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Design AXI Master.

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1 Design AXI Master

2 Agenda Understanding Zynq AXI Master IP axi_user_npi
© Copyright 2012 Xilinx

3 What is AXI? AXI is Part of AMBA: Advanced Microcontroller
Variations of AXI © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

4 Variations of AXI AXI4 AXI4-Lite: AXI4-Stream: Memory mapped
Register mapped AXI4-Stream: Streaming © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

5 Too COMPLEX…. Why Xilinx Choose AXI? 1 2 3 4 6 5 7 8 BRAM Microblaze
MPMC LMB 2 External Memory Xilinx Cache Link Too COMPLEX…. 3 VFBC Video 4 TEMAC Local Link 6 Hardware Accelerator 5 FSL NPI Custom IP PLBv46 7 GPIO Timer SRAM UART PLB to IPIF Bridge 8 Custom IP IPIF Page 5 © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

6 Too Simple …. Why Xilinx Choose AXI? 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 BRAM Microblaze
MPMC LMB 2 External Memory AXI Too Simple …. 2 AXI Video 2 TEMAC AXI 2 Hardware Accelerator 2 AXI AXI Custom IP AXI 2 GPIO Timer SRAM UART AXI to IPIF Bridge 3 Custom IP IPIF Page 6 © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

7 AXI Protocol, Channel Channel Read address Write address Read data
Write data Write response © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

8 Best for memory access AXI Protocol, AXI4 Single address multiple data
Burst up to 256 data beats Data width parameterizable 32, 64, 128, 256 AXI4 READ AXI4 Write Best for memory access © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

9 Best for register access
AXI Protocol, AXI4_LITE Single address Single data No Burst Data width 32 AXI4-Lite Read Best for register access AXI4-Lite Write © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

10 AXI Protocol, AXI4_STREAM
No address channel Not read and write, always just master to slave Unlimited burst length Best for video, audio © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

11 ZYNQ High Performance Port General Performance Port AXI Master
AXI Slave Master Slave Master © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

12 How to Design AXI Master
CIP Select AXI type Select Master © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

13 How to Design AXI Master, example
MPD Default parameter PAO Order for synthesis TEST_IP.VHD Top level USER_LOGIC.VHD User logic

14 How to Design AXI Master
User_logic.vhd Control Burst Transaction

15 Why Design AXI Master To access DDRx Memory Why don’t you use BRAM?
Because BRAM is EASY But BRAM is TOO SMALL DDRx is LARGE But DDRx is not EASY Zynq Bram 220KB ~ 2180KB DDRx max 1GB

16 FIFO Instead of IPIC Remove complexity… Remove Complexity
DDRx IPIC & State Machine FIFO User Logic © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

17 Master IP with FIFO, axi_user_npi
IP catalog Bus Port © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

18 Master IP with FIFO, axi_user_npi
component system is port ( ... wr_fifo_wr_en : in std_logic; wr_fifo_clk : in std_logic; npi_wr_ready : out std_logic; rd_fifo_rd_en : in std_logic; npi_rd_ready : out std_logic; wr_fifo_data : in std_logic_vector(31 downto 0); rd_fifo_clk : in std_logic; rd_fifo_full : out std_logic; rd_fifo_data : out std_logic_vector(31 downto 0); rd_fifo_empty : out std_logic; wr_fifo_full : out std_logic; wr_fifo_empty : out std_logic ); end component; User logic interface Simple It is FIFO © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

19 Master IP with FIFO, axi_user_npi
void npi_stop() { } void npi_start() void axi_npi_rd(int reg, int src, int cnt_burst, int cnt_repeat) void axi_npi_wr(int reg, int src, int cnt_burst, int cnt_repeat) void axi_npi_reset0() int npi_status(int reg) How to Run? Device Driver Read Start add Read Burst Cnt Repeat Cnt Write © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

20 Simulation Result Burst Write Burst Read © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

21 Q&A © Copyright 2012 Xilinx

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