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Common Sports Injuries

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1 Common Sports Injuries
Nick Corvine 10th Grade Health

2 Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries
Muscle Pull Neck Strain and Pain Frozen Shoulder Injury Strained Lower Back Injury Tennis Elbow-Tendonitis

3 Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries (Cont.)
Runner’s Knee Shin Splints Sprained Ankle Achilles Tendonitis Foot Arch Sprain

4 Head Injuries Three main types: Concussion, Compression, Skull Fracture Caused by direct blow to head Symptoms Dizziness Sickness Headache Tinnitus

5 Turf Toe Pain at base of big toe Treated mainly by RICE Caused by:
Jamming the toe Pushing off repeatedly when running

6 Frozen Shoulder Stiffness and pain in shoulder joint
Overuse of tendons, ligaments, and bones in shoulder joint Three stages: Painful Frozen Thawing Women over 40 likely to get this

7 Broken Collarbone Shoulder pain and difficulty moving arm
Swelling and bruising around clavicle Causes: Falling on outstretched hand Fall and hit the outside of the shoulder Direct hit to the clavicle

8 Runner’s Knee Pain behind or around kneecap
Painful when bending the knee More painful when walking down stairs Caused by: Overuse Fall or blow to the knee Misalignment

9 Shin Splints Pain along or behind shin bone
Tenderness, soreness, or pain in lower leg Causes: Running downhill Running on a slanted or tilted surface Running in worn-out footwear Playing sports with frequent starts and stops

10 Sprained Ankle Rolling, twisting, or turning ankle awkwardly
Could tear through ligaments Symptoms: Pain Swelling and, sometimes, bruising Restricted range of motion

11 Tennis Elbow Overuse and muscle strain injury
Rest and over the counter medicine Symptoms: Difficulty shaking hands Difficulty turning a doorknob Difficulty holding a coffee cup

12 Groin Pull Muscle gets stretched to far
Severe tears muscle fibers can tear Three types all pretty painful Grade I Grade II Grade III

13 Neck Strain and Pain Pretty Painful
Could feel dizziness, numbness, weakness Neck stiffness is also a concern Caused by: Whiplash Rotation of head Compression

14 Knee Sprain Injuring a ligament around knee joint
Excessive stretching of knee joint Symptoms: Bruising Leg can’t bear weight Can not bend knee joint

15 Osgood Schlatters Painful lump below kneecap
Children and adolescents experiencing growth spurts Symptoms include: Pain Swelling Tenderness Knee pain that worsens with activity

16 Wrist Sprain Falls onto outstretched hands Three types grades 1-3
Symptoms: Swelling in wrist Pain at time of injury Bruising Tenderness

17 Broken Foot Overuse of the foot during activities
Impact during activites Symptoms: Swelling Immediate throbbing pain Bruising

18 Broken Arm A bone in the arm has cracked Falling during play
Direct blow during an activity Symptoms: Severe pain Swelling Bruising

19 Broken Ribs Happens more in contact sports
More often ribs are just cracked, still serious Symptoms: Pain when taking deep breath Pain when pressing on injury

20 Broken Leg Crack in one of the bones of leg
Serious breaks may lead to screws in leg Symptoms: Severe pain, which may worsen with movement Swelling Tenderness Bruising

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