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National EDT Meeting Tues 29 th July 2014 Chris McMail.

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1 National EDT Meeting Tues 29 th July 2014 Chris McMail

2 Agenda Welcome and Introductions EDT Overview Deployment Status Document Volumes Sharing Agreements Current Hub Version Source Connectors – Types and Configuration Voice Technologies – James McPherson Roadmap Change Requests Document Rejections EDT Lite EDT Capture EDT Mailroom – David Marsden Bi-directional Hub Folder Monitor Hub Monitoring End Point Maintenance AOB

3 EDT Overview

4 Hub Process Inbound API is presented as a Web Service. All documents are added to the Hub using the API through either direct or indirect methods. Direct to the Web Service (system to system interface) Hub Document Capture Interface ITK Adaptor - for systems who can produce an ITK 2 compliant Clinical correspondence The API requires conformance to a set of minimum metadata, which includes the document itself.

5 Recommended Specs DocMan Hub Server Windows 2008 R2 or Higher Dual core/Quad core processor 8-16GB of RAM Three 100-500GB Hard drives (One for the websites and operating system, one for the database and one for the backups and archives) Back up facility (DLT/SAN etc) DocMan TIFF Single Xeon Processor 4GB RAM 50GB hard drive Backup facility (DLT/SAN etc.) Windows 2008 R2 Microsoft Word 2007+ Foxit PDF Reader IE7 or Above

6 Hub Process Hub Web Service API A public “Inbound” Web Service Based API to support incoming Docman Hub Documents posted within a XML message structure known as the Docman Hub Message specification (EDT WSAPI). All incoming documents are passed into EDT via this API. The API is presented as a synchronous web service over HTTPS (HTTP in non-live environments). The API uses the Microsoft.Net platform There is no direct access to the Docman Hub infrastructure other than through this API. Sending applications may use the API to check on the current status of posted documents in order to find out if they have been collected or rejected by the receiving practice. Security It is mandatory that customers use SSL to encrypt all inbound and out bound connections to the Hub. This is achieved through applying an SSL certificate. The customer is responsible for network security and the provision of an appropriate SSL certificate. Role based access to EDT Console provides controlled access to the features and functions within the EDT Console. The access Log provides an audit trail of who has logged into the EDT Console and when. User security allows the operator to specify minimum password length, expiry time and required complexity. Delivering to GP Practices A Private “Outbound” Web Service is utuilised to allow outgoing doucments to be collected securely by ‘Endpoints’ Via EDT or EDT Connect Lite.

7 DEPLOYMENT STATUS All Mainland Boards Implemented NHS Shetland in – 5 th August W.Isles/Orkney – In Discussion Golden Jubilee Installed No end points will need sharing agreement.

8 Document Volumes HubJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal NHS Ayrshire and Arran Health Board 41,26840,70741,07039,51844,78429,965 237,312 NHS Borders1202001 53 Tayside NHS Trust171,849164,419151,737153,572162,914165,998 970,489 NHS Dumfries and Galloway Health Board 35,48540,58912,94929,32828,51628,271 175,138 NHS Fife33,60531,21833,12333,01739,15639,974 210,093 NHS Forth Valley5,4745,3096,2016,0206,6253,058 32,687 NHS Grampian13,69521,6642,04413,13916,52816,768 83,838 NHS Highland Health Board 30,97428,20728,72431,01732,35044,360 195,632 NHS Lanarkshire67,49866,28467,66171,08080,48277,135 430,140 NHS Lothian88,626244,91232,919134,741149,432155,903 806,533 NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board 164,934153,875150,177152,426169,821163,999 955,232

9 Sharing Agreements Process Discovery Service Firewalls Relayed Documents Responsibility Support Responsibility for (User) Rejections is originating hub.

10 Hub Versions Docman Hub

11 Hub Versions EDT Hub Versions Health BoardVersion Ayrshire & Arran800.810.4948 Borders80.0.810.15370 Dumfries & Galloway80.0.800.17666 Fife800.810.4948 Forth Valley800.810.4948 Glasgow800.810.4948 Grampian800.810.4798 Highlands800.810.4798 Lanarkshire800.810.4948 Lothian800.810.4757 Tayside80.0.800.17666

12 CURRENT VERSION 800810 Document list - A Column has been added to display the sending organisation. Relayed Documents – A Column has been added to display the destination hub. Tiff Conversion – Tiff Conversion can be switched on or off for documents remotely added to the hub. Document Source Screen - Fix applied to resolve the tiff conversion setting to display incorrectly. End point Activity Screen – Fix applied to resolve an issue affecting the date filters. Change Password – Fix applied for when a password is changed, it displays the Log in Screen and not the site. Users receiving documents are now able to reject delivered documents via the details screen. Users must select a reason for rejection from the drop down list before clicking the reject button.

13 Now Available 800850 Detailed Reporting

14 800850 Enhancements to END Point list to display additional fields. Email Address, Date last collected and export facility

15 800850 Additional fields to document source list. Alert Email Address and Total Docs And Export facility

16 800850 Changes to Document List Contributor, Rejected Count, Show Archive Checkbox. Ability to resend or delete waiting or rejected documents by checkbox

17 800850 Tooltips added to End Point and Source Activity Screens

18 800850 Ability to search on Patient ID, Chi number or Patient Name

19 800850 Additional Data on Main Menu

20 800850 Ability to add a comment when resending

21 800850 Updateable Notes Field

22 Next Release - 80875 Relayed Documents An addition has been made to the Relayed Documents table to now record the local document ID. The document is now stored on the originating Hub.

