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Exam I COMING SOON! To a classroom near you! October 12.

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1 Exam I COMING SOON! To a classroom near you! October 12

2 Branding Manufacturers brands  Makes it possible for producer to be identified. Symbol of product quality.  Quaker Oats, Green Giant, NIKE, Sony, Whirlpool, FUBU, Coke, Calvin Klein  Producer takes active role in marketing the brand.

3 Private brands  Retailer creates its own brand name. Manufacturer is not identified. Sears Craftsman tools, Roadhandler ties, Die Hard battery; JC Penny Arizona jeans  Private brands allow retailers to gain more control over pricing and promotion, to differentiate themselves from competitors and thus create a more distinct store image, to appeal to certain target markets better, and to gain higher gross margins.

4 Battle of brands  Retailers and manufacturers do not always see eye-to- eye. Private brands allow retailer to gain greater control, have some leverage with manufacturers.

5 Individual Branding  Each item in p-line has different name.  Pro's: creates separate identities. Good for multi-segment strategies (P&G detergents). If one product fails a negative image is not spilled over to the other product items.  Con: does not capitalize on previous successes of related items. Branding Strategies

6 Family branding  All products in the line/mix carry similar names. Liz Claiborne clothing, Liz Claiborne perfume and cosmetics Budweiser, Bud Lite, Bud Dry, Bud Ice Kroger milk, Kroger orange juice, Kroger beans  Pro: Easy for consumer to identify quality. Can build on previous successes.  Con: A product failure can harm sales of related items

7 Licensing & Co-Branding Licensing: buying the right to use another’s name, logo, and/or symbols. Sealy Furniture (well know for mattresses) Calvin Klein (high-end image in clothing) Peanuts gang (on various items) Co-Branding: two companies work together to develop a product that is consistent with both of their images. More of a partnership Ford and Eddie Bauer Lane Furniture and Eddie Bauer

8 Trademarks and Service Marks Must be distinctive: arbitrary, or fanciful  CLOROX, KODAK, V-8, IVORY soap Or, can be suggestive  Greyhound Bus Line Descriptive marks, misspellings not protected.  Shredded Wheat, NU (for new), LITE Protect mark so that it does not become generic  aspirin, thermos, cellophane

9 Warranties Express or Implied  Express: coverage is specifically stated  Implied: what would a "reasonable man" expect Makes it easy to buy, reduce financial risk  Sears Craftsman tools have lifetime guarantee

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