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Macbeth By: William Shakespeare Power Point By: Shadi.

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1 Macbeth By: William Shakespeare Power Point By: Shadi

2 A Cursed Class Project Mr. Strom’s Grade 5/6 Class at Canyon Meadows started studying “The Cursed Play”…Macbeth! By: William Shakespeare.

3 What The 5/6’s Thought of the Book! After they had finished reading the book they had some comments! Here’s what they had to say! Sodoba from grade5 and Marissa from grade 6 say that the book was quote “Very interesting and mysterious.” Tyson in grade 6 says that “When he had to stop at the paperclip, he wanted to keep on going. It’s an awesome book!”

4 More Comments Graham from grade 6 says “It is very good.” Shadi from grade 5 thinks “I enjoyed it very much. It was interesting and suspenseful.”

5 The Teacher’s Thoughts! Mr. Strom, the teacher who made it happen answered 2 questions. Here are his responses! 1.What do you, yourself think of Macbeth? “I think that it was sad, what happened to Macbeth. He had everything until he killed King Duncan … and ended up with nothing!”

6 Questions Continued 2. Why did you choose this book? and How do you think this has influenced the students? “I chose it because Macbeth is one of my favourite plays. As well, I chose it so students realize that Shakespeare’s plays are not something to be afraid of studying. Lastly, I think that the themes in Macbeth are important to learn about!”

7 The End! Well thank you for watching the power point. If you want to read this book go to your nearest library. But remember this: Double, Double toil and trouble Fire Burn and cauldron bubble Eye of newt and toe of frog Wool of bat and tongue of dog For a charm of powerful trouble Like a hell-broth boil and bubble

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