Lean Roast Beef, etc. French FriesApple Slices/Fruit Cup MayonnaiseMustard, A-1, Heinz 57, No-Fat Mayo, others Mayo Based Salad Dressings Italian, French, Vinaigrette Salad Dressings; also Fat-Free Dressings Whole MilkSkim Milk; 1% If Necessary CheeseFat Free/Low Fat Cheese Butter"I Can't Believe It Is Not Butter"® Spray Sour CreamOther Low Calorie Sauces or Seasonings White BreadWhole Wheat Bread Soft Drinks, Sweet Tea, Coffee w/Sugar and/or Cream, Juices w/Sugar WATER; Diet Soft Drinks, Unsweet Tea w/Sugar Substitute, Coffee w/Sugar Substitute and Non-Fat Cream, Sugar Free or Lite Juices (All of these drinks no more than one per day.) Salt/SodiumTry to reduce as much as possible. Chocolate/CandyDark Chocolate/Sugar Free Candy White RiceBrown or Dirty Rice PastaWheat Pasta Just Say “NO!” Know Your Substitutes!

23  Here is one plan:  1) Take your body weight and multiply that number by 15. That gives you your maximum total calorie intake per day to maintain your current body weight.  2) Reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 calories a day = 1 pound lost per week. Reduce by 750 calories a day = 1.5 pounds lost per week  This formula is calorie intake only and does not include the calories you will burn a day doing your cardio and resistance training exercises. These calories burned a day will increase the amount of weight lost per week.  Remember a body needs a minimum of 1000 to 1500 calories a day (depending on body build and muscle mass). Do not reduce your calorie intake to less than the minimum your body needs. Also, once you begin to lose weight, you will get to points in your calorie counting plan that you will have to adjust your plan accordingly by re-calculating your body weight formula (#1 above). Calorie Counting

24  A Healthy Eating Lifestyle is just one of the three steps to a total healthy lifestyle. The other two are weight training and cardiovascular exercise (aerobics, biking, walking, etc.). All three steps encompass your Total Healthy Lifestyle.  NO EXCUSES!!!!  excuses/ Exercise/Workouts (Weight Resistance Training and Cardio)

25  You will need to do some type of cardio exercises (walking, running, aerobics, etc.) three to five times a week at a minimum of 20 – 25 minutes a day.  Alternate between different cardio exercises if you are able.  Encompass what is fun to you in your workouts (walking, tennis, swimming, bike riding, etc.)  Chores count – Gardening, cleaning the house, working outside will give you some moderate exercise. Exercise/Workouts (Weight Resistance Training and Cardio)

26  Weight resistance training should be done at least two to three times a week. This could be nautilus, small free weights, resistance bands, body weight exercises, EXERCISE BALL.  When doing cardio and weight resistance training, never do the same workout two days in a row. Exercise/Workouts (Weight Resistance Training and Cardio)

27  Cardio - this can be as simple as increasing your walk by one minute from your last walk, or increase the incline or speed by 1%.  Weight training can be as simple as changing the exercises you do each workout, increasing the weight by 2 pounds, or even adding one additional repetition to each exercise.  If you keep doing the same exercises, for the same amount of time at the same speed, time or resistance, your body will begin to get used to it and burn calories at a slower rate. By changing things up with each workout, your body will burn calories at a higher rate. Exercise/Workouts (Weight Resistance Training and Cardio)

28  Women you too need to do resistance or weight training. Don’t worry; you will not end up looking like a body builder. Even if it is using light hand weights of two to five pounds, weight resistance training needs to be done. It is a vital part of keeping healthy and burning even more calories and loosing even more weight.  It will also increase bone density as you get older. Exercise/Workouts (Weight Resistance Training and Cardio)

29  Question:  Do you more calories throughout the day by doing cardio or weight resistance training?  Answer: Weight resistance training will make your body burn more calories throughout the day and while you sleep. Weight training increases your metabolism rate, which allows your body to burn calories at a higher rate through the day and night than if you were not doing any resistance training. Exercise/Workouts (Weight Resistance Training and Cardio)

30  Take some healthy snacks with you to work to keep in your office, desk, and/or break room.  Some healthy quick snacks you can take to work, school, or at home:  Apple or banana slices w/low fat peanut butter  Carrot & celery sticks w/Fat Free Dressing  Cottage cheese w/fresh fruit  Dry cereal w/dried fruit  Protein or meal replacement bars  Granola w/skim milk & a banana  Fat Free pudding & a Graham Cracker  Fat Free, Low Calorie Yogurt  Low fat peanut butter w/crackers  Fruit smoothies w/skim milk or sugar free fruit juice Tips To Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle At The Office

31  Trail mix w/nuts and dried fruit  Whole grain bagel w/low fat peanut butter & a low calorie yogurt  Whole grain crackers and fat free cheese  Whole grain, low fat muffin  100 calorie packs  DRINK YOUR WATER THROUGHOUT THE DAY!!!  Keep sugar free gum with you to fight off cravings. Tips To Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle At The Office

32  NEVER EAT LUNCH IN THE OFFICE OR BREAK ROOM  They will find you.  At least walk to another part of the building or campus; me time  Going out for lunch (or anytime when eating out):  Fully read the menu and look for the healthy or healthier options.  Don’t be afraid to ask for something prepared they way you want it.  Order all sauces and dressings on the side, so you can be in charge of how much you use.  Stay off the fried sections of the menu and go to the salad, broiled, grilled, etc. sections.  Check out menus online and research their healthy options. Now what you want before you get there. Tips To Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle At The Office

33  Eating Out Continued:  If getting fast food, know your healthy restaurant choices or healthy options.  Ex. Subway, Chick-Fil-A, Arby’s (sandwich only w/NO sauces), etc.  Stay away from sides unless they have healthy choices like salad or fruit options.  Stay with wheat bread.  If you have to eat a wrap, hold the dressings, stay light on the cheese.  Even if you go somewhere like Mexican, you can find healthy choices.  Do not fall to the temptation of what others are eating that are with you. Focus on what YOU need to eat.  Split a meal with someone. Tips To Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle At The Office

34  Workout at work (basic exercises you can do):  Use Exercise ball as your chair  Walk during lunch - get a group that will walk with you during your lunch hour.  Take a quick speed walk during a break.  Take the stairs and not the elevator.  Use the restroom on another floor.  Park far away from your office and walk.  Stand up stretch and move around at least once a hour.  Keep small hand weights or ankle weights at your desk, if possible. Tips To Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle At The Office

35  This is not only about a physical change, it is a mental change. You have to change your mind, your attitude, your bad habits before you can change your body. You change your mindset to a new healthy one, your body will follow.  Helpful websites:   exercise-into-a-busy-schedule exercise-into-a-busy-schedule  calories/ calories/ Tips To Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle At The Office

36  Questions?  Casey Wallen   Welcome To Your New Healthy Lifestyle!

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