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Senior Clinical Competency Exam (SCCX) Class of 2015.

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2 Senior Clinical Competency Exam (SCCX) Class of 2015

3 WHY? 1.Provides a standardized measure of student competence and readiness for GME 2.Provides feedback about the effectiveness of our curriculum

4 WHEN? July 22 – August 8, 2014 2 full days (Tues/Wed or Thurs/Fri) Six groups of 12 students each

5 WHAT? 10 CCX cases: – 20 min SP, 45 min CCX –Findings, Hypotheses, Labs, Diagnosis, Diagnosis Justification, Problem List, and Management 4 Patient Note Cases: – 15 min SP, 10 min Pt Note –History Findings, Physical Exam Findings, Differential Diagnosis with supportive findings and Laboratory Studies

6 How is SCCX different from earlier CCXs? Pt Satisfaction is NOT included in case score DX Justification is 20% of case score Sections are NOT weighted –your score = # items done ÷ total # of items Cases drawn from all organ systems, all clerkships, and all Doctoring content You will be held to a higher standard of performance

7 For greatest success: Approach patients as if you will be responsible for their ongoing care (not just for their diagnosis)

8 USMLE 2CS Updates H&P Checklist: –History items removed Patient Note: –Must support DDX with Findings Communication skills checklist –Revised to include specific behaviors Review website

9 ….so we will too… H&P Checklist: –History items will not count for credit –PE and MGMT items WILL count Patient Note: –Our form will be mimic the USMLE 2CS form Communication skills checklist –NO CHANGE to our form

10 SCCX Orientation July 17, 4:30 PM (Thursday, week 2) West Auditorium Orientation Slides will available on website if you cannot attend If you have questions, Mary Aiello will be available before and during SCCX

11 To Prepare: Be prepared for all Appendix A complaints from Graduation Objectives Review Head to Toe PE guidelines Understand DDX generation & DX Justification Review materials on CCX Assessments website

12 Passing the SCCX: Cases Grading for SCCX Cases: –20%: Diagnosis Justification –80%: Everything else (not Pt. Satisfaction) –Expect 65% (or higher) pass level for cases –Expect a minimum of 10 cases to pass exam Remediation for failing SCCX Cases: –Clinical Reasoning elective –October 27 to November 21, 2014 –Elective credit awarded

13 Passing the SCCX: Patient Satisfaction Patient Satisfaction Grading: –Must achieve 4’s (scale of 1-5) across all six items in at least 11 cases Remediation for failing Pt. Satisfaction: –MD/Patient Relationship elective –Must be taken by April 1, 2015 –Elective credit awarded

14 Results Faculty will score the SCCX in August CCX Committee will finalize pass level and scores by early September Automatic review of all Unsatisfactory performances before results finalized Results in campus mailboxes and to SPC by mid-September

15 CCX Assessments Website

16 If you have questions: CCX Assessments website OR Mary Aiello ( Dr. Erica Nelson (

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