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Can I top Tesla? Tesla Roadster vs Opel Corsa Lite.

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1 Can I top Tesla? Tesla Roadster vs Opel Corsa Lite

2 Problem statement A donor is offering me a Tesla Roadster or any other car. I must choose.

3 Outline of this presentation Issues to consider Specifications of the cars under consideration: Tesla Roadster and Corsa Lite Environmental considerations My requirements Strengths and weaknesses in my context My decision

4 Issues to consider Car specifications in the light of: My requirements Feasibility and sustainability Responsible citizenship

5 Tesla Roadster

6 Opel Corsa Lite

7 Specifications: Engine RoadsterCorsa Lite Top speed220km/h166km/h Acceleration6,9m/s/s2,3m/s/s Power180kW65kW

8 Acceleration

9 Top speed

10 Power

11 Specifications: Fuel RoadsterCorsa Lite Fuel typeelectricitypetrol Efficiency95%20% Cost / km4c/km30c/km Refuel time3,5 hours recharge per 400km 10 minutes refuel per 500km

12 Specifications: Price The donor is willing to donate either car to me. I, though, could possibly resell the car of my choice.

13 Specifications: Utility RoadsterCorsa Lite Seating capacity 24 Boot capacity140 litres260 litres Status levelhighlow PurposeSports carSmall city car

14 Energy efficiency An engine converts input energy into a form usable to the car. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, so the engine outputs as much energy as was input. However, only some of this is useful. Input energy Engine Output energy

15 Energy efficiency The energy efficiency is the ratio between the usable output energy and the input energy. Efficiency = Useful output x 100% Input

16 Energy efficiency: Petrol engine 20% of input energy is outputted usefully 80% of input energy is ‘wasted’ in output Input energy Petrol Engine Output energy useful wasted

17 Energy efficiency: Electric motor 95% of input energy is outputted usefully 5% of input energy is ‘wasted’ in output Input energy Electric Motor Output energy useful wasted

18 Environmental impact of fossil fuel combustion Fossil fuels consist largely of Carbon, which burns to produce CO 2, a greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming by trapping the long waves of earth’s radiation in. Burning fossil fuels usually also forms pollutants e.g. SO 2, smog and NO 2, which are poisonous.

19 Environmental impact: electric vehicles (e.g. Roadster) No combustion in engine, therefore no exhaust fumes, but generation of electricity for powering vehicle may involve fossil fuel combustion. However, electricity can be produced in more environmentally friendly ways than fossil fuel combustion (e.g. hydro-electric, wind, solar, geothermal power). Also, even if the electricity extracted was generated from fossil fuels, the electric motor’s higher energy efficiency means less pollution needs be formed for a certain output.

20 My requirements Cheap long distance and in-town travel. Boot and passenger space for at least two passengers.

21 Roadster: strengths StrengthRelevance to my context Environmentally friendlyImportant for me to be a responsible citizen, but otherwise has little direct impact on me Extremely cheap to runVery desirable High acceleration rate; higher power and top speeds than Corsa Nice, but unnecessary, features High status appearanceNot important to me

22 Roadster: weaknesses WeaknessRelevance to my context Needs to be charged for 3,5 h each 400km, and specialised equipment needed for recharge I need to be able to drive long distances (e.g. 700km) per day. South Africa does not yet have electric recharge stations Limited boot space, and only 2 seats I need more boot and passenger space Very high initial costDonation makes this personally irrelevant except for resale, in which case this is a strength

23 Corsa Lite: strengths StrengthRelevance to my context Compared to other petrol cars has a low petrol consumption rate While not as environmentally friendly and cost-effective in running as Roadster, positive relative to other petrol cars More boot and passenger space than Roadster A necessary feature Refuelling much quicker and easier than Roadster A necessary feature for long distance driving

24 Corsa Lite: weaknesses WeaknessRelevance to my context Lower power, top speed and acceleration than Roadster Not very important to me Lower status value than Roadster Not very important to me More expensive to run, and less environmentally friendly than Roadster A pity, but at least less expensive to run and more environmentally friendly than other petrol cars

25 My decision If I may resell my choice, I would choose the Tesla Roadster, and then sell it, using a little of the money to buy a Corsa Lite.

26 My decision If I may not resell the car I choose and the donation is to be made now, I would choose the Corsa Lite, mainly because of the Roadster’s limited range, long recharge times, and my long distance travelling need.

27 My decision If the donation does not allow for resale, and is to be made after battery powered car technology has increased range between recharges and South Africa has developed electric recharge stations, I might choose the Roadster, mainly because of its low running cost and environmental friendliness. This would especially be so if a 4-seat version of the Roadster were developed.

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