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ATDI Solutions for radio network planning and spectrum management.

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1 ATDI Solutions for radio network planning and spectrum management

2 Solutions in radio communication ATDI provides software and services in all area of radio communications : – Radio network planning & management – Spectrum management – Digital cartography – Communication electronic warfare Main market – Regulators –Telecom operators – Telecom equipment suppliers – Engineering service providers, integrators – Military forces

3 ATDI focus on radio spectrum, whatever the technology or system topography – Spectrum management – Point to Multipoint : LMDS, WLL, BWA, DECT, … – Broadcast : Radio, both analog and digital TV – Microwaves – Mobile radio : paging, 2G, 3G, W-CDMA – PMR : analogue, Tetra, Tetrapol – Tactical communications, Electronic warfare – Radar and direction finders – Fixed wireless access : PMP, WiFi, WiMAX – Emerging technologies Our business by technology

4 ATDI Inc (Washington) ATDI Ltd (London) ATDI Ibérica (Madrid) ATDI S.A. (Paris) ATDI SAL (Beirut) ATDI EST (Bucharest) ATDI offices around the world

5 ATDI- n G product range The most comprehensive software for any kind of radio network planning : mobile, PMP, microwave links The most complete and efficient solution dedicated to regulators for national and international spectrum management ICS Map Server is an advanced software system designed to manufacture and manage digital cartography. HerTZ Mapper is a state-of-the-art radio communication network planning tool for VHF, UHF and SHF, that is flexible enough to fully answer the needs of radio system designers. The Infrastructure and tactical electronic warfare radio network planning tool the most adapted for new military concepts Antios is a 3D software system for the design of antennas and antenna systems

6 Recent changes since the early 1990s Technical advances have enabled the emergence of new systems using radio networks (GSM, FWA, DVB-T, WiFi, WiMax...) These new systems are more complex and require more resources (sites, frequencies, etc.) then previous services Market deregulation has increased the number of players and has made necessary the establishment of strong and independent regulation authorities Something new in Spectrum Management

7 Consequently, new constraints have appeared : Limitations on resources such as Frequencies and sites, the use of which must be optimized The crowding of the spectrum is leading the Regulation Authorities to share the bands between a larger number of services The increasing interaction between the services calls for global management Information has to be controlled and shared between the different actors involved Something new in Spectrum Management

8 Spectrum Management is therefore becoming established as an activity on its own. Its purpose is To manage administrative procedures according to the national, regional or international regulations in force To optimize/facilitate resource sharing between radio services and players involved (private/public Operators, Regulation Authority, Foreign Administrations, ITU) To provide an updated and pertinent description of the spectrum, for both technical and administrative aspects To establish an efficient sharing and control of information Something new in Spectrum Management


10 Spectrum management: regulator challenges Database Equipment, Sites, Stations Licences, Billing, Reports…. Maps, Images Agreements (ITU, regional,…) Allocations, allotments, assignments

11 Coverage Interference Assignments Traffic… MAINLY FOR REGULATORS : Notification, Coordination, Licensing & Billing Frequency plan Type approval Images, DEM, Clutter, Vectors Spectrum management: an easy solution

12 ATDI: Spectrum management solution CartographicDB Technical data transfer Technical data transfer National data DB Oracle 9i Monitoring International Notification Coordination

13 Spectrum management monitoring Interfacing with Direction Finders Research of illegal transmitters Interfacing with Direction Finders Research of illegal transmitters

14 NCC, Nigerian Communication Commission, Nigeria – 2004 Botswana Telecommunications Authority – Botswana MOC, Ministry Of Communication, Kenya ASBU, Arab States Broadcasting Union, Tunisia – 2002 ARAMCO, oil company, Saudi Arabia – 2004 TRC, Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, Jordan GCC Telecom Bureau – 6 Countries of the Arab Gulf ANBA, Algerian National Broadcast Authority, ASBU member – 2002 MoI, Ministry of Information, Oman – 2004 IGCTI – Regulator of Romania CRC, Communication Regulation Commission, Bulgaria – 2003 CRA, Communication Regulatory Agency - Bosnia International regulators main references

15 ART, Agency of Telecommunication Regulation, France ANFR, National Frequencies Agency, France BAKOM, Switzerland Spectrum Authority OFCOM UK (Radiocom Agency), UK – 1999 MOD, Ministry Of Defence, UK – 2003 ODTR, Office of the Director of Telecom Regulation, Ireland MOD, Ministry Of Defence, Taiwan – 2001 STE, Regulator of Ecuador MOC, Ministry Of Communication, Caribbean Telecommunication Ministry, Cyprus – 1998 Office of Wireless Telegraphy, Regulator of Malta OFTA, Office of the Telecommunications Authority, Hong Kong International regulators main references

16 Best products: Robust and proven Continuously upgraded Worked with all hardware suppliers ATDI is a member of ITU Unwavering and continuous technical support to our customers Pricing reflects the strategic commitment to the spectrum management business Why us? The value proposition

17 ATDI can provide the following services Analysis and simulations Database manipulation and upgrade ITU assistance Training Visits to other regulators. Assistance in process design Cartography and cartography expertise Relationships with Operators Consultancy for special projects Why us? Value-Added Services

18 Best-in class team of experts Our people are international and well-traveled Accountability and ownership go much beyond “the job” Projects are an enjoyable experience for all parties, that will build links and relationships well past the project deployment phase Why us? The human factor


20 ATDI Sa 8, rue de l’Arcade Paris, France Tel. +33 (0) Fax +33 (0) ATDI Inc. 2, Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 560 Sterling, VA 20165, USA Tel. +1 (703) Fax +1 (703) ATDI Ltd Kingsland Court,Three Bridges Road Crawley West Sussex RH10 1HL, UK Tel. +44 (1) Fax +44 (1) ATDI Iberica c/Manuel González Longaoria, Madrid, Spain Tel Fax ATDI Sal 812 Tabaris, Avenue Charles Malek Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon Tel Fax ATDI Est Bd Aviatorilor, 59 Bucharest, Romania Tel. +40 (21) Fax +40 (21) M E R C I

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