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Heavy Lift Cargo Plane Proposal Presentation February 17 th, 2005 Matthew Chin Advisor: Prof. S. Thangam Aaron Dickerson Brett J. Ulrich Tzvee Wood.

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1 Heavy Lift Cargo Plane Proposal Presentation February 17 th, 2005 Matthew Chin Advisor: Prof. S. Thangam Aaron Dickerson Brett J. Ulrich Tzvee Wood

2 Coming Up... Review previous work on the project New, refined calculations First steps for construction Interior configurations –Wing –Tailboom Project Scheduling & Budget

3 Project Review Project Review

4 Project Objective Review Design and build a remote controlled, “heavy lift” aircraft for competition Society of Automotive Engineers Aero East Design, April 8 th -10 th, 2005 Regular Class Competition –Standard Engine: OS 0.61X –Wing Span Limit: 5 ft –No Planform Area Restriction –Maximum Take Off Distance: 200ft –Maximum Landing Distance: 400ft

5 Recap of Design VII Performed calculations for the design of: –Primary airfoil size –Takeoff and landing distances –Tailplane stabilator size Selected airfoil/tail plane profiles: –Airfoil: Eppler 423 –Stabilator: NACA 0012

6 Recap of Design VII Wing Design & Material Selection: –Balsa wood ribs –Lite plywood reinforcement –Carbon fiber support rods Stabilator Design & Material Selection: –Entirely made of foam core –Solid piece simplifies construction

7 Recap of Design VII Registered all 4 members and advisor for the April 8-10 competition Examined previous construction problems Evaluated methods to avoid experiencing similar occurrences during construction

8 Overcoming Fabrication Problems Previous year utilized a high-lift Selig foil –Lifting condition relies on a very fine trailing edge –Poor construction of foil can severely hinder performance –Eppler 423 foil trailing edge is easier to construct Landing gear & Engine mount construction eliminated; parts available commercially

9 Initial Parts Order Varying sizes of balsa sheets, lite plywood Carbon fiber rods Dubro Treaded wheels Ohio Superstar Cover Tugger Top Flite Monokote Hot Sock Iron Cover Sealing Iron/Hot Sock Combo Top Flite Hot Glove Covering Tool Top Flite Trim Seal Tool Top Flite Monokote SmartCut Trim Tool Top Flite Monokote Trim Solvent Dubro Super Strength Landing Gear

10 Design Refinement: Calculation Design Refinement: Calculation

11 Calculation of Aileron Size Calculation adapted from Perkins’s Airplane Performance & Control & NACA TR 635 Non-dimensional parameter for lateral control p: rate of roll (rad/s) b: wing span (ft) V: true speed (ft/s) Typical Values:Cargo/Bombardment: 0.07 Fighters: 0.09

12 Calculation of Aileron Size Lower maneuverability coefficient required for this project Smaller ailerons result in larger fixed wing surfaces Will not be performing aerobatics, or performing military operations Chose coefficient value of 0.035

13 Calculation of Aileron Size Coefficient is used to calculate aileron size: C lδ : Change in Rolling Coefficient with aileron angle τ: Aileron Effectiveness δ a : Elevator Deflection C lp : Damping Derivative All coefficients are presented in graphical form in NACA report #635

14 Calculation of Aileron Size Change in Rolling Coefficient per Degree divided by Elevator Effectiveness Damping Coefficient as a function of Aspect Ratio Elevator Effectiveness vs. Aileron Chord/Wing Chord Ratio

15 Calculation of Aileron Size

16 EES software used for calculations Two variables had to be solved for –Aileron Chord –Aileron Span Parametric studies conducted with varying aileron span Final Sizing: –Chord: 6.5 in, 27% of Wing Chord –Span: 40% of Wing Semi-Span Rules of thumb: –Chord: 15-30% of Wing Chord –Span: 25-30% of Wing Semi-Span

17 Construction: First Steps Construction: First Steps

18 Wing Construction Use templates to cut balsa wood ribs Use X-Acto knife or balsa cutter for manufacturing Assemble one side of wing, then place on a 1.5° angle for dihedral design

19 Wing Construction Ailerons to be attached to third support spar Aileron hinge placed at 5.418 inches from trailing edge (To be explained) Lite plywood used for ribs in the central portion of the wing –Stronger fuselage attachment –Better overall wing stability

20 Rib Template Wing Dimensions: –Chord increased by 4 in. to 24 in. More overall lift due to increased wing area Increase in total lift greater than effect of add’l weight Allows a greater margin of error –Span: 60 in. Template made out of 1/8 in. Aluminum Nine ribs per wing semi-span extending beyond fuselage Holes placed at 4 inches and 12 inches from leading edge for carbon fiber support spar Additional carbon fiber spar at 5.418 inches from trailing edge (used as pivot for ailerons)

21 Wing Interior Configuration

22 Tailboom Configuration Balsa wood I-Shape reinforcements –Allows for slight twist –Decreases shear stress Plywood components still under consideration

23 Project Scheduling & Budgeting Project Scheduling & Budgeting

24 Gantt Chart

25 Ahead of schedule in our Design refinement section –Debugged primary EES file –Boom design selected Behind by approximately 1 week on construction phase –Rib template for main airfoil received –Most of the ordered parts came in –Major construction to begin during week of 2/20 –Engine mount and landing gear problems solved SAE Report Submission due on March 1 st is well underway

26 Budget Spent ($)Anticipated ($) Hardware431.62400.00* Competition350.00TBD** * Depends largely on the purchase of a new remote ** Depends upon many variables such as - Early reservations - Number of attendees - Transportation expenses

27 To Be Continued... Final Design Report for SAE competition Construction Plans for testing

28 Questions? Comments? Questions? Comments?

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