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Department Chairs Meeting OneMontclair Program Update, October 2014.

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1 Department Chairs Meeting OneMontclair Program Update, October 2014

2 Budgeting and Planning Finance Human Resources Student and Campus Services Institutional Reporting (Enterprise Reporting/ Analytics) University Advancement (CRM) SCOPE & OBJECTIVES Enterprise Technology Platforms Identity Management Data Warehouse, Portal 1: Review and optimize business processes for each of the key University divisions. 2: Determine where improvements in technology can provide tangible business benefits and value. 3: Implement technology providing process efficiencies, integrated operations and robust reporting and analytics capabilities. This will first begin with replacement of existing outdated systems as a core.

3 Work to Date Team Definitions Developed and High Level Scoping and Timeline DefinedSeptember 2012 Project Methodology DefinedSeptember 2012 Budget and & Planning System Request For ProposalOctober 2012 Request for Proposal for Consulting Vendors to build Project Management OfficeNovember 2012 Establishment and Hiring of Project Management Office Team Members (Project Managers for Finance, HR and Student, Process Engineer for Student, PMO Coordinator, Enterprise Architect, Quality Manager, Business Analyst) November 2012 – March 2013 Budget and Planning System Contract FinalizationJanuary 2013 Software as a Service and Security Assessment Checklist DevelopedFebruary 2013 Student, HR and Finance Market StudyMarch 2013 Budget and Planning Software as a Service (SaaS) System Go LiveApril 2013 Finance and Student, Software Vendor Selection CompletedMay 2013 Completion of Business Process Re-engineering Analysis for FinanceMay 2013 Completion of Business Process Re-engineering Analysis for Human ResourcesJuly 2013 Development of Standard Legal Templates including key provisions, terms and conditions and fallback positions for Master Software Licensing, Implementation Services, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Support Agreements July 2013 Chart of Accounts Redefined and RevisedJuly 2013 Preliminary Systems DesignsJuly 2013 Quality Management Methodology Entry and Exit Criteria DefinedAugust 2013 RFQs and BAFOs Returned for Finance Implementer, Student System and Student System Implementer September 2013 Implementer Vendor Selections for FinanceSeptember 2013 TCO Estimation and Proposals for Board of TrusteesSeptember 2013 HR Systems Selection FinalizationOctober 2013 Finance Implementation Board ApprovalOctober 2013

4 Work to Date (cont’d) Data Governance Committee FormedNovember 2013 Grants Process Review CompleteDecember 2013 Finance Master Services Agreement CompleteDecember 2013 Integration PM HiredJanuary 2014 HCM Product ‘Workday’ SelectedJanuary 2014 Project Team Training Plan Completed and Begun (PM Lite, Testing, Requirements, Etc.)February 2014 Workspace Plans DevelopedFebruary 2014 Finance System Hardware Environment in PlaceFebruary 2014 Data Conversion Group EstablishedMarch 2014 Finance Implementer on SiteMarch 2014 Student Contracts CompletedMarch 2014 Chart of Accounts Mapping Completed (Old to New) Finance System Up and Running April 2014 Student System (Ellucian) Board ApprovalApril 2014 Student Hardware Planning CompleteMay 2014 Identity Management Planning BegunJune 2014 Data Warehousing Requirements Gathering BegunJune 2014 Workday, Touchnet, 25-Live and Courseleaf Board ApprovalsJuly 2014 Student Project Kickoff and Systems Configuration and Data Migration Workshops BegunAugust 2014 Human Resources Contract CompletedAugust 2014 Finance Conference Room Pilots Round 1 of 2 CompletedSeptember 2015 Finance, HR and Student Information Systems All ‘Up and Running’ for configuration, integration and data migration planning and detailed design activities upcoming. September 2015


6 Program Goverance Model

7 Program Road Map

8 System Landscape STU (Banner) FI(PeopleSoft) Budgeting (Adaptive) HR (Workday)

9 Student and Campus Services System Landscape9 Student / Banner Banner Student System – Serves the Student Administrative Life-cycle TouchNet (electronic payment/ refunds) CourseLeaf – curriculum management and course catalog 25Live – classroom scheduling and event management DegreeWorks Course Catalog Recruiter Class Schedule Registration Admissions Financial Aid Academic History Student Accounts Receivable Course Signals Student Retention Performance Reporting and Analytics Luminis Portal Ellucian Mobile Workflow Document Imaging HR/Payroll Finance Recruiting and Admissions Performance

10 Project Plan – Student Project As of Month-end September, 2014 Student Project Timeline with Product Streams2

11 Student Sponsors, Project Team, Stakeholders, and Users11 Student Project Executive Sponsors Project Management Core Project Team Academic/Administrative Area Subject Matter Experts Academic/Administrative Area Process/System Users Academic/ Administrative Officers/Reps. Faculty and Student Reps. MSU Community of Users “Team” extends to the entire University...

