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Connect Tech Introduction January 2013 January 2013.

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1 Connect Tech Introduction January 2013 January 2013

2 About Connect Tech General Introduction Connect Tech is a privately held hardware design company. Since 1985, Connect Tech has provided computer hardware to industrial and embedded customers around the globe.

3 Connect Tech Products  Qseven Carriers  FPGA Solutions  Digital I/O  Analog I/O  CAN Controller Cards  Fanless PC’s  COM Express Carriers  Solid State Drives  Ethernet to Serial  Wireless Radio Modems  Multi-port Serial Cards  Power Supplies

4 COTS Products = IP Pool System Bus Architectures & Form Factors PCI Express Use various IP modules on a variety of industry standard form factors PCI Qseven Any combination of IP on a custom shape/size PC/104 PICO- ITX COTS to Custom for improved time to market COM Express

5 COTS Products = IP Pool Core Technologies CAN Improve time to market FPGA IP from previous designs speeds design cycle Analog & Digital I/O Q7 & COMe Carriers Extremely high success rate, reduced learning curve Serial Power Supplies & DC-DC Converters

6 About Connect Tech Offering Expertise in:  Hardware and Software Development  Project Consulting and Management  Operating Systems  FPGA Design  Technical Support

7 Design & Verification Process Solid Process for Custom Design  Product Request Form (PRF)  Development of Statement of Work (SOW)  Compliance Testing  Verification Report See example excerpt:

8 Connect Tech Introduction Connect Tech Introduction COM Express® and Qseven off the shelf products

9 COM Express® Carrier Boards

10 COM Express® XMC Type 6 Carrier Board Features:  PMC/XMC & Mini-PCIe Expansion  COM Express ® Type 6 Compatible  Supports most current processors including 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7  Extended Temperature Range  Fits 1U Rack Mount Chassis

11 COM Express® Ultra Lite Type 6 Carrier Board Features:  Type 6 Compatible  Mini-PCIe Expansion  Supports most current processors including 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7  USB 3.0  Extended Temperature Range

12 COM Express® Type 2 Carrier Board Features:  PCI-104 and PCIe/104 expansion capabilities  Compatible with COM Express® Type 2 Basic and Compact modules  COM Express® Carrier supports modules from major manufacturers  Small size 175mm x 115mm

13 COM Express ® Type 6 and Type 2 Carrier Board Comparison

14 Qseven Carrier Board for PCI-104 and PCIe/104

15 PCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board

16 Ultra Lite and Lite Carrier Boards

17 Ultra Lite and Lite Qseven Carrier Boards Comparison

18 Qseven to COM Express® Adapter Features:  Install a Qseven module into any COM Express® Carrier Board  Compatible with all COM Express® Types including Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5, Type 6, Type 10  Basic and Compact COM Express® Form Factors

19 Connect Tech Introduction Recently Completed Custom Projects

20 QUANTUM3D Topaz Application:  Man Wearable and AUV Applications

21 QUANTUM3D Topaz Features:  Qseven carrier, with conga-QA6  Power Management  mSATA SSD  PCIe expansion, via PCIe104  Integrated Graphics & Video Outputs LVDS and SDVO to VGA  Audio Line In, Line Out

22 EPIQ Maveriq Application:  Cellular monitoring, data, capture and analysis  Typical uses: scan various frequencies in areas where phones are not allowed,i.e. prison

23 EPIQ Maveriq Features:  COM Express Type 2 carrier  PCIe FPGA for SDR (software define radio)  FPGA peripherals 2 TB Drive connected to FPGA for storage DDR3 memory, Ethernet Custom configuration from COM Express USB  COM Express Peripherals: USB, Ethernet, SSD, eSATA

24 EPIQ Maveriq

25 Smiths Detection ARC Control Board

26 Application:  Chemical detection & analysis  Typical uses: detection of explosives, from particles on clothing, luggage, documents, etc. Features:  Qseven carrier based on conga-QA6  FPGA via PCIe to control corona discharge  Micro-controller via USB to control and monitor analog instruments: heaters, pumps, & valves

27 Custom Embedded FPGA Card for Advanced Wind Turbine Communication

28 Custom PCI Express FPGA Card for Advanced GPS Control Acquisition

29 Custom High-density Isolated Multi-Serial Board for Ultra-Small Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

30 Connect Tech Introduction T Connect Tech Introduction The CTI Advantage

31 Design & Verification Process Solid Process for Custom Design  ISO 9001 certified  Prototypes and Compliance Testing  Verification Report  Can quickly ramp up to large scale manufacturing, with support processes

32 CTI Assembly Equipment Facilitating quick turn assembly:  Stencil Printer Accurately applies solder paste  Pick and Place Programmable rapid part placement  Reflow Oven Controlled soldering with profiles  BGA Rework Station Replacing large FPGAs, bridges

33 CTI Verification Equipment Performing rapid validation:  Verifying signal integrity 9 GHz oscilloscope, with PCI-SIG compliance software and test equipment  Stressing power supplies and batteries High power multi-output power source High capacity multi-node digital load  Functional testing over full operating temperature range Temperature Chamber

34 Faster Time to Market = Generate Revenue Quicker  Immediate “Proof of Concept” using off the shelf modules  Quick turn custom design/build, fully validated  On-going manufacturing capabilities, take advantage of relationships with CM’s and PCB houses both local and off-shore  No quantity too small

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