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Reports in a complex enviroment IGELU 2012 Zurich - 12 September 2012 Zeno Tajoli – 12.Sep.2012.

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1 Reports in a complex enviroment IGELU 2012 Zurich - 12 September 2012 Zeno Tajoli – z.tajoli@ 12.Sep.2012

2 Main points More Modules ? To use cron Retrieve from BIB Retrieve from ADM Display with Excel Util e and GUI 12.Sep.2012

3 More Modules ? The language used: perl 5.8.x Two perl on Aleph500: – OS perl – Perl installed with Aleph500 You can use both Perl installed with Aleph500 has more modules that SUN or RHEL perl 12.Sep.2012

4 More Modules ? Useful extra modules: – Unicode::Lite – Convert::Translit Sun solution: – Install a third perl (like /usr/local/bin/perl) RHEL solution: – Add modules to OS perl with CPAN 12.Sep.2012

5 To use cron Better to not repeat tasks Cron is not the command line Cron is a different enviroment So you need to configure it to have the same results Our solution [ crontab –l ] 12.Sep.2012

6 To use cron #List serials 34 10 31 12 * csh -c "/exlibris/aleph/list.csh" > /tmp/log18 -c [script] reads commands from the specified script file 12.Sep.2012

7 #!/bin/csh source /exlibris/aleph/.cshrc source /exlibris/aleph/a20_1/alephm/.cshrc source /exlibris/aleph/u20_1/alephe/aleph_start source $aleph_proc/def_local_env set user = aleph setenv LOGNAME aleph cd /exlibris/aleph/serials /exlibris/aleph/serials/ 12.Sep.2012

8 Retrieve from BIB Cataloguers have insert data in bib records instead of ADM records Elaborate a bibliography – Extract with p-ret-01 and p-print-03 – Tuning tab expand – As format: “MARC with alphanumeric tags” – Do you need a fix routine ? – Or a character conversion ? 12.Sep.2012

9 use MARC::Batch; #Work one record at time my $batch = MARC::Batch->new( 'USMARC', $input_file ); $batch->warnings_off(); $batch->strict_off(); RECORD: while () { my $record; eval { $record = $batch->next() }; if ($@) { print ERRFILE "Bad MARC record ". $records_read. ": skipped.\n"; next; } last unless ($record); $records_read++; list_serials($record); } 12.Sep.2012

10 sub list_serials{ my $record = shift; my $tipo =''; my $ldr = $record->leader(); my $id = $record->field('001')->data(); eval{$tipo = $record->field('200')->subfield("b")- >data()}; if ($@) {$tipo = ''}; my @arr958 = $record->field('958'); 12.Sep.2012

11 if ((substr($ldr,5,3) eq 'nas') and (length($tipo)< 1)){ my $presenza_subs = 0; foreach my $campo (@arr958){ my $dato = $campo->subfield('a'); if (length($dato)>1){ $dato = substr($dato,0,3); if (length($dato)>1){ $presenza_subs++; $dato =~ s/\://g; $dato =~ s/\s//g; my $i = $subs_presenti{$dato}; if ($i<1){ $subs_presenti{$dato} = 1; }else{ $i++; $subs_presenti{$dato}= $i; }; } } } if ($presenza_subs > 0){$contatore_serials_globale++} 12.Sep.2012

12 sub send_avviso{ use MIME::Lite; my $val_subject = $_[0]; my $val_body=$_[1]; my $msg=MIME::Lite->new( From=>'', To=>‘', Subject=>$val_subject, Type=>'multipart/mixed'); $msg->attach(Type=>'TEXT',Data=>$val_body); $msg->attach(Type=>'text/plain', Path=>"/exlibris/aleph/lista.dat", Filename=>"lista.dat", Disposition=>'attachment'); MIME::Lite->send('smtp', 'localhost', Timeout=>60); $msg->send; }; 12.Sep.2012

13 Retrieve from ADM You retrieve data from Oracle DBI, Unicode::Lite Read the Oracle documentation from Doc Portal Explore data with Oracle SQL Developer Setup the oracle environment in the scripts 12.Sep.2012

14 Retrieve from ADM A selection: $ENV{ORACLE_OWNER} = "oracle"; $ENV{ORACLE_VERSION} = "11"; $ENV{ORACLE_SID} = "aleph20"; $ENV{ORACLE_BASE} = "/exlibris/app/oracle"; $ENV{ORACLE_HOME} = "/exlibris/app/oracle/product/11"; $ENV{ORACLE_CONF} = "/exlibris/aleph/ora_aleph"; Use printenv to see 12.Sep.2012

15 Retrieve from ADM Order and group data with ORDER BY and GROUP BY $piano_sql = qq{ select z305_rec_key from xxx.z305}; $sel_ids = $lda->prepare($piano_sql); $main::sel_ids->execute(); my $ref_arr_ids = $sel_ids->fetchall_arrayref(); foreach my $row(@$ref_arr_ids){ my ($idz305) = @$row; 12.Sep.2012

16 select count(z35_rec_key), z35_sub_library from z35 where Z35_event_date like '2011%' and (z35_event_type = '71' OR z35_event_type = '71' OR z35_event_type = '72' OR z35_event_type = '73' OR z35_event_type = '74') group by z35_sub_library; 12.Sep.2012

17 select z36h_sub_library, count(z36h_rec_key) from z36h where z36h_item_status = '20' AND Z36h_LOAN_DATE between '20120101' and '20121231' group by z36h_sub_library select z36_status, count(z36_rec_key) from z36 where z36_sub_library = 'BF ' AND Z36_LOAN_DATE between '20120101' and '20121231' group by z36_status 12.Sep.2012

18 select z305_bor_status, count(z305_rec_key) from z305 where z305_rec_key like '%FIL ' group by z305_bor_status; In a for cicle with all sublibraries With a translation for bor status 12.Sep.2012

19 Display with Excel SYmbolic LinK (SYLK) format sylk.htm sylk.htm It’s plain text Quick and dirty 12.Sep.2012

20 Display with Excel Column name with bold Formatting values Format dates Excel and Calc (LibreOffice) Selected ten years ago Now better Open Document Format (XML) ds/c043485_ISO_IEC_26300_2006(E).zip ds/c043485_ISO_IEC_26300_2006(E).zip 12.Sep.2012

21 Util e and GUI Util e 15 and 16 are like cron – Setup time and parameters – Open when Aleph is open # From p_custom_01 source $aleph_proc/def_local_env start_p_generic_proc /exlibris/aleph/ echo "Fine lavori" exit: bl_end rm_f_symbol exit 12.Sep.2012

22 Util e and GUI From Doc Portal: – How to make a home made custom service (19+) – How_to_add_additional_privileges_to_user_funct ion_lng You can use GUI to: – Send parameters – Send time – Use task Manager – Setup permission 12.Sep.2012

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