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Demo Direct: (321) 231-1253.

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1 Demo Direct: (321) 231-1253

2 In late 2005 emerging requests for Native PST production from the NASD and SEC required the creation of Wave Software’s Native production utility, Trident. 2006 Wave Software Signs Deloitte US as a customer. De-Duplication developed for Resellers and consultants for processing internally. Wave Software also adds Snapshot feature and Lotus Notes NSF abilities. 2007 Q2 Wave Software surpasses previous two years revenues. Wave Software adds new E-file feature and signs customers around the world. (Hong Kong,Moscow,London and more) 2008 Wave Software works with Lexis-Nexis to develop Native Review Bridge. NRB is a direct load into Concordance for native files. History

3 Preview and Prepare data with Snapshot tool reports. NRB Load Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook Directly into Concordance Trident can de-duplicate within 5-10 minutes or less 1GB of multiple E- files and native files such as PST, NSF. Re-Generation of Native email files out of any review tool for producing to the SEC, NASD, General Counsel and more. Trident Professional enables the customer to prepare and manage the data in a much more effective manor. Trident is indeed the must have tool for Pre- Process and Post-Process production. Foreign Language Support Unicode and Non-Unicode. Simplest solution in the E-discovery market. Little training required with maximized benefit. Anyone can operate Trident with success. Trident Professional

4 Trident-Lite- Its FREE Free product that is given out to the market. This is intended to grow our market-share by offering the market tools that they actually need. Snapshot Tool-You will know how many messages, attachments, NSF and PST sizes, Top Tos, Froms, CCs, BCCs, Attachment Extensions; all this and pretty charts too. You can also print this information for demonstrative reasons. MSG Import and Export-Import or Export multiple folders for multiple custodians into the MSG or PST structure of your choice. Trident Lite gives customers the ability to know more about the data before accruing costs. Trident Lite has on average three new customers a day. Trident Lite is used by ALM 100,top 10 consulting firms and corporations globally.

5 Benefits to using Trident Flat Rate Product. Helps reduce cost. Chain of Custody is preserved. Detailed Reporting and Logs Build client relationship with Accurate,Preserved Data. Always produce exactly what is required to your clients. “We have saved thousands of dollars using Trident," said Eric Mazur, Partner LECG Global Practice “Software that just works”, Dimitri Saad, Partner Deloitte “We process Terabytes of NSF Data Via Trident, and we have had 0 service calls”, Jake Frazier, VP Renewdata “ We only use vendors that use Trident, This enables us to ensure that Chain of Custody is Preserved.” Motorola

6 Native Review Bridge Trident Demo

7 Trident Native Review Bridge Do you want an easier solution to loading Native into Concordance? Process Outlook PST, Lotus NSF and loose files directly. Extract emails, attachments, metadata, and text files from multiple sources and custodians. You can even load the processed data directly into a Concordance Database.

8 Native Processing Industry Workflow Trident Demo

9 Native Process CollectionPre-processAnalysis ReviewProduction Native Processing Industry Workflow Reduce Data Down with Trident Provide Clean Data to Lexis-Nexis Products Produce Native with Trident Process and Review via Lexis-Nexis

10 Free 5 Day Trident Access Available to Lexis-Nexis Users. Trident Demo 1-888-225-6913

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