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Creating an Effective Beer Menu for the On-Premise

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1 Creating an Effective Beer Menu for the On-Premise
Beer Menus Creating an Effective Beer Menu for the On-Premise

2 Objectives Learn how to effectively assist on-premise accounts with beer menu creation Learn how to identify and categorize beer styles and organize appropriately Learn how to execute an effective beer menu and benefit both Fleck and our valued on-premise retailers

3 Upscale Casual Identify the Account
Consider the audience, staff and ambiance of the restaurant. What type of consumer does this account cater too?

4 Casual Casual Dining and/or Sports Bars can have up to 40-50% specialty beers Brainstorm accounts that fit into the Casual Category

5 Casual Menu Options Table Tents Specials Boards Food Menu

6 Casual Menu Organization
Draft, Bottle, or Can Domestic, Import, or Specialty Promotional

7 Top 10 Selections for Casual Dining
3-4 Domestic/Light Lagers 1-2 Alternative 1-3 Imports 2-4 Crafts Ratio can vary by account

8 Domestic/Light Lagers
MGD, Coors, Budweiser Lite, Coors Light, Bud Light Budget Domestics Keystone Light Old Milwaukee Hamm’s Busch Light

9 Alternative Mike’s Hard Lemonade Smirnoff Ice Woodchuck Cider
Woodpecker Cider Twisted Tea Bacardi

10 Imports Heineken Corona, XX, Modelo Stella Fosters Molson Guinness

11 Crafts Wheat Amber/Red Brown Pale Ale/I.P.A. Stout/Porter Seasonal

12 Wheat Beer Blue Moon New Belgium Sunshine Wheat Boulevard Wheat
Shock Top Goose Island 312

13 Amber/Reds Fat Tire Killians Irish Red Boulevard Amber Potosi Cave Ale
Leine Classic Amber Leine Red Widmer Drop Top

14 Browns New Castle Big Sky Moose Drool Empyrean Third Stone
Great River Farmer Brown Empyrean Third Stone Samuel Smiths Nut Brown

15 Pale Ale/I.P.A. Ranger I.P.A. Boulevard Pale Ale Potosi Snake Hollow
Big Sky I.P.A. Great River 483 Pale Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Although still a Pale Ale, I.P.A.’s will have a distinctively more “Hoppy” character than a standard Pale Ale

16 Stout/Porter Guinness Boulevard Bully! Porter S.S. Dark Truth Stout
Gandy Dancer Porter Dark Side Vanilla Porter G.R. Straight Pipe Stout

17 Seasonal Most all craft breweries have a seasonal lineup (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) Styles are different per brewery per season Seasonals are a VERY large portion of total craft volume within a given supplier

18 Exotics There are 100’s of beer styles
Focus of exotic brands should be upscale or craft centric focused. Primary crafts should be placed first

19 Upscale Dining Up to 70-80% specialties can be offered
Specialties can and should be paired to food menu items Brainstorm accounts that fit in the Upscale category

20 Upscale Menu Presence Wine List Specials Board Food Menu

21 Upscale Menu Organization
By Region By Style/Category By Food Pairing Domestics (if available) should be listed last

22 Upscale Menu Content Style, Sensory Profile, Flavor Description, and Food Pairings can all be added to the beers on an Upscale Beer Menu

23 Hybrid Accounts Remember, not all accounts fall under one category or the other. Form fit your beer menu to best support your account and effectively provide a variety of FLECK products. Brainstorm accounts that fit in between Casual & Upscale

24 Fleck Sales “The Beer Experts”

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