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ineo 36 and ineo 42 redefined A4 monochrome multifunctionality

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1 ineo 36 and ineo 42 redefined A4 monochrome multifunctionality
Develop GmbH

2 Market Size

3 Market Size

4 Introduction ineo 36/42

5 Appearance ineo 36 with copy desk ineo 36 with opt. trays
ineo 36 with opt. finisher

6 ineo 36/42 – Product Concept
Opt. A3 printing Optional inner finisher print speed 42 & 36 ppm A4 mfp copy scan fax (opt.) Duplex ADF 2 x 500 sheets paper input sheet bypass 2 x 500 sheets paper input optional

7 ineo 36/42 – Product Concept
Open API from the Sales Start Scan to Scan to FTP Scan functions Scan to USB Scan to SMB Scan to HDD 320 GB HDD standard 1.5 GB memory std. 10/100/1,000 Ethernet PCL, PostScript, XPS

8 ineo 36/42 – Standard Configuration
Duplex ADF Common with ineo+ 35 Operational panel Almost 100% common with ineo+ 35 Start key is Donau type Machine itself Based on ineo 423series

9 ineo 36/42 – Display Design Standard Configuration
With installed Fax kit

10 ineo 36/42 – Product Concept
Answering user needs in the fast-growing A4 monochrome MFP market The ineo 36/42 is a high-function MFP built to lead the medium-speed (31ppm and up) A4 monochrome MFP market Feature an engine and high-performance controller used in A3 MFPs Feature A3 monochrome MFP engine and the high-function ineo print controller Enables seamless colour/monochrome document management Easy integration with A3 MFPs for streamlined workflow Very important for tender business

11 Product Highlights ineo 36/42

12 Optional A3 Printing

13 Optional A3 Printing Printing on A3 paper via the bypass tray is available with an optional chip This is a Unique Selling Point and no other competitor offers a similar function at the moment This option increases the flexibility of ineo 36 and ineo 42 Ideal for offices that need the occasional A3 print out

14 Optional A3 Printing Example 1
Customer buys ineo 36/42 without A3 printing option DEVELOP action item: we activate the A3 printing option for a limited time -> after that we offer the customer A3 printing Options for the customer: If customer says no – we uninstall the chip If customer says yes – he has to pay for it Example 2 Offering ineo 36 with opt. A3 for price sensitive customer – check later if A3 is needed more often and replace it with an A3 machine

15 Optional A3 Printing ineo 36 / 42 ineo 223 A3 printing optional
standard A3 copying not available A3 paper support only via the bypass via trays + bypass A3 paper capacity max. 150 sheets much higher

16 Finishing Options

17 Finishing Option - Embedded Finisher
Inner Finisher FS-529 Common with Taiga & Amur Corner stapling and 2-point side stapling (USP) Finisher Mount Kit MK-601 Only for Taiga Y available

18 High toner yield & paper input

19 High toner yield & paper input
In total 8,851 persons from Germany, Austria and Switzerland took part in this survey The survey was marketed in the nine most important IT magazines in the German speaking area (c’t, Computer Bild, Chip, PC Welt etc.) plus on IT related webpages (, etc.) The professional status and the company size of the employer was asked The survey distinguishes between private and professional use Source: High toner yield & paper input The most common reasons why a print device does not print Personal use Shared use Empty paper Paper jam Empty toner/ink Hardware problems Software problems Other problems Communication problems PC <-> Printer

20 High toner yield & paper input
ineo 36 / 42 ineo 423 series Standard paper input 1,150 sheets Optional paper input 2,150 sheets 3,650 sheets Toner yield 20K ineo 36 24K ineo 42 17.5K ineo 223/283 25K ineo 363/423 Drum/Developer yield 110K ineo 36 120K ineo 42 80K ineo 223 100K ineo 283 110K ineo 363 120K ineo 423

21 Consumable Concept

22 Consumable Concept Toner concept Drum unit Developer Toner
Dual Component Toner Toner and Developer are separated Developer and drum unit separated Yield not fixed – dependent on the system settings, quality settings etc. Can be exchanged separately Toner Exchange while Printing, copying or scanning possible Drum unit Developer Toner

23 Spare Parts

24 Spare Parts ADF Common with ineo+ 35 Operation Panel ineo+ 35 based
Scanner ineo+35 based MFP Controller Board Common with ineo+ 35 Driving Unit Common with 423series Paper Exit Common with 423series Toner Unit 423series based Automatic Duplex Unit Common with 423series Print Head Common with 423series Fuser Common with 423series Imaging Unit Common with 423series Conveyance Roller Common with 423series Paper Feed Common with 423series Bypass Tray Common with 423series

25 Spare Parts Concept Spare Part Stocking
Many spare parts are identical with ineo 423 series or ineo+ 35 This simplifies the spare part stocking Less place is needed in the local warehouses Advantages for the service technicians Known parts – low learning curve – similar handling as for ineo 423 series – easier schedule planning for service visits Less place is needed in the service cars Robustness Furthermore this can be used as prove for the robustness of ineo 36/42 Good experiences in the past with ineo 423 series = identical in the future for ineo 36/42

26 Sustainability

27 Sustainability Blue Angel Mark Energy Star Certification
Top Class TEC value ineo HD Toner Less impact on the environment during its production, use and recycling Its biomass content is CO2 neutral during recycling

28 ineo Open Platform (lite)

29 Open API Open API available from the sales start
Same support as for ineo+ 35 Support of “A3 applications” Connectivity (SAP support, Universal Print Driver, Bens G3) Accounting features Personal Copy, Personal Scan DEVELOP software

30 ineo OP lite – ineo architecture
Industry Leading Security Standards ineo 36 / 42 ineo 423 series Access Control Copy/print accounting yes Function restriction User authentication (ID + PW) Finger Vein Scanner no Data security Secure printing Hard disc encryption Hard disc overwrite Hard disc password protection

31 ineo OP lite – ineo architecture
Industry Leading Security Standards ineo 36 / 42 ineo 423 series Network Security IP-filtering yes IPsec support 802.1x support SSL/TLS communication Others Encrypted PDF Advanced security features Copy protection via watermark Copy Guard no

32 ineo OP lite – Solution/Application
Enterprise Suite Enterprise is a software package which enables consolidated management of all ineo devices, usage restrictions, etc. Because the software is installed on a single server, ES is accessible from any web browser The ineo 36 and 42 are managed in the same way as A3 ineo devices, improving the efficiency of management operations B

33 ineo OP lite Enterprise Suite

34 ineo OP lite – iRC

35 ineo OP lite – iRC

36 ineo OP lite – iRC iRC Remote Care Automated ordering of consumables
Automated service notification Automated counter reading

37 ineo OP lite – Personal Apps
Support of: Personal Copy Personal Scan Personal Print Personal Message

38 ineo OP lite – Personal Apps
Personal Copy – Colour Copying with a b/w MFP Scan a colour document on ineo 36 or ineo 42 Print the colour document on a printer Personal Copy

39 ineo OP lite – Personal Apps
Personal Copy – Special Highlight for Dealers Sell more colour printers with monochrome MFPs Perfect for small companies with a single monochrome MFP and one colour printer – ideal opportunity for ineo 42/36

40 Summary

41 Universal Print Driver
ineo 36 and ineo 42 - For professional A4 market and for streamlined workflow with A3 MFPs Universal Print Driver Spare parts concept Open API Enterprise Consum-able concept Opt. A3 printing Security Features High paper input Finishing Options High toner yield iRC

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