23 Next Release - 800875 Relayed Documents A new document status of ‘Relayed’ has now been included. Additional ‘Last checked column’. This shows when the remote document was last checked by the maintenance service. If >24hours it will display a warning.

24 Next Release - 800875 Relayed Documents Relayed Document Status is highlighted in colours to make it consistent to main document list screen. Green - Dcument waiting Grey - On old Red - Rejected Orange - Conversion pending Black – Delivered/Deleted Blue - Processed

25 Next Release - 800875 Relayed Documents Ability to add a comment when resending a document.

26 Next Release - 800875 Web Admin Console New search checkbox for Relayed documents

27 Next Release - 800875 Enhanced User Interface. Activity panel shows cleared view of originating stats versus relayed stats.

28 Next Release - 800875 Maintenance Service The maintenance service now has an extra process, set by default to 1 minute but this value can be modified by admin to assist load balancing. This loops through the documents in the Relayed Documents table and asynchronously retrieves the status and any rejection information from the remote web service and updates the local Relayed Documents

29 Document Sources A document source is where the document originates. Document sources can be added to the hub which are then given a unique ID. Document sources can be made inactive at anytime

30 LIVE EXAMPLES Active Document sources currently used in GG&C.

31 LIVE EXAMPLES Active Document sources in Fife

32 LIVE EXAMPLES Active and inactive document sources in Fife.

33 SOURCE CONNECTORS Trakcare Tayside Referral Management Boss (Ensemble) Winvoice Adastra Sci Store MiDIS Plumbtree Tayside EDD Lab Results Folder Monitor

34 Connector Issues 800850 will provide better reporting Inefficient Connectors

35 Voice Technologies James McPherson Voice Technologies

36 Product Roadmap v9.1 Sep 2014 DB migration Increased Performance Enhanced Scalability v9.2 Mar 2015 National Hub/endpoint directory Option print fulfilment New delivery options Scope TBC Future TBC New input methods New endpoint types Your ideas!

37 Version 800900 (v9.1) Migration from MySql 3.5 to MySql5 (database) Better recovery tools, fully transactional and future proof. Built-in options for Resilience and Replication. Porting Tool Safe transfer of data and documents when migrating from old veriosn to new platform. Hub Data Optimisation Reindexing tools for the database to increase response times. Upgrade >net framework to 4.5 Underlying infrastructure Migrate Documents from Database to new file store Reduce database size, increase repsonse times for database, reduce time to recall data through management console.

38 Change Requests

39 Document Rejections User Rejections currently disabled in most Board Areas (but not all!!)

40 EDT Connect Lite Designed for non-DocMan sites. Hospital Departments, Consultants, Ophthalmic, Dental, Hospice, Pharmacy. Configure end points on Hub Sits in Windows system tray Scheduled collection times Collected documents placed in Local EDT Inbox. Documents can be rejected back to Hub Full audit logs No Licence charges


42 EDT Connect Lite


44 EDT Connect Document Organiser

45 EDT CAPTURE Virtual Print Drive Designed for lite touch or legacy systems DocMan or Non-DocMan sites (Capture from within DocMan) No Software Licence Costs Full End to End Auditability



48 EDT MAILROOM David Marsden NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

49 More Hub Folder Monitor Bi-Directional Hub Additional Metadata DepartmentName will map to the department i.e.Biochemistry/Haematology ReportCode will map to the folder in DocMan i.e. ‘Labs’ End Point Maintenance

50 Useful Links PCTI EDT Server API Specification - PCTI EDT Document Type Definition (DTD) - Sample Message containing an HTML document payload - Sample Message containing a binary encoded TIFF document payload - PCTI EDT Message Specification - EDT Test Harness Application - A fully functioning test interface is available - http://www,, Service Description based web service -

51 DocMan Metatags

52 Hub Monitoring Lothian Hub Alert (24hr no collection calls only logged in Afternoon)Possible Action 22/04/201 4 AMPM Console Checks Is Webservice Running (Y/N)Raise call and fixYY Status of Hub Console (Green / Yellow / Red)Raise Priority 1 call and fixGreen Documents Waiting78552917 Documents On Hold22 Documents Rejected05 Documents Rejected By Conversion00 Dcouments Rejected By Receiver00 Documents Rejected By SystemReport to HB - Raise call05 Documents Pending ConversionRaise call and fix32901175 Total Document Count586317587092 Active End Points129 Active Document Sources12 End Points not Collected (last 24hrs)Raise call and fix11125 Transmission Errors (last 24hrs)05 PCTI Hub dashboard Drive - C:\80GB Drive - E:\369GB Ensure the "last reported date" on dashboard is same dayRaise with PCTI if not same day 21/04/201 4 22/04/201 4 Last archive dateRaise call 19/04/201 4 21/04/201 4 Largest Database Table Size >4GB Raise call and fix3.3GB Database Size >4GB Raise call and fix3.6GB Server - Maintenance check - EOD procedure (Y/N)Raise call and fixNy Technician Doing the Checks (use initials)RC

53 Hub Monitoring 24 Hour No Collection 23/07/201424/07/2014 PM 70179Craigmiller Mg70215Riverside Practice 70982Craiglockhart Mg70610Liberton Mg Slateford Mp70997Morningside Mp Ferniehill Surgery70164Cromwell Harbour Practice, Dunbar HC Newland Mp78077St Triduana's MP Sutherland House Surgery77286West Calder Medical Practice 70785St Triduana's Mp70785 West Calder Mp78147 Edin Homeless Practice70963 Deans & Eiliburn Mp78325 Southside Surgery70893 Tyne Medical Practice76000

54 AOB

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