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GEORGE BOMANSKI National Police and Government Service Manager, Mopar Fleet Operations.

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1 GEORGE BOMANSKI National Police and Government Service Manager, Mopar Fleet Operations

2 Mopar Fleet Service Team  Single point of contact for Police and Government after sales support  Seven Regional Fleet Service & Parts Managers  Five Regional Tech Support Managers  Crown NA Dedicated Customer Support for Charger Pursuit, RAM SSV and Durango SSV

3 Regional Service and Parts Managers

4 Technical Advisors

5 Fleet Customer Call Center Chrysler’s Enhanced Fleet hotline 1-800-999-3533  Option 3 for service issues  8am to 9pm Monday–Friday (EST)  9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday (EST)

6 Dealer Programs to Support You 725+ (~25%) Dealers participating All Makes Parts Support Program 1,930+ (~77%) Dealers participating 2,030+ Dealers (~80%) providing

7 Chrysler Fleet Website  Fleet and Commercial Contact Information  Request a Fleet Account Number (FAN)  Quick source of Fleet information  Recall Inquires  Dealer Locator

8 Service Manuals  Online access available to medium and large fleets with a FAN  No cost to larger fleet customers  Provides access to all Chrysler Service Manuals, TSB’s and diagnostics procedures  Must have access to online service manuals to operate wiTech diagnostic system  Contact your Regional Fleet Service & Parts Manager for an application

9 Service Manuals - DVD  Beginning in 2013, Chrysler now offers service manuals for most model years on DVD  Contact for availability and for pricing. Prices vary depending on vehicle make and model  Also available is online access to Chrysler service manuals for 30 days or up to one year

10 wiTech Lite Diagnostic System wiTECH LITE wiTECH Lite Kit Access Point VCI Pod  New for 2013 Chrysler introduces the wiTech Lite for more affordable fleet application  System consists of a VCI wiPod, access point and software that can be downloaded to any PC or laptop  Reads all onboard modules and identifies any new/updated software  The initial cost is 50% off of the full wiTech systems used by dealers  Contact WiTech Hotline at 1-888-948-3241

11 Charger Police UpFitter Tech Training  Two day course focusing on: -Overview of vehicle service and maintenance -Up-fitter systems, connector locations and most frequently asked up-fit questions  Training is held at your facility with a minimum of 8 techs per session  No cost for any fleet using our Police Chargers  To schedule – contact me or your Regional Fleet Service & Parts Manager

12 Chrysler Specific Online Training  Computer based training that can get your techs to Skill Level 2 (fundamentals of various skill categories)  Yearly subscription program that can be purchased for up to 100 technicians  Can be purchased as individual courses per person  To get started just complete a Fleet Enrollment Form available from Chrysler Academy 1-888-321-4321

13 Upfitter Guides  Visit Upfitter guides for the Charger Pursuit, Durango SSV and RAM - Guides from 2006 to present 2013 - Also contain service and maintenance information


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