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MSP-Lite v0.8 February 12, 2004

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1 MSP-Lite v0.8 February 12, 2004

2 SMP-Lite SMP-Proxy Rsync 2.6.0 SMP-NetTrace Internet Intranet SMP-Script VPN

3 MSP-Lite (1/2) From rsync 2.4.6 to rsync 2.6.0. MFC application (XP icon look). Multi-threaded. Process management. Soft reset. Tracing. Logging. Push, Pull.

4 MSP-Lite (2/2) Conditional scripts: –Prologue (once at startup). –Epilogue (once when finishing). –Pre-install (before every file). –Post-install (after every file). Script operations: –Sound (play.wav file). –Kill (kill a process; name based). –Regkey (add/remove registry information). –Exec (execute another process). –mkdir, rmdir (directories). –Mv, rm (files/directories, e.g. backup).

5 MSP-Lite Configurations ActiveSync TCP/IP: direct (craddle) link to desktop PC (serial, USB, IrDA, BlueTooth). IrDA TCP/IP to SMP-Proxy. BlueTooth TCP/IP (WIN32 server still to check, Linux OK).

6 SMP-Proxy Multi-threaded proxy server. Flexible network communication setup (intranet, internet). Configurable (XML file): source port, target server and port. MFC application (fast, no.NET needed). WIN32 service. Tracing facility: hexdump of bidirectional communication. Tray icon: shows open connections, byte counts.

7 MSP-Lite - To Do Major cleanup. CAB install. Scripting dll: continue implementation. Logging, tracing: –Use XML (SOAP). –Improve Java viewer. rsync 2.6.0: debug (1 issue). BlueTooth: test stability, study problem notification options. Setup demo scenarios (pull/push). XML configuration files (easy install).

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