12 Internet Native Banner replaces SIS+ green screens12 Banner Process Users

13 Banner Self Service replaces WESS and FASS13 Self-Service Banner

14 Recruiter User Experience14 Recruiter/Admissions Recruiter/Admissions Officer Interface Student Interface

15 CourseLeaf Functions15 CourseLeaf Curriculum Management Course Catalog

16 CourseLeaf Functions – Creating Courses16 CourseLeaf Curriculum Management

17 CourseLeaf Functions – Course Approval17 CourseLeaf Curriculum Management

18 CourseLeaf Functions – Enriched Catalog18 CourseLeaf Course Catalog

19 CourseLeaf Functions - Workflow19 CourseLeaf Course Catalog

20 DegreeWorks for Degree Audit and Advising20 DegreeWorks Degree audit and tracking Student planning tools Transfer equivalency

21 DegreeWorks for Degree Audit and Advising 21 DegreeWorks Degree audit and tracking

22 DegreeWorks for Degree Audit and Advising22 DegreeWorks Student planning tools

23 Portal and Mobile User Interfaces for Students, Faculty, or Administrators23 Portal and Mobile Portal functions and features: Active and dynamic content Role-based with single sign-on Integrates Banner and 3 rd party systems Pages and Portlets Broadcast to various groups Able to personalize Mobile functions and features: Smart phone and tablet agnostic User interface to Banner “From anywhere, at anytime” Dynamic campus resources Social media connections SaaS model for new features

24 Information Need Pyramid24 Reporting

25 Banner Data Sources support Business Analytics25 Reporting

26 Vision for future Business Intelligence26 Business Intelligence

27 27 Business Intelligence Vision for future Business Intelligence

28 Course Signals an early intervention system that warns students who are at risk of underperforming in a course an intuitive stoplight tells students if they are performing well, holding steady, or underperforming in a course, and prompts at-risk students to take action Faculty can also intervene more easily with suggestions on actions students can take to improve their grades Institutions can identify at-risk students as early as the second week of the semester and help them find the guidance and support they need to get back on track Recruiting and Admissions Performance a package of scorecards, dashboards, reports, and analytic capabilities that provides admissions and enrollment managers, institutional researchers, and executives with the information they need to track progress toward enrollment goals. Scorecards can be configured to reflect institution-specific plans, goals, and objectives, helping managers pinpoint areas that need attention, understand historical trends, or compare performance to goals Dashboards provide summary views of information on a single screen, helping managers and staff see exactly the information they need to do their jobs better Student Retention Performance A package of scorecards, dashboards, reports, and analytic capabilities designed to help improve student retention and success initiatives Staff will be able to examine student success indicators, understand how programs are or aren’t working, analyze trends over time, and gain the insight needed for more successful strategies Banner Student Analytics OM_Program_Methodology 28

29 Course Signals to alert Advisors for students in trouble29 Course Signals

30 Course Signals to alert Advisors for students in trouble30 Course Signals

31 Course Signals to alert Advisors for students in trouble31 Course Signals

32 Course Signals to alert Advisors for students in trouble32 Course Signals

33 Recruiting and Admissions Dashboard – via Cognos33 Recruiting and Admissions Performance

34 Student Retention Performance Dashboard – via Cognos34 Student Retention Performance

35 Questions? Q&A OM_Program_Methodology35

36 Project Plan – HR / Workday Phase 1 includes Core HCM, Payroll, Benefits, Compensation, Time-Tracking and Absence Management Functionality Phase 2 includes Recruitment, Talent Management and Succession Planning Functionality Projected Go-Live 1/1/16 Projected Go-Live 10/1/16

37 Finance / PeopleSoft

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