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Spring into Technology with APPS in Education Beth Rajan Sockman Ph.D. Stacy Keller.

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1 Spring into Technology with APPS in Education Beth Rajan Sockman Ph.D. Stacy Keller

2 Goals What is this? Basics – components APPS Essentials Skills & Resources – Content areas Creation

3 Mobile Devices Smart Phones Tablets or Pads Leading Operating Systems: Android = Google iOS = Apple Connectivity – Wireless WiFi Satellite 3G or 4G

4 Basic Components - iPad On/Off Change Settings Home Volume

5 APPS = Applications Apple(iOS) iTunes - APPS Android (Google) Google Market – Play Amazon INSTALL

6 Let’s Play – FREE Apps

7 Apps in the Classroom Assisitve Tech Basic - Speech to Text Dragon Android – Voice to Text THOUGHT: Can get at most schools through IEP

8 Let’s Play! Apps in the Classroom Skills/Games Targets a particular skill Could use as reward DO NOT need a classroom set Determine how you will assess completion Checklist of names Reflection page

9 Apps in the Classroom Resources Have available like text book ALWAYS useful

10 Apps in the Classroom Creation Higher Level Thinking Think through how you will share and monitor. THOUGHT: Have a teacher account, where you can take uploads.

11 QR CODES – You will need for the rest presentation

12 Basic Components iPod -ESASD e&id=36599

13 Finding Good Apps Ten Top Sites for Educational Apps – bid=67&EntryId=3617 bid=67&EntryId=3617

14 Video on the iPad Apps in Education – Video 1/making-student-videos-on-ipad.html 1/making-student-videos-on-ipad.html

15 Appolicious Best iPhone & iPad List – Android Tab! apps?user_id=alline apps?user_id=alline

16 iPads- LOOSE – NOT in a folder Dragon Evernote MyHomework Best Bardcode Scanner - Scan QR Khan Academy

17 iPad Apps - Creation Toonastic Animation Creator HD Lite Animoto Screen Chomp Educreations Paint with Time ArtPuzzle HD Lite

18 iPads - Austism Crazy Face Furry Friend See.Touch.Learn Life Skills Sampler HD

19 iPad Apps – Early Literacy Fun Rhyming Rhyming Bee Phonics Vowels ABC Alphabet Phonics ABC Phonics Animals Writing HD Free Lite Build A Word Express Cimo Can Spell Futaba Balloon Baby School Interactive flash cars Who's Smary Pants Me Genius Cimo Can Spell

20 iPad-Language Arts Spell it Lite 2-6 Spell it Lite 6-9 Vocabulary Central (Grade 9) Vocabulary Central (Grade 6) Same Meaning Magic Same Meaning Magic II Opposite Ocean Opposite Ocean II ICDL Books for Children International Children's Digital Library

21 iPad Apps – Early Math Motion Math: Hungry Fish Math Ninja Free Teaching Number Lines MathTappers: Numberline 30 Days Math Success Tell Time Little Matchups Game

22 iPad - Math Apps iFactor Quadratics Tanagrams HD Lite Factor Race Math Wise SAT Math Trainer Multiples

23 iPad – Science Apps Disaster Alert Magnetometer HudsonAlpha iCell NASA App Molecules iElements

24 Ideal Classroom Time Creating the floor plan – Technology available – Details – show wikiwiki Excel – Questions and concerns? – Work with creating and embedding charts Next class – work class

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