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Introduction for Acupuncture & Moxibustion

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1 Introduction for Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Yu-Chen Lee MD. PHD. Jaung-Geng Lin MD. PHD. School of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University, Taiwan Department of Acupuncture, China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan

2 Outline Method Indication

3 The Twelve Meridians

4 Stomach Meridian(ST) one of the regular twelve meridians which originates internally at the lateral edge of the nose, then continues to ST1 at the inferior border of the rbit, descends to the upper gum, courses around the mouth, and travels up to ST8 at the hairline of the temple. From here it continues internally to erminate at GV24.

5 Kidney Meridian(KI) One of the twelve regular meridians which begins on the plantar tip of the small toe and travels to yongquan (KI1) in the center of the sole, continues along the medial side of the lower limb to the symphysis pubis, turns internally to the kidney and bladder, and back to the symphysis pubis.

6 Liver Meridian(LR) One of the twelve regular meridians which runs from dadun (LR1) on the medial aspect of the big toe just behind the nail, through the inner side of the lower limb, external genitalia and abdomen, to qimen (LR14), a point about 2 cun below the nipple. From qimen (LR14) the meridian/channel enters the abdomen, traverses through the stomach paralaterally to connect with the liver and gallbladder.

7 Method

8 Modern Acupuncture Needles

9 Special Needles Three-edged Needle Seven-Star Needle Fire Needle
Dermal Needle Intradermal Needle Ear acupuncture Electroacupuncture Needle knife

10 Three-edged Needle A thick needle with a sharp three-edged tip.
For bloodletting

11 Seven-Star Needle (Plum-Blossom Needle)
A dermal needling instrument with seven short needles attached to the end of a handle in a cluster. A dermal needling instrument with a bundle of five short embedded needles resembling a plum blossom. For bloodletting.

12 Fire Needle Made by Tungsten.

13 Fire Needling

14 Ear Acupuncture Acupuncture at the points located on the auricle, also called auriculo-acupuncture.

15 Ear Acupuncture Needle


17 Electro-acupuncture Therapy

18 Needle Knife A knife-shaped in the tip of needles.
For myofibrosis, taut band, chronic pain.

19 Introduction for Moxibustion

20 Moxa Mugwort A plant from which moxa floss is prepared.

21 Indirect Moxibustion Moxa Stick Moxibustion. Moxibustion on Ginger.
Moxibustion on Garlic. Moxibustion on Salt.

22 Moxa Stick Moxibustion
Moxibustion with ignited moxa stick.

23 Moxibustion on Ginger The application of moxibustion on a piece of fresh ginger as an insulating medium, also called ginger moxibustion.

24 Warm Needling Therapy A therapy involving warm needling moxibustion.

25 Scrap

26 Indications of Acupuncture & Moxibustion

27 Neck pain & C-spine HIVD

28 Lumbago

29 Sciatica

30 Frozen Shoulder

31 Tennis elbow

32 Trigger Finger & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

33 Osteoarthritis or Joint Injuries in Knee

34 Tinnitis & Hearing Loss

35 Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

36 Facial Palsy

37 LI-4(Hegu)

38 HT-7 (Shenmen)

39 ST-36(Zusanli)

40 Thanks for your attention !
Welcome to Taichung. 40 40

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