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Articulating the Message There are many ways to convey an advertising message. Common to all messages are: –A creative strategy determining what the message.

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1 Articulating the Message There are many ways to convey an advertising message. Common to all messages are: –A creative strategy determining what the message will say or communicate. –Creative tactics explain how the message strategy will be executed.

2 Creative Development Process Creative Brief Creative Objectives Creative Strategy Client Evaluation Creative Execution

3 Creative Brief 1. Problem (that advertising will resolve) 2. Market Background Information 3. Target Market Description 4. Brand Positioning Statement 5. Communications Objectives Advertising Objectives Creative Objectives

4 Creative Brief 6. Creative Guidelines Key Benefit(s) Support Claims Mandatories Creative Strategy rational, emotional, humor, fear, celebrity Execution style straight sell, demonstration, imagery…

5 Pyramid Ale Web Creative Brief OBJECTIVES: –Support image of Pyramid as contemporary, urban, hip on top of it. COMPETITION –The only significant microbrewery in the western U.S. is Redhook. AUDIENCE –Men, 18-45. Guys with a few more bucks to spend, who appreciate better beer. POSITIONING STATEMENT –You should drink Pyramid, because they're the beers that are poured when smart, hip, discriminating people get together for a good time. SUPPORT CLAIMS –Incredible popularity of Seattle brewpub –Presence at festivals like Bumbershoot, Summer Nights at the Pier… MANDATORIES/CAUTIONS –Don’t tread too close to the Bass Ale red triangle CREATIVE STRATEGY –Fun, social, slightly irreverent although serious about the beer, –self-deprecating and accessible

6 Advertising Campaign Themes “The Ultimate Driving Machine” BMW “At a place called Miller time” Miller Lite Miller Lite “Like a Rock” Chevy Trucks Chevy Trucks BMW Miller Lite Miller Lite The central message that will be communicated in all of the various IMC activities

7 The Search for a Creative Theme Positioning the Brand Use a Unique Selling Position Use a Unique Selling Position Create the Brand Image Find the Inherent Drama Seeking the Major Idea

8 The BIG IDEA A BIG IDEA can be used to provide a basis for the campaign e.g. a “hook” that you can use for multiple executions.

9 Approaches to the Major Selling Idea: USP Buy this produce and you'll benefit this way or enjoy this reward Must be unique to this brand or claim; something rivals can't or don't offer Unique Benefit Unique Benefit Unique Selling Proposition The promise must be strong or attractive enough to move people Potent


11 Perspectives of Great Advertisers on the Major Selling Idea Brand image or personality is particularly important when brands are similar “Every ad must contribute to the complex symbol that is the brand image.” David Ogilvy Find the inherent drama or characteristic of the product that makes consumers buy it “(Inherent drama) is often hard to find but it is always there, and once found it is the most interesting and believable of all advertising appeals.” Leo Burnett

12 Unique Brand Image?

13 A Unique Brand Image?

14 © 2005 McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited Positioning?

15 Creative Consistency Consistency in promotional creativity is a key success factor so that target audience retains the brand position. Involves consistency across: –Time –Creative executions –Advertising media –Promotional tools –Products

16 Creative Consistency Nike Just do it Allstate Insurance You’re in good hands with Allstate Hallmark cards When you care enough to send the very best Budweiser This Bud’s for you Intel Intel inside State Farm Insurance Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there Chevy Trucks Like a rock Dial soap Aren’t you glad you use Dial? Company or Brand Campaign Theme

17 © 2005 McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited Example Absolut Ads –Print ads “Series” –Shape of bottle Distinctive –Hip Special knowledge –Collectors and websites!Collectors and websites!

18 © 2005 McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited “Equinox”(1995)

19 “Equinox”(1995)

20 Stores(1995)

21 Stores(1995)

22 Stores(1995)

23 Chefs(1995)

24 Chefs(1995)

25 Chefs(1995)

26 Chefs(1995)

27 BeachChairs(1997)

28 BeachChairs(1997)

29 Consistency Across Executions

30 6Cities

31 © 2005 McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited Artists

32 Flavors

33 17-33 Foote, Cone & Belding Grid 1 Informative The Thinker 3 Habit Formation The Doer ThinkingFeeling Low Involvement 2 Affective The Feeler 4 Self- Satisfaction The Reactor High Involvement

34 17-34 Foote, Cone & Belding Grid 1 Informative The Thinker Car-house-furnishings-new products Model: Learn-feel-do (economic?) Possible implications Test:Recall diagnostics Media:Long copy format Reflective vehicles Creative:Specific information Demonstration Thinking High Involvement

35 17-35

36 17-36

37 17-37 Foote, Cone & Belding Grid 2 Affective The Feeler Jewelry-cosmetics-fashion goods Model: Feel-learn-do (psychological?) Possible implications Test:Attitude change Emotional arousal Media:Large space Image specials Creative:Executional Impact Feeling High Involvement

38 17-38

39 17-39

40 17-40 Foote, Cone & Belding Grid 3 Habit formation The Doer Food-household items Model: Do-learn-feel (responsive?) Possible implications Test:Sales Media:Small space ads 10-second ID’s Radio; Point of Sale Creative:Reminder Thinking Low Involvement

41 17-41 1.CDs 2. Stamp collecting Ads

42 17-42 Foote, Cone & Belding Grid 4 Self-satisfaction The Reactor Cigarettes, liquor, candy Model: Do-feel-learn (social?) Possible implications Test:Sales Media:Billboards Newspapers Point of Sale Creative:Attention Feeling Low Involvement

43 17-43

44 17-44

45 Quote of the Day If you have a good selling idea, your secretary can write your ad for you. Morris Hite (DDB)

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