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Slumber party with Leo! Wake up Leo! The animals dog pile on top of Leo to wake him up to explore the library !

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3 Slumber party with Leo!

4 Wake up Leo! The animals dog pile on top of Leo to wake him up to explore the library !

5 CoCo, Fluffy, Roxi, Humpty Dumpty, Lovie Jack, Kristof, Thomas, and Big 12 having fun clowning around with Maintenance worker Doug and his cart!

6 Checking out the back issues of the Children’s magazines! Thomas, Humpty Dumpty, Kristof, CoCo, Fluffy, Lovie Jack, and Roxi are making a game plan of what to do next!

7 Caddy and Drago hiding in a basket Artic, Owl and Baby Fox checking out some Books on CD

8 Caddie, Pinky, Baby Fox, John Deere, Artic, Minnie Mouse Stapp, Owl, Drago, Optimus Prime, taking a break from exploring the library!

9 Tammy Bear, Moon Lite, Manny, Minnie Mouse, and Jingle hiding in the plants!

10 Hanging out on the shelves in Technical Services office before book cart racing!

11 This group looks like they want to go for a ride in one of the library vans! But who has a driver’s license?

12 Minnie Mouse Stapp, Optimus Prime, Drago, and Pinky found the chocolate in the Reference Office!

13 Fluffy, Lovie Jack, and Coco hanging out in the tree.

14 Manny, Moon Lite, Minnie Mouse, Fiyrfly, Milk, and Jingle helping clean the DVD’s.

15 Caddy and Pinky challenged Optimus Prime, Minnie Mouse Stapp, and Drago to chair races! After the races they decided to go for a “spin” in the chairs!

16 Moon Lite, Caddy, Owl, Drago, Coco, and Little Fox “break” into the soda machine to get a drink! Silly animals!

17 A close up of the soda bandits…Baby Fox, Moon Lite, Caddy, Owl, Drago, and Coco!

18 Milk, Tammy Bear, and Manny looking for soda!

19 Everyone knows Polar Bears prefer Coke products!

20 Optimus Prime, Caddy, Pinky, John Deere, Drago, and Minnie Mouse Stapp getting into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit in the Large Meeting Room. Baby Fox, Artic, and Owl checking out what’s cooking in the roaster!

21 Baby Blue trying to get into one of the cabinets in the Audio Visual Office.

22 Minnie Mouse, Milk, Baby Blue, Manny, Jingle, and Tammy Bear hanging out in the Friends of the Library sorting area!

23 Roxi, Thomas, Humpty, Kristof, and Lovie Jack look for DVDs to watch!

24 Drago blending in with the green display books!

25 Humpty Dumpty sat on a puppet stage…

26 Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!

27 Drago, Caddy, Manny, Coco, Roxi, Humpty Dumpty, and Minnie Mouse take over the Library Director’s Office! It’s a meeting of the minds!

28 John Deere, Big 12, and Kristof looking in the fridge for snacks! Optimus Prime and Pinky playing with Ms. Natascha’s faux lava lamp! Caddy, Coco, Moon Lite, Artic, and Humpty Dumpty hanging out on the shelves in Ms. Natascha and Ms. Kathy’s office.

29 Blue Baby, Jingle, Minnie Mouse, Moon Lite, Manny, Tammy Bear, Milk, and Fiyrfly walking through the Mechanical Room. It’s a good thing Fiyrfly was with them to help them find the light switch in the dark!

30 Playing in the school house with a Wild Thing!

31 Big 12, Drago, Pinky, Cady and Optimus Prime where able to get the staff door open to check out the lower level of the library!

32 Why take the stairs when you can slide down the banister? Minnie Mouse Stapp and Pinky want the kids to know, not to try this at home!

33 Thomas, Milk, Humpty, Lovie Jack, Pinky, Optimus Prime, and Tammy Bear take the elevator back upstairs!

34 Owl, John Deer, Baby Fox, and Artic checking out the past newspapers. Optimus Prime peeking out from the shelves!

35 Leo giving Pinky a piggy back ride!

36 Coco found a new friend!

37 Maintenance worker Will is wondering how Big 12, John Deer, Manny, and Fluffy got outside! Returning the group back to the library through the book drop, including Mr. Drago!

38 In goes Drago, then Manny! Now it’s Fluffy’s turn!

39 In goes Big 12 and John Deere. Oh no, will Pinky fit? All the animals who got outside are now safely in the book drop!

40 Checking out the storage room! Drago found the bin filled with games! While Minnie Mouse Stapp and Caddy played in the bead bin! Pinky is digging in the felt bin! Minnie Mouse Stapp, Baby Fox, Owl, Artic, Caddy, and Pinky found the fabric bin. I wonder what they are going to do with the fabric! Baby Fox, Artic, Owl found the Easter eggs.

41 Optimus Prime and John Deere dueling it out with swords they found in the storage room!

42 What’s more fun than reading books? Reading books in a fort!

43 Hurry animals! The library will be opening soon, get back to the Children’s Theatre!

44 Leo corralling the animals back to the puppet theatre!

45 Fiyrfly, Lovie Jack, Kristof, and Pinky have their balloons to help them return to the group of animals!

46 All tucked in with Leo

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