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Cap/cipit- head Manu- hand Ped- foot

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1 Cap/cipit- head Manu- hand Ped- foot
Unit 5: Head to Toe Cap/cipit- head Manu- hand Ped- foot

2 1. Captivate (v) Definition: to attract and hold the attention of someone by being interesting, pretty, etc. Example sentence: The magician can easily captivate the crowd with his amazing tricks.

3 2. Precipitation (n) Definition: water that falls to the ground as rain, snow, hail, sleet, etc. Example sentence: The weather report is stating a 90 % chance of precipitation tomorrow so we will need to reschedule the picnic.

4 3. Capitulate (v) Definition: to stop fighting an enemy or opponent; to admit that an enemy or opponent has won. Example sentence: I am not one to argue, so I will often capitulate just to avoid further conflict.

5 4. Manual (adj) Definition: doing or involving hard physical work; of or relating to using the hands; operated or controlled with the hands or by a person Example sentence: In a car with a manual transmission, the driver must shift the gears with his hands, while steering and operating the brakes.

6 5. Manipulate (v) Definition: to move or control something with your hands or by using a machine; to deal with or control someone or something in a clever and unusually selfish way Example sentence: The baby is learning to manipulate objects like blocks with her hands.

7 6. Manuscript (n) Definition: the original copy of a play, book, piece of music, etc., before it has been printed Example sentence: I sent my manuscript to countless publishers, hoping to get a book deal.

8 7. Maneuver (n) Definition: clever or skillful action or movement
Example sentence: Through a series of legal maneuvers, the lawyer kept his client out of jail.

9 8. Pedestrian (N) Definition: a person who is walking in a city, along a road, etc. Example sentence: A heavy barrier was built along the busy street to protect the pedestrians walking by from cars that might swerve off the road.

10 9. Impede (v) Definition: to slow the movement, progress, or action of someone or something Example sentence: The soldiers were able to successfully impede the enemy’s advances.

11 10. Pedestal (n) Definition: the base of a column or other tall object; used to describe the position of someone who is admired, successful, etc. Example sentence: She had placed her father on a pedestal for her entire life; he was perfect and could do no wrong.

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