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Perl | Grid Nik Kolev CSC-9020 – Grid Computing Villanova University.

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1 Perl | Grid Nik Kolev CSC-9020 – Grid Computing Villanova University

2 Outline Organizations & Standards Perl|Grid -- WSRF::Lite WSRF::Lite Workshop (not today)

3 Organizations (OGF)‏ Open Grid Forum  Mission: The Open Grid Forum accelerates grid adoption to enable business value and scientific discovery by providing an open forum for grid innovation and developing open standards for grid software interoperability.  Formed in 2006 when the Global Grid Forum (GGF) and the Enterprise Grid Aliance (EGA) merged 

4 Standards (OGSA)‏ Open Grid Services Architecture  A distributed interaction and computing architecture based around services, assuring interoperability on heterogeneous systems so that different types of resources can communicate and share information  A refinement of the Web Services architecture specifically designed to support Grid requirements 

5 Standards (OGSA)‏



8 Organizations (OASIS)‏ OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards)‏  Mission:  Formed in 2006 when the Global Grid Forum (GGF) and the Enterprise Grid Aliance (EGA) merged 

9 Standards (OGSI)‏ Open Grid Services Infrastructure Published as a recommendation by the GGF in 2003)‏ Added statefullness to Web Services to support Grid computations Globus Toolkit v3 is a reference implementation Good first step, now obsolete  needed “componentizaion”  evolution parallel to that of Web Services  too grid specific for WS adoption

10 Standards (WSRF)‏ WS-Resource Framework Allows stateless Web (Grid) services to interact with stateful resources (regardless of the resources' nature)‏ Key concept: The WS-Resource – an entity which maintains state between calls to it abd can be accesses through a Web Service Currently a highly unstable set of OASIS specifications Intro|Motivation:

11 WSRF::Lite Perl implementation of the WSRF spec(s):  WS-Addressing  WS-ResourceProperties  WS-ResourceLifetimes  WS-BaseFaults  WS-ServiceGroups  WS-Security Source and info:

12 WSRF::Lite Prerequisites  *NIX (.NET also supported in the latest version)  Perl (5.6 and later)  SOAP::Lite  IO::Socket::SSL  XML::DOM  …  WSRF::Lite Recommended installation  Install the CPAN perl module  `perl -MCPAN -e 'install ` Old-fashioned installation  Download and explode the source tarball from CPAN  `perl Makefile.PL`  `make`  `make test install

13 WSRF::Lite WSRF::Lite state management  In-memory Process managing a single resource Process managing multiple resources  On-disk Flat file Database

14 WSRF::Lite WSRF::Lite Mechanics  WS-Resource  WS-Resource Factory Web Service  Start the Container (perl script that basically is an http daemon) Create /tmp/wsrf and /tmp/wsrf/data directories Define WSRF_MODULES as the path to the WS- Resource perl modules directory  Access the Resource Example scripts are provided with the WSRF::Lite distribution

15 WSRF::Lite – Resource Factory my $newService = WSRF::Resource->new( module=> 'Counter', path => '/WSRF/Counter', namespace => 'http://foo/bar' ); my $resourceID = $newService->ID(); $newService->handle(@params); my $wsa = WSRF::GSutil::createWSAddress( module=> 'Counter', path => '/WSRF/Counter/', ID => $resourceID ); return WSRF::Header::header( $envelope ), SOAP::Data->value($wsa)->type('xml');

16 WSRF::Lite – Resource Module $WSRF::WSRP::ResourceProperties{count} = 0; sub add { my $envelope = pop @_; my ($class, $val) = @_; $WSRF::WSRP::ResourceProperties{count} = $WSRF::WSRP::ResourceProperties{count} + $val; return WSRF::Header::header($envelope), $WSRF::WSRP::ResourceProperties{count}; }

17 WSRF::Lite Building WS-Resources with WSRF::Lite: Add security to your WSRF::Lite services: Using AJAX with WSRF::Lite:

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