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City of Roseville Parks and Recreation Aquatics Leadership Styles.

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1 City of Roseville Parks and Recreation Aquatics Leadership Styles

2 Outcomes Participants will define their own leadership style. Participants will recognize how leadership styles relate to other styles. Participants will examine how to adjust or flex their leadership style to become more effective leaders and communicators.

3 Leaders can have a profound impact on the productivity of their followers based on the style they use to influence others!

4 Natural and learned personal preferences Personal beliefs (values) Adaptability (versatility) Esteem (self worth and self respect) The Basic Behavioral Shapers

5 Dominant or Driver Style Directors

6 Focused on task Concerned with use of time Tough minded & determined Decide quickly, action oriented Risk takers Want to cause results, change & impact Independent, candid, efficient, thorough Directors Major Characteristics

7 Tell oriented Invade space - “toe to toe & eye to eye” Appear serious and aloof May be direct, abrupt & critical Want to maintain control Little concern over feelings Competitive Directors Interpersonal Behaviors

8 Get to the point quickly Start with the “bottom line” Be specific, clear, candid and frank Be willing to disagree Look them in the eye, stand toe to toe Persuaded by endorsement Adapting to Directors

9 “Always take them seriously not personally” The Rule for Directors

10 Expressives – Influencing Style

11 Relationship oriented Prefer to spend time with other people Fast paced in motion, gesture, and walk Act on feeling, opinions, hunches, emotion Decide quickly, risk oriented Creative and intuitive thinkers Are often undisciplined with use of time Expressives Major Characteristics

12 Sensitive to people, fun to be around Natural persuaders - tell oriented Strong eye contact - “touchy feely” Fun, gregarious and personable Express opinions & emotions easily Think faster than they can talk Can’t say no Expressives Interpersonal Behaviors

13 Verbalize your feelings, empathize w/ theirs Socialize and create small talk Compliment & praise when appropriate Don’t argue, look for alternatives Give them the “big picture” Follow up agreements in writing Persuaded by assurances Adapting to Expressives

14 “Paraphrase and clarify agreements and understandings” The Rule for Expressives

15 Analyticals – Steadiness Style

16 Task oriented Are disciplined about time Want facts, figures and information Accomplish tasks A-Z Do task accurately and with detail Indecisive w/o complete information Logical, orderly, & persistent Prefer stable environment - get things done Analyticals Major Characteristics

17 Speak quietly and slowly Appear cool, aloof, guarded, unfriendly Express opinions tentatively, qualify Good team players Inanimate with voice, face and gestures Appear detached from other’s feelings Questioners and nit-pickers Analyticals Interpersonal Behaiviors

18 Talk less, restrain enthusiasm Think before speaking Be specific Be on time Make decisions & offer opinions on fact Speak slowly Choose your words carefully Persuaded by evidence Adapting to Analyticals

19 “Prioritize and timeline the list” The Rule for Analyticals

20 Amiables Cautious & Compliant Style

21 Relationship AND task oriented “Do it right the first time” Decide slowly and carefully Act cautiously, not risk oriented Are flexible with use of time Prefer order & precision, rules & policies Lack of information = procrastination Amiables Major Characteristics

22 Avoids conflict and anger Quiet, somewhat critical, exacting Listen patiently Concerned with feelings of others Power over people is unimportant Are team oriented, silent leaders Are loyal and trustworthy Uncomfortable with aggressive people Amiables Interpersonal Behaviors

23 Speak less intensely Persuaded by results Use indirect eye contact with discipline Don’t invade their space Pause and wait for an answer Less pressure & more time = better decision Adapting to Amiables

24 Allow time and space for decisions. “Four feet and kick rocks” The Rule for Amiables

25 Comparing Strengths Situations requiring...Most to Least Self Initiative Dr Ex Am An Enthusiasm Ex Dr An Am Follow through An Am Dr Ex Thoroughness Am An Dr Ex

26 Comparing Stessors & Fears Directors = Loss of Control Expressives = Loss of Approval Analyticals = Loss of Predictability Amiables = Loss of Personal Privacy

27 Directors = Dictating Expressives = Talking Analyticals = Agreeing Amiables = Questioning Overuse of Personal Preferences

28 Goals and Fears Directors – Goal: Power and control – Fear: Being taken advantage of Expressives – Goal: Popularity and prestige – Fear: Being rejected or disliked

29 Goals and Fears Analyticals – Goal: Appreciation and sincerity – Fear: Being asked to change Amiables – Goal: Accuracy and precision – Fear: Being criticized, having poor quality

30 Worst Qualities of each Style Directors - Demanding & Defiant Expressives - Indiscriminate & Impulsive Analyticals - Sedentary & Stern Amiables - Complaining & Callous

31 Directors - Decisive & Directing Expressives - Impassioned & Involved Analyticals - Service oriented & Sensible Amiables - Contemplative & Calculating Best Qualities of each Style

32 Summary - Principle 1 There is no best preference or management style

33 Summary - Principle 2 All people are motivated by their needs (goals & fears)

34 Summary - Principle 3 85% of the population demonstrate more than one management style preference

35 Summary - Principle 4 Two style preferences cannot, at any one time, be equally strong under pressure

36 Summary – Principle 5 Each personal preference has its own inherent strengths and limitations. However, all preferences have undeveloped potential

37 Summary - Principle 6 People can become more versatile and adaptable; they can exercise and develop other styles

38 Final Advice Don’t try to change the other person! Adapt your approach and style to facilitate better communication and understanding

39 Questions?

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