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1 Presented By, Sripad Sarode
Flash Presented By, Sripad Sarode

2 Content What is Flash? History of Flash Action Script
Advantages of Flash Limitations of Flash Flash Applications Conclusion

3 What is Flash? Macromedia Flash is a technology that allows animations, interactive forms, games and other features to be embedded in web pages Vector based-many individual objects with individual properties (uses points, lines, curves, and polygons to represent images) Flash is a technology that allows you to create animations and interactivity on a web page.

4 Flash Graphics Uses compact vector graphics. Created with lines and curves and descriptions of their properties stored in mathematical equations Does support raster images (also called bitmaps) which are created with pixels

5 Flash Graphics Bitmap Vs Vector Graphics

6 History of Flash Initial release - 1995 Notable product additions
Dec. 1996: ‘Flash’ name introduced June 1997: Object Library was introduced June 1999: Internal variables, advanced ActionScript March 2002: Streaming video Sept. 2003: OOP ActionScript 2.0 April 2007: ActionScript 3.0

7 ActionScript ECMA Script-based programming language used for controlling Flash Java Script deals with the structure of Browser windows, documents and forms ActionScript deals with structure and interactivity of Flash movies, including animations, audio, text and client-side logic

8 Action Script Different versions of Action Script Action Script 2.0

9 ActionScript ActionScript 2.0
It allows fully Object-Oriented programming. Most of the code you write in ActionScript 2.0 looks just like in Java, with few syntax differences

10 ActionScript ActionScript 3.0 ActionScript 3.0 is third incarnation of
ActionScript Language and an ideal programming language It Provides more powerful programming constructs and core language structure, with things like event dispatching being built in as core language objects

11 Advantages of Flash Interactive content Load faster than HTML
Small file sizes Stability Fairly simple to create Universal ease of use & compatibility The major benefit of Flash over html is that it loads faster, and has much smaller file sizes. Flash can have moving pictures, games, and interactivity on pages that download in a reasonable amount of time. Flash is more stable than Jave applets, which are sometimes incorrectly programmed and can use up all the resources on your computer causing it to crash (ex. UGA’s Oasis). Basic animation is fairly simple to create, and more advanced animation can be simplified through the use of templates. Another benefit to Flash is that most computers now come with the Flash Plug-In already installed, so you are ready to view Flash files instantly. It also works the same in almost all the browsers out there today.

12 Be aware… Unintuitive=intimidating Flash player plug-in
Can be overused There are a couple of pitfalls to Flash, but the are easy to overcome. Flash is very in-depth, and can be intimidating. Once you learn the basics of the program, you can create countless animations. You must have Flash Player plug-in to view Flash animation. Also, once people learn the program, they sometimes go overboard with animations on their web page. Remember too much of a good thing is not always good.

13 Applications of Flash There are many applications of Flash
Rich Internet Applications Mobile Devices

14 Applications of Flash: Rich Internet Applications
Used for Creating interactive web pages Animated Movies Audio and Video Games

15 Applications of Flash: Mobile Applications
Flash for Mobile devices come in three flavours Flash for Pocket PC Flash Lite Flash Cast

16 Applications of Flash: Mobile Applications
Flash Pocket PC Flash Player profile that supports all the functionality of the Flash 7 player, including XML and data loading Flash Lite Flash Lite provides scriptable animation and user interactivity Flash Cast The Latest Mobile technology from adobe, Allows distribution of rich media services, like News, Animation, Games and Media over a dedicated mobile network

17 Examples of Flash Web Site

18 Conclusion Internet users have experienced or interacted with Flash content whether or not they knew exactly what technology they utilized. Flash is Expanding to provide better user experience and accomplishing tasks better, simpler and faster.

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