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BREEAM – Environmental Assessment and Swimming Facilities

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1 BREEAM – Environmental Assessment and Swimming Facilities
Dr Ben Cartmell ASA – Pools for the Future Seminar Manchester Town Hall, 9th April 2008

2 The next 45 minutes Why BREEAM? The Environmental Assessment Consortium Introduction to BREEAM and future changes How to optimise a BREEAM score The Bespoke BREEAM process Associated considerations

3 Improve environmental performance of buildings
Why BREEAM? Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method Aims: Improve environmental performance of buildings Improve internal environment for occupants

4 BREEAM – An Introduction
Number of buildings Regulatory minimum Minimal BREEAM Aspirational

5 Code for Sustainable Homes (Buildings?)
Why BREEAM? Planning Policy PPS22 Renewable Energy PPS1 Planning & Climate Change (consultation) The London Plan / The Mayor’s Energy Strategy / ODA EPBD Building Regulations Part L Energy Certification / Labelling Code for Sustainable Homes (Buildings?) The legislation that drives our market for both the consultancy and software development. The above legislation is actually quite hard to achieve and the construction industry really can’t continue with its traditional practices. We are helping the industry deliver the above but the standards / energy & environmental targets will tighten still further in the coming years (if the Government is to achieve its overall target of a 60% Carbon reduction by 2050 (from 2002 levels) so we see a growing market. You may want to move this slide to the start of the presentation??? Building a Greener Future: Towards Zero Carbon (Consultation)

6 The Environmental Assessment Consortium
Rickaby Thompson Associates Ian Orme Catherine Arotsky Kathryn Greatorex Rachael Wilson Southfacing Services Ltd Ben Cartmell Lucy Harris Rimante Okkels Gale & Snowdon Architects David Gale Alan Pither Bespoke BREEAM BREEAM International BREEAM Offices BREEAM Schools BREEAM Retail BREEAM Further Education BREEAM Industrial BREEAM Prisons Code for Sustainable Homes EcoHomes LEED BRE Training Examples of our high profile BREEAM assessment work (The Shard, The London Aquatic Centre (Olympic Swimming stadium) and Corby Cube). We also do BREEAM for Offices, Schools and housing (under the Code for Sustainable Homes scheme).

7 The EAC BREEAM Operation
Over 220 assessments (complete or in progress) Over 100 live projects Workload growing rapidly International projects underway Assessment team expanding

8 Bespoke BREEAM example projects
Examples of our high profile BREEAM assessment work (The Shard, The London Aquatic Centre (Olympic Swimming stadium) and Corby Cube). We also do BREEAM for Offices, Schools and housing (under the Code for Sustainable Homes scheme).

9 BREEAM International Client: Dubai Maritime City / BRE
Development: Office, Retail, Industrial & Residential. Bespoke BREEAM assessment on five towers. Assistance to developer and BRE in developing a BREEAM standard for Dubai. Our first BREEAM international project. Five towers in Dubai (see darker buildings at the bottom of the peninsula). This is the first ever assessment in the middle east and will be rolled out to 30 towers on this site and then other sites in Dubai and the middle east.

10 BREEAM Overview Environmental Assessment Method Certification scheme Voluntary Independent & credible Holistic Customer focussed Credits based

11 BREEAM Scoring Management Health and Wellbeing Energy Transport Water
Materials Land Use Ecology Pollution Assessment Credits Environmental Weightings Single Score Issue Category Scores BREEAM Score PASS GOOD VERY GOOD EXCELLENT

12 Environmental Weightings
BREEAM Scoring Management Health & W’being Energy Transport Water Materials Land Use Ecology Pollution 15 (0.75%) 15 (0.83%) 25 (1.0%) Environmental Weightings 05 (0.71%) 10 (0.58%) 15 (1.25%) 15 (1.07%)

13 BREEAM Ratings Pass 25% – 40% Good 40% - 55% Very Good 55% - 70% Excellent 70%+ Outstanding 80%+ (BREEAM 2008)

14 BREEAM Update BREEAM 2008 Fundamental changes expected Minimum standards as per CSH Green Guide to Specification (2008) Information from May 2008 Implementation from August 2008

15 BREEAM Schemes Scheme D&P PCR M&O Fit Out Offices  Schools Retail
Industrial EcoHomes Bespoke

16 BREEAM in the design process
Design Consultancy: Pre-assessment works Formal BREEAM assessment Formal Assessment review Final Certification by BRE Post Construction Review Outline Design (A-C) Detailed Design (D) Late design (D-E) Post Construction (H)

17 BREEAM in the design process
Specific credit consideration

18 Optimise Management Credits
Commissioning Whole Life Costing Building Users Guide Construction Site Impacts Considerate Constructors Scheme Construction Waste e.g. BRE SMARTWasteTM System Monitoring of site CO2 (site energy and transport), water and control of dust and noise.

