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Chuck Corbin ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY Guy Le Masurier VANCOUVER ISLAND UNIVERSITY Fitness for Life Elementary School Webinar.

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1 Chuck Corbin ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY Guy Le Masurier VANCOUVER ISLAND UNIVERSITY Fitness for Life Elementary School Webinar

2 Teaching-Learning Process

3 HELP Philosophy Health and wellness for Everyone with an emphasis on Lifetime behavior change designed to meet Personal needs for each student

4 Standards SHAPE America standards Fitness Education Framework Healthy People 2020 Physical activity guidelines USDA guidelines

5 Physically Literate Person Is physically active Knows about health benefits of activity Values physical activity Is physically fit Has skills

6 New Physical Activity Pyramid for Kids

7 What is Fitness for Life ES?

8 The Basics Four Wellness Weeks each year One Wellness Week every nine weeks Physical activity and nutrition theme each week Total school involvement

9 Program Foundations Implement a school wellness program Help students meet physical activity guidelines Help students meet nutrition goals Help prevent childhood obesity Help build youth fitness Promote academic achievement

10 Program Components Classroom activity breaks (plug and play) PE activities Schoolwide nutrition and fitness events Eat Well Wednesday and Get Fit Friday School signs Educational messages Schoolwide celebration activities Family newsletters Program website

11 Classroom Guides One guide for each grade (K-6) Lesson plans –Morning video activity (plug & play) –Afternoon activities DVD with each guide –20 plug & play activity videos for each grade –Classroom signs, worksheets –Family newsletters

12 Classroom Activity (Morning) Video routines are 5 to 6 minutes long No equipment required (plug and play) Routines performed beside desk Grade-level appropriate Instructional videos teach the movements Activity and nutrition messages Different messages are given each day

13 Classroom Activity (Afternoon) No equipment required Routines performed beside desk Grade-level appropriate Integrate with academic content Include relaxation activities (wind down)

14 K-2 Activity Routines Week KindergartenFirst GradeSecond Grade 1Exercise on the Farm Some MoreGet Fit 2Frank and Franny Fitness I CanLa Raspa 3We Get FitCYIM FitWave It 4Shake ItStomp and Balance It’s the One

15 3-6 Activity Routines Week Third GradeFourth Grade Fifth GradeSixth Grade 1It’s Our PlanRobotHip Hop 5Hip Hop 6 2Go Aerobics Go Latin Aerobics TiniklingSalsaerobics 3 Tic Tac Toe 3Tic Tac Toe 4Tic Tac Toe 5Tic Tac Toe 6 4JumpnasticsKeep on Clapping Fit FunkHarvest Time

16 Classroom Teacher Responsibilities Morning activity break (plug and play) Discuss messages in the routine (guide) Afternoon activity break (connects to academics) Signs and worksheets

17 Finding Time in the Classroom 5 to 15 minutes per day 1 to 3 minutes per hour of the school day Activity improves student health and fitness Activity contributes to academic achievement and better test performance

18 Sample Classroom Lesson Plan

19 Sample Classroom Signs

20 Sample Classroom Worksheets

21 PE Teacher Responsibilities Teach routines before each Wellness Week Wellness Week PE lessons Discuss messages Signs, worksheets, and newsletters Help with schoolwide activities

22 PE Lesson Plans 3 lesson plans for each Wellness Week 28 activity videos on DVDs –Same as classroom routines –For all grades K-6 CD-ROM of resources –Activity and task cards –Signs, worksheets, newsletters CD of music –Music and intervals for lessons –Cadences for fitness tests

23 Lesson Plans Key criteria Specific focus Lots of support

24 Evidence-based Techniques Maximizing activity Giving effective feedback Checking for student understanding Promoting healthy lifestyles outside school

25 Lesson Plans Key criteria Specific focus Lots of support

26 Lesson Plans Key criteria Specific focus Lots of support

27 Sample PE Lesson Plan

28 Sample PE Signs

29 Sample PE Activity Cards

30 Sample PE Worksheets

31 Guide for Wellness Coordinators Schoolwide Wellness Week plans –Get Fit Friday activities –Eat Well Wednesday activities –Detailed educational foundations DVD –TEAM Time video activities –Signs for halls, cafeteria, playground –Family newsletters –Assessment tools –In-service video and slides

32 Wellness Coordinator Responsibilities Coordinate four Wellness Weeks each year Conduct in-service training and events Organize Eat Well Wednesday activities Organize Get Fit Friday (TEAM Time) events Encourage active playgrounds Post signs (halls, cafeteria, playground) Distribute family newsletters Coordinate celebration activities

33 Eat Well Wednesday Activity Every Wednesday of Wellness Week Nutrition event in cafeteria –Fruit and vegetable bar –Healthy breakfast –Yogurt bar –Fruit, veggie, and bottled water bar Emphasis on nutrition in classrooms and PE

34 Get Fit Friday Activity Every Friday of Wellness Week TEAM Time schoolwide activity –TEAM = “Together Everyone Achieves More” –10 minutes at the beginning of the school day –Empower students to lead classmates in fun activities

35 Active Playgrounds Promote active play on the playground Post Active Playground signs by doors Make activity equipment available during recess and lunch Teach active playground games Have supervisors encourage active play

36 Sample Cafeteria and Active Playground Signs

37 Other Staff Responsibilities Principal: support and assist Wellness Week Art teacher: students create wellness-related art Music teacher: students learn songs in video routines Librarian: promote books on wellness Cafeteria staff: help with Eat Well Wednesday Administrative staff: help with signs and newsletters Parents: nutrition, wellness committee

38 Physical Activity and Academic Achievement Research shows that physical activity contributes to academic achievement Physical activity improves cognitive function Time spent in activity does not reduce learning Fitness for Life: Elementary School reinforces learning in many areas

39 Brain Function Sitting quietly After 20 minutes of walking Hillman et al. Neuroscience (2009)

40 Activity and Brain

41 Activity and Achievement Reading B 3yr Math B 3yr Spelling B 3yr Courtesy of Joe Donnelly-University of Kansas

42 Evidence Courtesy Harvard Forums

43 Successful Programs Pima County (Tucson) Colina Elementary School Horizon Charter School Verde Valley Initiative

44 Suggestions Divide the load Volume control: start small and add more elements as you gain experience Use the materials anytime during the year, not just during the four Wellness Weeks Involve parents and families

45 Website click Elementary Program

46 Reading Corbin, C. B., Kulinna, P. H., Dean, M., & Reeves, J. (2013). Wellness Weeks: A Total School Approach to Promoting Physical Activity and Nutrition. JOPERD, 84(6),


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