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By Michael Tovar and Cade Elkins

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1 By Michael Tovar and Cade Elkins
Comanche By Michael Tovar and Cade Elkins

2 Location and Government
They were located in the plains of west Texas. They shared part of the land with Kiowa there allies. The Comanche wasn’t really a Tribe. Comancheria was the largest area and controlled cross timbers to the staked plains of north Texas. The chiefs were chosen by members of the band. A war chief was only chosen by warriors and used for Campaign.

3 II. Homes The Comanche were great hunters and traveled by horse.
The Comanche homes had to be moveable. There homes were made of tanned buffalo hides. They had flaps at the top of there teepees that allowed smoke to escape from there fires. They turned skins from animals as seats and beds.

4 III Dress Unlike many Texas natives the Comanche did not wear tatoos.
Men wore breechcloths and moccasins in the hot times. If it got cold they would wear leggings made of buffalo. The men liked to grow out their hair. The woman wore buckskin skirts and blouses.

5 IV How they lived Horses were the most important possession of the Comanche. The Comanche had the most horses out of every tribe. The Comanche controlled the land of the wild mustangs. Comanche were taught at a very early age and they were tide to their first horse. After the boys first kill the Comanche celebrated by a dance called the eagle dance. Buffalo was not the only animal they hunted they also hunt elk. This is some of the food they ate grapes, currents ,persimmon and tubers.

6 V. Weapons And Warfare The weapon used the most is the bow and arrow and it is made out of Bois d’ Arc. Used hickory when it was not available. Their arrows were made out of dog wood and iron tipped. Their shields were decorated to show they were good warriors, hunters and raiders. The Comanche were great fierce warriors. There were great rivalry among them selves

7 VI Beliefs Each Comanche had to get his own medicine.
They also went on something called the vision quest. They only got to bring these things buffalo robe ,pipe ,tobacco and something to lite the pipe. He or she were prepared by the shaman and then sent off on his quest.

8 VII. Summary Comanche were the horseman of Native Texans and lived in bands made up of related families. All their possessions were made of buffalo. Comanche were nomadic because they had to follow the herds. They also fought to survive and protect their lands. Comanche were feared because they were fierce warriors.

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