19 Optimise Health & Wellbeing Credits
Indoor noise (requirements for specific functional areas) 80% of relevant areas need to be adequately daylight Glare Control Openable windows in order to ensure a potential for natural ventilation Air pollution – location of air inlets

20 Optimise Health & Wellbeing Credits cont.
Minimising risk of internal air pollution 40m2 Lighting zones (4 workplaces) Thermal zoning Openable windows CIBSE lux levels Occupant controllable blinds Good daylighting

21 Optimise Energy Credits
Improvement over building regulations U-values better than current Building Regulations Sub-metering of major energy uses Tenancy sub-metering Pool covers (?)

22 Optimise Transport Credits
Green Transport Plan Minimise car parking/occupant ratio Provide secure and sheltered cycle locking spaces and facilities for cyclists

23 Optimise Water Credits
Dual flush WCs Waterless urinals and WCs PIR controls Spray or Aerating taps <9litres/min showers Rainwater and Greywater usage Automatic water shut off systems Sanitary supply shut off Water recycling including pool backwash (?) Install a water meter !!

24 Optimise Materials Credits
Refurbishment rather than new building Provide storage area for recyclable materials Use of recycled aggregate material (for fill, hardcore etc) Use of A rated materials from the Green Guide to Specification or use ENVEST Design for robustness 2008 Update

25 Optimise Materials Credits cont.
Responsible Sourcing of Materials Use materials with suitable sustainable certification Timber should be certified under a recognised scheme, FSC and PEFC are best Other materials should be EMAS or ISO14000 compliance Credit is assessed based on proportion of certified materials Tiered structure favours timber i.e. maximum credits cannot be achieved with non-timber construction

26 Optimise Land-use and Ecology Credits
Careful site selection Assess before on-site work commences Identify contaminated land Involve an appropriately qualified Ecologist Protect existing ecology Promote species diversity, native species, habitat creation Biodiversity management

27 Optimise Pollution Credits
Specify use of insulation materials with zero ODP and low GWP Install oil interceptors No refrigeration Build in an area of low flood risk and/or mitigate any flood risk Use of locally generated renewable energy Low NOx boilers

28 Bespoke BREEAM setup process

29 Bespoke BREEAM Assessment Process
Bespoke BREEAM Setup Processes Pre-assessment works / Scenarios Formal Bespoke BREEAM Assessment Assessment Delivery Report Updated Status Report / Guidance Final Assessment Report QA & Certification Post Construction Review QA & Certification

30 Social Enterprise Projects
The two sides to Southfacing London Reading Energy & Environmental Consultancy Design & Development of Design Tools As the two sides of the business cross reference each other it means that we provide a unique approach. The consultancy side keeps us at the cutting edge and we use this situation to see opportunities for software development (energy / environmental design tools). The software side in turn raises our profile and we often see consultancy work coming back in as a result. Both sides are doing well. Social Enterprise Projects

31 Southfacing’s services
Energy & Environmental Consultancy Part L analysis and energy assessments (NHER, SBEM, Tas etc) Feasibility for low carbon technologies (building and site) Environmental assessments (BREEAM, Sustainable Code etc.) Software development Carbon Checker (Southfacing) Low Carbon Designer (London Energy Partnership / GLA) Climate Lite (DTI / BRE) Other at-risk projects…. This is the slide that I move about depending on whether the audience is more interested on the software or consultancy side

32 Climate Lite - Introduction
Funding provided through the BERR (formerly DTI) Technology Programme. Steering Committee Chairman: Bill Gething (RIBA) Project Partners: BRE Southfacing Services Ltd. Cambridge Architectural Research University of Cardiff BGA Ltd. Site Form & Fabric Energy

33 The Low Carbon Designer

34 Design Tools A Simple Part L2A Compliance checker incorporating SBEM
Now owned by Build Desk / Rockwool.

35 In Summary Most benefits taken through early consideration of BREEAM. Use your assessor – they are there to provide guidance and to work with the project team. Major changes are coming with tighter standards. BREEAM should not be considered in isolation. BREEAM should be a collaboration between those setting the targets and those designing to the targets. ASA / Authorities – What are your specific issues?


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