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New Print Products Shaping the Future of the Newspaper Project World Association of Newspapers.

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1 New Print Products Shaping the Future of the Newspaper Project World Association of Newspapers

2 "There isn’t a CEO who can tell you what their business will look like in 10 years." Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive, Guardian Media Group, United Kingdom, speaking at the World Digital Publishing Conference, London, England, 26 October 2006

3 “You get going very quickly and you end up in the wrong place” Marshall McLuhan, media theorist and prophet of the electronic age

4 Today’s agenda Trends in print and new print products Case studies -- more magazine-like newspapers Update on compact newspapers The development process WAN and Shaping the Future of the Newspaper



7 Some facts about newspapers in print -A US$180 billion industry globally. -More than 550 million people worldwide buy a newspaper every day. -At least 1.6 billion readers a day. -Global newspaper circulation sales (paid-for titles) up 2.3% in 2006 (up 9.48% over the past 5 years). - More than 11,200 titles worldwide. -World's second largest advertising medium (29.8%), exceeding the combined spend of radio, outdoor, cinema, magazines and the internet. Combined with magazines, print is the world's largest advertising medium with a 42 percent share. -More than US$6 billion dollars invested in newspaper technology in the past 18 months. - Nearly two million employees worldwide.

8 World paid daily newspaper titles Up 3.46% Up 17.67%

9 Titles paid & free Daily titles increased 2005/ % Over the five year period daily titles increased by 19.63%

10 World paid daily newspaper titles - By region 1 year Asia +6.96% S. America -0.10% N. America 0.67% Africa +1.2.% Europe +1.31% Australasia +1.14%

11 Titles paid & free World paid & free daily titles 1 year up 4.33% 5 year up 19.63%

12 Significant growth in new newspaper titles but NO new broadsheet launches - compact is already the new newspaper Growth in magazines and supplements Growth in “niche” audience publications - age, ethnicity, gender Compact and “lite” newspapers with one-topic covers Is the daily magazine the future?

13 Daily magazine/newspaper hybrid launched in Austria Is the daily magazine the future?

14 3 Basic sections of ÖSTERREICH National Regional Magazine coldset heatset

15 Audience aggregation strategies Newspapers worldwide are adding new titles to their portfolios for two major reasons: -To grow market share by adding new audiences that have either fallen away from newspaper reading or have never been newspaper readers -To respond to a new market challenger that is threatening to take away market share for advertising and circualtion

16 Audience aggregation strategies



19 Targeting a young audience Here are some of the things that are essential for a newspaper for young people to work: - The content has to be serious -- not "news for kids." The market for non-serious information is saturated, and nobody wants to be treated like a child. - Tackle the big issues -- climate change, population growth, the death penalty -- because readers are not tired of them. Young people have a long future and the world matters to them. - Make clear choices and do not fear missing something. The job of editors is to select what is worth knowing, apart from everything that is already heard on radio, TV and the web. - Presentation is as important as content. Be clear, communicate, make it fun.

20 “Lite” versions of newspapers Common characteristics of “Lite” newspapers: -Use of existing editorial resources. Between 50 and 70 percent of the established paper’s content is used -Smaller editorial team than its big sister paper -Targeted at a different, usually younger audience -Less expensive than the core newspaper

21 Inquirer Compact - The Philippines Publisher: Philippines Daily Inquirer Launched: November 2005 Format: Tabloid Frequency: Daily Target: Younger audience Distribution: 50,000 copies in 35 Philippine cities Cover price: about 18 cents “Lite” versions of newspapers

22 Welt Kompakt - Germany Publisher: Axel Springer Launched: 2004 Format: Tabloid Frequency: Daily Target: Younger audience Cover price: 50 Euro cents Number of pages: 32 “Lite” versions of newspapers

23 Hindustan Times NEXT - India Publisher: Hindustan Times Launched: 2004 Frequency: Daily Target: Younger audience Cover price: 1.5 rupees Number of pages: 14 to 16 “Lite” versions of newspapers

24 Newspapers for other demographic targets Steps for building immigrant-targeted newspapers: -Recruit a team that is part of the community and that really understand the audience -Understand what the readers really want and what are their values -Produce a newspaper that looks as good as those available on the local market -Use alternative distribution channels to reach the audience in their specific residential areas -Help advertisers understand and reach the audience

25 Hoy - United States Publisher: Tribune Company Launched: 2004 (Los Angeles) 2003 (Chicago) 1998 (New York) Circulation: 80,000 (Los Angeles) (40,000) Chicago Language: Spanish Number of pages: 40-page tabloid Newspapers for other demographic targets

26 The Daily Sun - South Africa Publisher: Media 24 Circulation: Half a million Target audience: Working-class males Price: 1.50 rand Format: Tabloid Type: Downmarket, modeled after British daily Sun Launched: 2002 Newspapers for other demographic targets

27 The compact newspaper

28 mpact newspaper The seven steps of highly successful compacts: -Combine your content -Create a faster navigational system -Create a series of story structures that emphasise ‘creation of compact units’ within stories -Create strategies to give columns of briefs a protagonist role in your newspaper -Emphasise photographer and use of small ‘digital-size’ photos to tell stories - Develop new content strategies that have direct appeal to younger readers - Increase the number of items per page

29 The new product development process The process requires: -Deciding the type of publication and its targeted audience -Researching the target audience, and its media habits and timing preferences -Identifying business models - cover price vs advertising? -Deciding the mission statement, positioning in the market, editorial mix and editorial voice -Developing a business plan - Developing prototypes of the product and testing them -Selling advertising, organising distribution logistics -Launching the title

30 The new product development process -Timing and competition -Knowledge -Development of the new newspaper concept - Strategic positioning

31 New concepts - sources of information


33 Ultimately portable Extremely convenient as to time and place Engenders loyalty to title Widely accessible worldwide Easily disposable and/ or ‘Cut Out ‘n Keep’ Very content rich Non-perishable Review-able Cheap to consume Newspapers: the ultimate browser

34 Martha Stone Director Shaping the Future of the Newspaper project

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